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Officers - Great Britain (Royal Navy)

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(arranged alphabetically by surname)


A'Court, Alexander
A'Court, Edward Henry
Abbot, Charles [2nd Baron Colchester] (1798-1867)
Abbott, Christopher
Abbott, Jonas Archer
Abbott, Peter Dupuy
Abbs, William (d 1799)
Abdy, Anthony (d 1838)
Abdy, William (ca 1735-1803)
Aberdour, James
Abington, Robert James
Ableson, James (d 1665)
Absolon, William (b 1789)
Abson, Samuel
Achmuty, Robert Ross (d 1844)
Ackerley, Charles Henry
Acklom, George
Acland, Charles Baldwyn Dyke (1812-1837)
Acland, Charles Richard Dyke (1793-1828)
Acland, Edward
Acland, Thomas Palmer
Acton, Edward (d 1707)
Adair, James
Adam, Charles (1780-1853)
Adam, William (d 1749)
Adams, Charles (d 1826)
Adams, Charles James
Adams, George Curtis (b 1807)
Adams, Jacob
Adams, John (d 1866)
Adams, John (b 1781)
Adams, Michael
Adams, Roger (d 1749)
Adams, Thomas (d 1770)
Adams, William
Adams, William (d 1763)
Adams, William
Adamson, Alexander
Adamson, Charles (d 1707)
Adamson, Cuthbert (d 1804)
Adamson, John (d 1874)
Adden, John
Adderley, Arden
Addington, James (d 1709)
Addington, William Silvester
Addington, William Wells (b 1824)
Addis, Edward Brown (d 1866)
Addis, George
Addison, James
Adey, Henry
Adye, John Miller
Affleck, Edmund (ca 1723-1788)
Affleck, Philip (1726-1799)
Affleck, Thomas
Affleck, William (d 1791)
Agar, William Gapper
Agassiz, James David
Agassiz, James John Charles
Agnew, Alexander (d 1792)
Agnew, John De Courcy Andrew (b 1819)
Aikenhead, John
Ainslie, George Ralph (d 1796)
Ainslie, Henry (b 1813)
Aird, David
Aire, John
Aire, Thomas (d 1830)
Airey, George Sherbrooke (1810-1880)
Airey, George Taylor (d 1851)
Airey, John Moore Cole
Aitchison, Edward (b 1794)
Aitchison, Robert
Aitchison, Robert (1795-1861)
Aitken, Alexander
Aitken, Roger
Akerman, Stephen
Akers, Thomas (b 1784)
ALBERMARLE (Monck, George (1608-1670))
Alcock, Richard (1781-1827)
Alcock, Robert William Henry
Alder, William
Alderney, John
Aldham, George (d 1833)
Aldham, William Cornwallis
Aldred, John (d 1740)
Aldred, William
Aldrich, Robert Dawes (1808-1891)
Aldridge, John Williams (1794-1875)
Aldworth, St. Leger (b 1806)
Alexander, John
Alexander, John
Alexander, John (d 1836)
Alexander, John Richard
Alexander, Nicholas
Alexander, Norton Butler
Alexander, Thomas
Alexander, Thomas
Alexander, William Charles (d 1846)
Alfray, William
Algar, Edward
Allan, Grant (d 1843)
Allan, James
Allardice, Titus
Alldridge, George Manley (1815-1905)
Alldridge, Thomas Adye
Allen, Alexander
Allen, Bennet (d 1750)
Allen, Bird (d 1841)
Allen, Charles (b 1779)
Allen, Charles Arthur
Allen, David
Allen, David
Allen, Edward (d 1744)
Allen, Francis
Allen, George
Allen, George Bennett
Allen, Henry (d 1797)
Allen, Henry Murray Edward (d 1856)
Allen, James
Allen, James (1805-1852)
Allen, James Rich
Allen, John (d 1853)
Allen, John
Allen, John (b 1789)
Allen, John Carter (d 1800)
Allen, John James (1806-1852)
Allen, Nathaniel
Allen, Richard
Allen, Robert (d 1751)
Allen, Robert William
Allen, Samuel (b 1781)
Allen, Saunderson
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Thomas
Allen, Thomas (d ca 1783)
Allen, Thomas (d 1781)
Allen, Thomas Griffith
Allen, William
Allen, William (1793-1864)
Allen, William Edward Hughes (b 1787)
Alleyn, Richard Israel
Allin, Thomas (1612-1685)
Allington, Argentine (d 1670)
