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Horatio Nelson

Horatio Nelson was born in Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk on 29 Sep 1758 and died on Victory on 21 Oct 1805. He served in the Royal Navy.

He married Frances Nisbet (nιe Woolward) on 11 Mar 1787.

He received the title of Viscount Nelson.


Lt (1777)
Cdr (1778)
Capt (1779)
RAdm B (1797)
RAdm R (1799)
VAdm B (1801)

Ship Ranks:

Midshipman on the Raisonnable from Jan 1771 to May 1771
Captain on the Albemarle from Jul 1781 to Jul 1783
Captain on the Boreas from 1784 to 30 Nov 1787
Captain on the Agamemnon from Jan 1793 to Jun 1796

He appears as a character in the books "Ramage at Trafalgar" (Dudley Pope), "Form Line of Battle!" (Alexander Kent), "Ramage and the Guillotine" (Dudley Pope), "Ramage and the Drum Beat" (Dudley Pope), "Run Out the Guns" (Robert Challoner), "French Imposter, The" (Bruce Weiser), "Ramage" (Dudley Pope), "Bomb Vessel, The" (Richard Woodman), "Malta Frigate, The" (Showell Styles), "Brig of War, A" (Richard Woodman), "1805" (Richard Woodman), "Sails on the Horizon" (Jay Worrall), "King's Commission, The" (Dewey Lambdin), "Wing-and-Wing: Or, Le Feu-Follet, The" (James Fenimore Cooper) and "Jackass Frigate, The" (Alaric Bond).


Son of the Rev. Edmund and Catherine (nιe Suckling) Nelson. Nephew of Maurice Suckling. Stepfather of Josiah Nisbet.

• Half-Pay (1787–Jan 1793)
• Right eye injured during the Siege of Calvi (12 Jul 1794).
• Colonel of Marines (6 Jun 1795–1797)
• As Commodore on Captain, 74 (Captain Ralph Willett Miller), he took part in the Battle of Cape St. Vincent (14 Feb 1797).
• As Rear-Admiral on Theseus, 74 (Captain Ralph Willett Miller), he was in command of the British forces during the attack on Santa Cruz, Tenerife (22–25 Jul 1797)
• As Rear-Admiral on Vanguard, 74 (Captain Edward Berry), he was in command of the British fleet during the Battle of the Nile (1 Aug 1798).
• Promoted directly to Rear-Admiral of the Red from Rear-Admiral of the Blue
• As Vice-Admiral (Blue) on Elephant, 74 (Captain Thomas Foley), he was second in command of the British fleet during the Battle of Copenhagen (2 Apr 1801).
• C-in-C Mediterranean
• As Vice-Admiral (White) on Victory, 100 (Captain Thomas Masterman Hardy), he was in command of the British fleet during the Battle of Trafalgar (21 Oct 1805).
• State Funeral (9 Jan 1806)

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