Allison, John
Allison, Thomas (d 1776)
Allison, Wenman
Allwright, George
Allwright, Thomas (d 1803)
Alms, James
Alms, James (1728-1791)
Alms, James Edward
Alnwick, William
Alston, Edward Hughes
Alt, Matthew Bowles
Ambrose, Henry
Ambrose, John (d 1771)
Ambrose, Prosper (d 1848)
Amherst, Jeffrey Reid
Amherst, John (ca 1718-1778)
Amiel, William Eardley (1792-1864)
Amphlett, Richard (1797-1843)
Amphlett, William
Amsinck, Henry
Ancell, Robert
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Charles (d 1782)
Anderson, David (d 1831)
Anderson, George
Anderson, Henry
Anderson, Hugh
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James
Anderson, James (1765-1835)
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John
Anderson, John (d 1724)
Anderson, John
Anderson, Kenneth (d 1697)
Anderson, Richard
Anderson, Robert
Anderson, Walter
Anderson, Warren Hastings
Anderson, William
Anderson, William
Andoe, James Hilary
Andoe, Robert (d 1835)
Andrew, George
Andrew, John William
Andrew, William
Andrew, Zaccheus (b 1811)
Andrews, Benjamin (b 1794)
Andrews, Edward (b 1782)
Andrews, George
Andrews, George (b 1778)
Andrews, Humphry
Andrews, Isaac (d 1702)
Andrews, John
Andrews, Robert
Andrews, Thomas
Andrews, Thomas (d 1756)
Andrews, Thomas
Andros, Charles
Angel, Henry
Anley, William
Annesley, Francis Charles
Annesley, Francis Charles (1787-1846)
Annesley, James
Annesty, Abraham
Anningson, Joseph
Ansell, Henry
Anson, Francis Harcourt
Anson, George [Baron Anson] (1697-1762)
Anson, Talavera Vernon (1809-1895)
Anson, Thomas (1820-1845)
Anson, William (1801-1830)
Anstruther, Charles
Anstruther, Philip
Anstruther, Philip Charles
Anthony, Charles
Anthony, Henry
Anthony, Mark
Antram, Charles Aubrey
Antram, George
Antram, Simon Edward (b 1786)
ANTRIM (McDonnell, Mark [Kerr] (1814-1869))
Antrobus, Charles
Aplin, Benjamin (d 1860)
Aplin, Elphinstone D'Oyly D'Auvergne (1821-1882)
Aplin, John George (1790-1861)
Aplin, Peter (1753-1817)
Appleby, John Frederick (b 1795)
Appleby, Robert Taylor
Appleby, Young
Apreece, William
Apthorp, Charles
Apthorp, Shirley (d 1849)
Arabin, Augustus (d 1839)
Arabin, Septimus (d 1856)
Arbuthnot, Alexander Dundas Young (d 1871)
Arbuthnot, Marriot (ca 1711-1794)
Archbold, William
Archbold, William Augustus
Archbould, Ralph
Archdall, Edward
Archer, Anthony
Archer, Benjamin
Archer, Charles Frederick
Archer, John
Archer, Richard
Archer, Robert Harding
Archer, Thomas (d 1853)
Arden, Samuel (d 1824)
Ardesoif, John Plumer
Argent, Benjamin
Argles, George
Argles, George (d 1831)
Arguimbau, Joseph
Arkwright, Augustus Peter (1821-1887)
Arlett, William
Armiger, John
Armitage, Whaley (1811-1901)
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Edmund John (d 1837)
Armstrong, John
Armytage, William
Arnall, John
Arnold, James Fearnley
Arnold, John (b 1784)
Arnold, Joseph
Arnold, Robert
Arnold, Thomas (1679-1737)
Arnold, William
Arrindell, Maximan
Arris, Richard (d 1719)
Arrow, John Jordan (d 1851)
Arscott, James (d 1816)
Arscott, Thomas (b 1779)
Arthur, Richard (b 1779)
Arthur, Robert
Arthur, William Shepheard
Arthur, William Stephens
Ashby, Arthur (d 1693)
Ashby, Arthur (d 1667)
Ashby, John (d 1693)
Ashby, Richard
Ashby, William George (d 1850)
Ashby, William Richmond
Ashdown, Samuel
Ashe, Edward David
Ashfield, Henry
Ashford, Andrew
Ashington, Henry
Ashley, Benjamin
Ashley, James
Ashton, Herbert
Ashton, Thomas
Ashworth, Henry (1785-1811)
Askew, Christopher Crackenthorp (1782-1848)
Askew, Robert (d 1756)
Askew, William (d 1804)
Askey, James (1775-1824)
Astell, John (d 1840)
Astle, George (d 1830)
Astle, John
Astley, Edward Corry (1788-1842)
Astley, Edward William
Aston, John
Atchison, Arthur
Atherton, Bertram Mitford
Athill, James
Athy, Richard
Atkin, James
Atkin, Nicholas
Atkins, Charles
Atkins, Charles
Atkins, Christopher
Atkins, David (d 1811)
Atkins, James
Atkins, James (b 1777)
Atkins, John Wyatt
Atkins, Lancelot John
Atkins, Robert Fendall
Atkins, Samuel
Atkins, William
Atkinson, David
Atkinson, Edward
Atkinson, George (b 1793)
Atkinson, Henry Esch (b 1792)
Atkinson, Horatio Nelson
Atkinson, John (d 1819)
Atkinson, John Carr
Atkinson, Robert Laurie (b 1811)
Atkinson, Thomas
Atkinson, Thomas Hornby (d 1825)
Atkinson, William Hyndford
Atwater, James (b 1774)
Atwill, Henry Russell
Auchinleck, James Richard (b 1791)
Auchinleck, John
Audley, Robert (d 1696)
Aufrere, Charles
Auld, Alexander
Austen, Algernon Stewart (b 1815)
Austen, Charles John
Austen, Charles John (1779-1852)
Austen, Christopher
Austen, Francis William (1774-1865)
Austen, Francis William (b 1809)
Austen, Herbert Grey (b 1815)
Austin, Horatio Thomas (1800-1865)
Austin, William
Autridge, Charles
Autridge, William
Avarne, Isaac (d 1845)
Averell, Adam
Avery, James
Aylett, James
Aylett, John
Ayliffe, Thomas
Ayling, Henry (d 1830)
Ayling, William (d 1848)
Aylmer, Frederick William [6th Baron Aylmer] (1777-1858)
Aylmer, George
Aylmer, Henry
Aylmer, John
Aylmer, John (1759-1841)
Aylmer, Matthew [1st Baron Aylmer] (ca 1655-1720)
Aynsley, Charles Murray (b 1821)
Ayre, Charles
Ayres, Henry
Ayscough, Hawkins Godolphin
Ayscough, James (d 1808)
Ayscough, John
Ayscough, John (1775-1863)
Ayton, George Henry



Babb, Michael
Babb, Samuel (d 1817)
Babbitt, Samuel (d 1817)
Babington, James Boyle (d 1826)
Back, George (1796-1878)
Bacon, Edmund Ker Cranstoun (d 1860)
Bacon, Henry
Bacon, Philemon (d 1666)
Badcock, William Stanhope
Bagehot, Charles (1786-1857)
Bagnell, Paul
Bagot, Christopher (d 1845)
Bagot, Henry (b 1810)
Bagot, Richard
Bagster, John
Bague, George (d 1856)
Bagwell, Paul Piercy
Baikie, Hugh
Baikie, John (1787-1875)
Bailey, Edward Seymour
Bailey, John Crawshay (b 1818)
Bailey, John William (b 1781)
Bailey, Joseph
Bailey, William
Bailey, William
Baillie, Alexander Francis (d 1822)
Baillie, Henry
Baillie, James
Baillie, Thomas (ca 1725-1802)
Baillie, Thomas (1811-1889)
Baillie, Willoughby (d 1810)
Bain, Henderson (d 1866)
Bainbridge, Henry
Bainbridge, Joseph Andrew (d 1846)
Bainbridge, William
Baines, Cuthbert
Baird, Andrew
Baird, Daniel
Baird, James
Baird, John
Baird, John Kennedy Erskine
Baird, Patrick (d 1761)
Baird, William
Baird, Wynne (d 1834)
Bake, John Wolland
Baker, Charles Adolphus (d 1822)
Baker, Charles Henry
Baker, Charles Hougham (d 1854)
Baker, Eades (d 1805)
Baker, Francis (d 1824)
Baker, George
Baker, George (b 1795)
Baker, Gustavus Spicker (b 1796)
Baker, Henry
Baker, Henry (d 1804)
Baker, Henry (d 1823)
Baker, Henry Edward Reginald
Baker, Henry Loraine (1787-1859)
Baker, Hercules (d 1744)
Baker, Horace Mann (d 1843)
Baker, James (d 1765)
Baker, James Vashon (1798-1875)
Baker, John (d 1845)
Baker, John (1661-1716)
Baker, John (ca 1770-1845)
Baker, John Eades
Baker, John Popham
Baker, John Robinett
Baker, Joseph
Baker, Joseph Francis (1798-1856)
Baker, Philip Harman (d 1811)
Baker, Philip Henry
Baker, Robert Hood (d 1831)
Baker, Samuel
Baker, Thomas
Baker, Thomas (1771-1845)
Baker, Vashon
Baker, William
Baker, William Henry
Balchen, George (1717-1745)
Balchen, John (1670-1744)
Balderson, John
Balderston, George
Baldey, Robert
Baldock, Thomas (d 1871)
Baldrey, Andrew Doughty
Baldwin, Abraham Morris
Baldwin, Augustus (d 1866)
Baldwin, John
Baley, Robert
Baley, Robert Ashley
Balfour, Andrew
Balfour, Charles James
Balfour, Charles John
Balfour, Edwin Robert Joseph
Balfour, George (d 1794)
Balfour, George Macintosh
Balfour, Robert
Balfour, William (1781-1846)
Ball, Alexander John (1757-1809)
Ball, Henry
Ball, Henry Lidgbird (1757-1818)
Ball, John
Ball, Nathan Jeremiah
Ball, Thomas (d 1852)
Ball, William (b 1794)
Ballantyne, John (b 1775)
Ballard, James Boucher
Ballard, Samuel James (ca 1764-1829)
Ballard, Volant Vashon (ca 1774-1832)
Baly, Samuel
Bamber, Charles Ross (b 1812)
Bamber, William Richard (d 1843)
Bampton, William
Bance, James
Bankes, Richard
Banks, Francis (d 1777)
Banks, Francis
Banks, Jacob (d 1724)
Banks, James (d 1772)
Banks, John (b 1786)
Banks, Thomas
Bannatyne, John
Bannister, John William
Barber, Charles
Barber, Daniel
Barber, Edward (d 1762)
Barber, James (d 1691)
Barber, Robert (d 1784)
Barclay, Andrew
Barclay, Andrew (d 1790)
Barclay, George Dallas (d 1834)
Barclay, James (d 1793)
Barclay, John
Barclay, John
Barclay, Robert
Barclay, Robert Heriot (1786-1837)
Barclay, Thomas
Barette, Augustus George
Barford, James (d 1791)
Bargrave, Charles
BARHAM (Middleton, Charles (1726-1813))
Baring, Alexander (d 1832)
Barker, Charles (1811-1860)
Barker, Edward
Barker, George
Barker, George (b 1789)
Barker, George Alexander (d 1816)
Barker, Jacob
Barker, James (1772-1838)
Barker, John
Barker, John (d 1777)
Barker, Robert (b 1788)
Barker, Scory (d 1797)
Barker, Thomas Dobbins (d 1806)
Barker, William Collins (b 1779)
Barkie, Hugh (d 1816)
Barkley, Edward
Barlow, Charles Anstruther (1800-1855)
Barlow, Robert (1757-1843)
Barnard, Edward
Barnard, Edward (1782-1863)
Barnard, Edward King (b 1815)
Barnard, Frederick Lamport (b 1813)
Barnard, George (d 1864)
Barnard, George
Barnard, Isaac
Barnard, John James (1826-1851)
Barnard, William
Barnes, Butler
Barnes, John
Barnes, Nicholas Donnithorne
Barnes, Peter (b 1793)
Barnes, William
Barnet, William
Barnett, Curtis (d 1746)
Barnett, Edward
Barnsley, Henry (d 1757)
Barnsley, John
Barnsley, Samuel
Baron, James
Barr, William Frederick (d 1854)
Barrel, Justinian
Barrett, John (d 1810)
Barrett, Joseph Fauriel (b 1793)
Barrett, Robert John (b 1799)
Barrett, Samuel
Barrette, Henry William
Barrie, Robert (1774-1841)
Barrie, William
Barrington, George (b 1794)
Barrington, Samuel (1730-1800)
Barron, David
Barron, Thomas Charles (d 1834)
Barrow, Arthur (b 1815)
Barrow, John (d 1838)
Barrow, Thomas
Barrow, Thomas James Raikes
Barrow, Thomas Pownoll Pellew
Barrow, William
Barrow, William (d 1838)
Barrs, Francis
Barry, David
Barry, Garrett
Barry, Richard
Barry, William
Barter, John (d 1708)
Bartholomew, Charles (d 1839)
Bartholomew, David Ewen (d 1821)
Bartholomew, Philip
Barton, John
Barton, Matthew (ca 1715-1795)
Barton, Ralph
Barton, Richard
Barton, Robert (d 1831)
Barton, Robert Cutts (d 1827)
Barwell, Henry
Barwell, Nathaniel (b 1793)
Barwell, William
Barwick, Joseph
Basden, Charles
Basden, Robert
Bashford, James (1778-1832)
Baskerville, Charles
Baskerville, Perceval (d 1858)
Baskerville, Peter
Bass, Edward
Bassan, George
Bassan, Samuel
Basse, William
Basset, Charles
Bassett, John
Bastard, John (d 1835)
Bastard, Richard (d 1867)
Bastin, Robert (1780-1854)
Bate, Elias (d 1752)
Bate, John Mort
Bate, William Thornton (1820-1857)
Bateman, Charles Philip Butler (1776-1857)
Bateman, Francis William
Bateman, George
Bateman, Nathaniel
Bateman, Reginald
Bateman, Samuel
Bateman, William
Bates, Elias (d 1752)
Bates, George
Bates, Henry Andrew (1788-1847)
Bates, Joseph (1782-1848)
BATH (Thynne, Henry Frederick (1797-1837))
Bathurst, Allen
Bathurst, John Oldenshaw
Bathurst, Walter "Old 'Tis and 'Twas En" (ca 1764-1827)
Batt, Henry
Batt, John
Batt, Joseph (d 1844)
Batt, Robert Barrie
Batt, William (d 1857)
Batten, Charles (b 1793)
Batten, Richard
Batten, William (d 1667)
Batters, Christopher
Battersby, Henry Robert
Battersby, John Palmer
Baugh, Edward
Baugh, Henry
Baugh, Henry William (d 1846)
Baugh, Thomas Folliott
Baumgardt, William Augustus
Bawden, Charles
Baxter, John
Baxter, Thomas
Bayfield, Henry Wolsey (1795-1885)
Bayley, Henry
Bayley, John
Bayley, Paget (d 1804)
Bayley, Thomas
Baylis, Robert
Bayly, Charles Bissett
Bayly, Charlton Booth (d 1852)
Bayly, James (b 1785)
Bayly, Peter
Bayne, George
Bayne, William (d 1782)
Baynes, Henry
Baynes, Robert Lambert (1796-1869)
Baynes, Thomas (d 1818)
Baynton, Benjamin
Bayntun, Henry William (1766-1840)
Bazalgette, Joseph William (d 1849)
Bazeley, John (d 1835)
Bazely, Henry (1768-1824)
Bazely, John
Bazely, John (d 1809)
Beach, John
Beach, Richard (d 1692)
Beadon, George (b 1810)
Beale, Jeremiah
Beale, Richard
Beale, Robert Beale
Beales, Charles (b 1788)
Bear, John
Beard, William
Beare, Amos
Beart, Charles James
Beasant, Henry
Beaton, Conyers (d 1765)
Beatson, Robert
Beatty, Daniel M'Neale
Beauclerk, Amelius (1771-1846)
Beauclerk, Amelius Wentworth (b 1815)
Beauclerk, Aubrey (ca 1710-1741)
Beauclerk, Frederick Charles Peter (b 1808)
Beauclerk, Vere [1st Baron Vere] (1699-1781)
Beauclerk, William
Beaufort, Francis (1774-1857)
Beaufoy, George
Beauman, Francis (1778-1846)
Beaumont, Basil (1669-1703)
Beaumont, Francis
Beaumont, Richard
Beaver, Philip (1766-1813)
Beavor, Edmond (d 1745)
Beazeley, George (d 1875)
Becher, Alexander (b 1770)
Becher, Alexander Bridport (1796-1876)
Becher, John
Beckett, Flowers
Beckett, William
Beckford, John Leigh
Beckham, Zebedee (d 1829)
Beckwith, George (d 1819)
Beckwith, Matthew
Beddek, Henry (b 1799)
Beddoes, Charles Henry
Bedford, Delboeuf Baker
Bedford, Edmund
Bedford, Edward James (b 1810)
Bedford, Frederick (1779-1862)
Bedford, George Augustus (b 1809)
Bedford, John
Bedford, John William
Bedford, Robert Tench
Bedford, William (1764-1827)
Bedingfield, Norman Bernard (1824-1894)
Bedingfield, Thomas William
Bedwell, Edward Parker
Bedwell, Frederick
Beecher, Alexander
Beecher, William (d 1810)
Beechey, Charles
Beechey, Frederick William (1796-1856)
Beechey, Richard Brydges (1808-1895)
Beecroft, Charles
Beer, Christopher
Beer, John (d 1696)
Beer, Thomas (b 1787)
Begbie, James
Belbin, Peter
Belcher, Edward (1799-1877)
Belches, Peter
Belchier, Nathaniel
Belden, Nathaniel (d 1838)
Belgrave, Thomas
Bell, Andrew
Bell, Charles (d 1844)
Bell, Charles William Nugent (d 1830)
Bell, Christopher (1784-1853)
Bell, Christopher James
Bell, George
Bell, Henry
Bell, John (1772-1812)
Bell, Nicholas
Bell, Richard
Bell, Thomas Bush
Bell, William
Bellairs, John Harry (d 1862)
Bellairs, Walford Thomas
Bellamy, John
Bellamy, Joseph Hughes
Bellamy, Leonard
Bellasyne, John
Bellew, Henry
Bellew, William
Belli, George Lawrence (d 1807)
Bellwood, Roger (d 1697)
Belsey, Henry (b 1790)
Belson, Henry Fage
Benbow, John (1653-1702)
Bendyshe, John (1791-1855)
Bendyshe, Robert (d 1807)
Benett, Charles Cowper
Benn, Thomas
Bennet, John (d 1716)
Bennet, Martin (b 1789)
Bennet, Richard Henry Alexander (d 1817)
Bennett, Charles
Bennett, Edmund (d 1817)
Bennett, James
Bennett, James Cooper (1801-1852)
Bennett, Thomas (1785-1870)
Bennett, Thomas Pye
Bennett, William (d 1819)
Bensley, William
Benson, John
Benson, John Robert
Benson, William (d 1823)
Benthall, Octavius (d 1846)
Bentham, Charles
Bentham, George (1787-1862)
Bentinck, John Albert (1737-1775)
Bentinck, William (1764-1813)
Bentley, John (d 1772)
Benyon, Charles (d 1810)
Beresford, Henry Barré (1816-1871)
Beresford, John Poo (1769-1844)
Berington, Rowland
Berington, Samuel (b 1779)
BERKELEY OF STRATTON (Berkeley, John (1663-1697))
Berkeley, George Cranfield (1753-1818)
Berkeley, James [3rd Earl Berkeley] (1680-1736)
Berkeley, John [3rd Baron Berkeley of Stratton] (1663-1697)
Berkeley, Joshua
Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge [1st Baron Fitzhardinge] (1788-1867)
Berkeley, Velters Cornwall
Berkeley, William (d 1733)
Bernard, Henry
Bernard, John
Berners, Hugh (b 1801)
Berney, John (b 1782)
Berry, Edward "Stormy Petrel" (1768-1831)
Berry, John (d 1691)
Berry, Robert
Berry, Thomas (d 1689)
Berry, William (d 1807)
Berry, William (d 1770)
Berry, William
Bertie, Albemarle (1755-1825)
Bertie, Montague (d 1753)
Bertie, Peregrine (d 1790)
Bertie, Thomas (d 1749)
Bertie, Thomas (1758-1825)
Bertie, Willoughby (d 1810)
Bertram, Allan
Bertram, Charles (b 1777)
Besly, John
Besson, Charles
Best, John
Best, Robert (d 1677)
Best, Thomas (b 1799)
Best, Thomas Fletcher
Best, William
Beston, William
Bethell, Christopher Codrington
Bethune, Charles Ramsay Drinkwater (1802-1884)
Bett, William
Bettesworth, Edmund Byron
Bettesworth, George
Betty, Christopher
Betty, Christopher William
Bevan, Edward
Bevan, Griffith (d 1832)
Bevan, John
Bevan, Rowland
Beverley, John (d 1699)
Beverley, Thomas (d 1721)
Beves, Thomas
Bevians, Robert John
Bevians, William
Bevians, William (d 1801)
Bevis, Thomas (d 1868)
Bickerstaff, Francis
Bickerton, Richard
Bickerton, Richard (1727-1792)
Bickerton, Richard Hussey (1759-1832)
Bickford, James Edward
Bickford, Joseph Grant
Biddle, William
Biddlecombe, George (1807-1878)
Biddulph, Charles
Biddulph, Edward
Biggard, James
Biggs, Robert (d 1803)
Bigland, Wilson Braddyll (b 1788)
Bignell, George (b 1786)
Billinghurst, George
Billingsley, John (b 1796)
Billingsley, Rupert (d 1720)
Billop, Christopher
Bindon, John Read
Bingham, Arthur Batt (1784-1830)
Bingham, Edward (1789-1823)
Bingham, Henry Hope
Bingham, John (b 1785)
Bingham, John Elliot (d 1878)
Bingham, Joseph (1769-1825)
Bingham, Parker Duckworth (b 1799)
Binney, John (1794-1835)
Binstead, Cheesman Henry
Birch, Augustus
Birch, Edward
Birch, Joseph
Birch, Thomas Francis
Birch, Thomas Frederick (b 1805)
Birchall, Thomas Dorsett (d 1836)
Birchall, William
Bird, Edward Joseph (1799-1881)
Bird, Henry
Bird, John Gibbs
Bird, Matthew
Bird, Timothy
Birkett, Charles Cornwall
Birkhead, Henry Hutchins (d 1837)
Birks, Joshua (d 1835)
Birmingham, John
Birt, John
Birtwhistle, Alexander Charles
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Francis
Bishop, George
Bishop, Henry William
Bishop, John Limbrey
Bishop, Thomas (d ca 1790)
Bishop, Thomas Tivitoe
Bishop, William
Bissell, Austin (d 1807)
Bissell, William
Bissett, Alexander
Bissett, George (d 1843)
Bissett, James (d 1824)
Black, Archibald (1770-1852)
Black, James (d 1835)
Black, James
Black, John (d 1814)
Black, John Reddie (b 1787)
Black, Matthew
Black, William
Blacker, Frederick
Blacker, Stewart (d 1826)
Blackett, Edward Algernon
Blackett, Robert
Blackford, William
Blackleach, Abraham
Blackler, Robert Tom (d 1844)
Blackman, George
Blackman, Thomas
Blackmore, Charles
Blackmore, John (b 1815)
Blackwell, Montagu
Blackwood, Francis Price (1809-1854)
Blackwood, Henry (1770-1832)
Blackwood, Henry Martin (1801-1851)
Blackwood, Pinckston
Blackwood, Price [4th Baron Dufferin and Clan(d)eboye] (1796-1841)
Bladwell, William
Blainey, Thomas Morley
Blair, Charles
Blair, Duncan (d 1838)
Blair, Francis (d 1832)
Blair, Frederick (1809-1848)
Blair, Hamilton (d 1815)
Blair, Horatio
Blair, John Charles (d 1836)
Blair, William (1741-1782)
Blair, William Fordyce
Blake, Edgar Henry
Blake, George (d 1822)
Blake, George Charles
Blake, George Hans (b 1791)
Blake, James
Blake, James
Blake, John
Blake, John
Blake, Patrick John
Blake, Peter
Blake, Thomas (d 1703)
Blake, Thomas
Blakiston, Thomas (b 1790)
Blamey, George William (b 1768)
Blanckley, Edward (d 1845)
Blanckley, Henry Duncan (d 1854)
Bland, Alleyne
Bland, George
Bland, Loftus Otway (d 1810)
Blandford, James
Blandford, James
Blane, George (b 1813)
Blankett, John (d 1801)
Blaquiere, Edward
Blatchley, Charles (b 1796)
Blaxton, Henry
Bleathman, Benjamin (d 1838)
Blenkarne, William
Blenkins, James John
Blennerhasset, Nevinson De Courcy
Blennerhassett, Goddard
Blennerhassett, James Primrose
Bligh, Francis
Bligh, George Miller (1780-1834)
Bligh, John
Bligh, John (1771-1831)
Bligh, Richard
Bligh, Richard Rodney (1737-1821)
Bligh, William
Bligh, William "Breadfruit Bligh/Bounty Bligh" (1754-1817)
Blight, Emanuel (b 1790)
Blight, William (1785-1862)
Blinstone, Henry
Bliss, John Onebye (d 1828)
Blissett, Charles Edward
Blissett, George
Blissett, Thomas (d 1832)
Blois, John Ralph (d 1853)
Blomfield, Henry John (1825-1900)
Blood, Charles (d 1839)
Blood, Frederick
Blount, William Oakes (d 1831)
Blount, William Simpson
Blow, John Aitken
Blow, Samuel
Blowers, Humphrey (d 1720)
Blowers, William (d 1720)
Bloye, Robert (d 1847)
Bloys, William (d 1720)
Bluett, Buckland Stirling (d 1845)
Bluett, John
Bluett, John Courtney (1792-1855)
Bluett, Richard (d 1854)
Blunden, Christopher
Blurton, George
Blyke, George
Blyth, Charles (1795-1856)
Blyth, Samuel (d 1813)
Blythe, John
Boardman, Robert Ball
Boardman, Thomas
Bockenham, Robert (d 1707)
Boger, Coryndon
Boger, Edmund (d 1844)
Boger, Richard (d 1824)
Boger, Richard (d 1822)
Bogle, Allan George
Bogle, Vere Warner Hussey (b 1787)
Bogue, James
Bogue, Joseph Bradby
Boham, Jeremiah William
Boileau, Lestock Francis (b 1785)
Bokenham, William (d 1702)
Bold, Edward (d 1876)
Bolman, Henry
Bolt, Joseph (d 1810)
Bolter, John
Bolton, Augustus
Bolton, Charles (b 1798)
Bolton, David
Bolton, Henry (b 1796)
Bolton, James (b 1794)
Bolton, William (b 1769)
Bolton, William (1777-1830)
BOLTON (Powlett, Harry (1720-1794))
Bonamy, Peter
Bond, Charles Wray Camps
Bond, Dyer
Bond, Edward
Bond, Francis Godolphin (1765-1839)
Bond, Francis Godolphin (1804-1840)
Bond, Giles
Bond, Henry (d 1836)
Bond, John Holmes (d 1835)
Bond, Philip
Bond, Robert (d 1772)
Bond, Thomas
Bond, Thomas Baring
Bond, William Francis
Bones, Robert
Bonfoy, Hugh (d 1762)
Bonham, Charles Wright
Bonifant, Bartholmew
Bonner, John
Bonner, William
Boog, David (d 1807)
Bookless, Thomas (d 1832)
Boone, John
Boorder, James
Booth, Augustus Sinclair
Booth, James Richard
Booth, Thomas
Booth, Walter
Booth, William
Borland, Oswald
Borlase, John (1811-1895)
Borough, William (b 1781)
Borrowman, William
Borthwick, Alexander
Bosanquet, Charles John (b 1807)
Boscawen, Edward [Falmouth] "Old Dreadnought/Wry-Neck'd Dick" (1711-1761)
Boss, John George (1781-1837)
Bostock, Charles (d 1839)
Bostock, Nathaniel
Boston, Thomas
Boswall, John Donaldson (1790-1847)
Boswell, Edward
Boswell, George
Boswell, Walter
Boteler, Henry (1793-1861)
Boteler, John Harvey (b 1796)
Boteler, Philip
Boteler, Thomas (d 1829)
Botham, William
Bothwell, William (d 1821)
Bott, George (b 1809)
Botterell, John (d 1793)
Boughey, Charles Fenton Fletcher
Boulderson, Leslie
Boultbee, Frederick Moore
Boultbee, Joseph Bage (b 1791)
Boulton, William
Bounton, John (d 1805)
Bourchier, Henry
Bourchier, John (d 1809)
Bourchier, Macdonald (b 1814)
Bourchier, Thomas (b 1791)
Bourchier, William (d 1844)
Bourke, William Francis
Bourmaster, John (d 1807)
Bourn, George Hayes
Bourn, George William
Bourn, Richard
Bourne, Corby
Bourne, George Stanway
Bourne, Henry
Bourne, Richard (1770-1851)
Bourne, Sampson (d 1719)
Boutflower, William (d 1734)
Bouverie, Charles
Bouverie, Duncombe Pleydell (1780-1850)
Bouverie, Frederick William Pleydell (b 1816)
Bover, John (d 1782)
Bover, Peter Turner
Bowater, Edward
Bowden, John
Bowden, Philip
Bowden, Richard
Bowden, Richard Bayly
Bowden, Richard Booth
Bowden, William
Bowdick, James Brown
Bowdler, John (d 1754)
Bowdon, Philip
Bowen, Augustus Frederick James (b 1812)
Bowen, Charles
Bowen, Charles
Bowen, Charles Holcombe (d 1833)
Bowen, Essex
Bowen, George
Bowen, George (d 1817)
Bowen, George
Bowen, James (d 1812)
Bowen, James (1751-1835)
Bowen, John (d 1843)
Bowen, John (d 1810)
Bowen, John (1780-1827)
Bowen, Peregrine (d 1848)
Bowen, Peter
Bowen, Richard
Bowen, Richard (1761-1797)
Bowen, Thomas
Bowen, William
Bowen, William Hawkwell
Bower, Edmund
Bower, James Paterson
Bower, Richard Jocelyn
Bowerbank, John
Bowers, Alexander
Bowers, John
Bowers, John Hope
Bowers, William (1784-1845)
Bowie, Adam
Bowie, John
Bowker, John (1770-1850)
Bowker, John Harrison
Bowlby, George Henry
Bowler, Robert (d 1734)
Bowler, William Pitt
Bowles, Valentine
Bowles, William (1780-1869)
Bowling, Edward
Bowry, John
Bowyear, George Le Geyt
Bowyer, George (1740-1800)
Bowyer, Richard Runwa (d 1823)
Bowyer, William (d 1745)
Bowyer, William Bohun (b 1789)
Box, George (d 1811)
Boxer, Edward (1784-1855)
Boxer, James
Boxer, James Michael
Boxer, William (d 1842)
Boyack, Alexander (d 1858)
Boyce, Frederick
Boyce, Frederick Agar
Boyce, Henry
Boyce, Henry William
Boyce, John
Boyce, William Henry
Boyce, William Nettleton
Boyd, David
Boyd, George (d 1793)
Boyd, James (d 1800)
Boyd, James Brown
Boyd, John (d 1762)
Boyd, John Augustus Hugh
Boyd, John M'Neill (d 1861)
Boyes, Charles
Boyes, Henry
Boyle, Alexander (b 1810)
Boyle, Charles (d 1720)
Boyle, Courtenay (1769-1844)
Boyle, Courtenay Edmund William (1800-1859)
Boyle, James
Boyle, James Carr [5th Earl of Glasgow] (1792-1869)
Boyle, John
Boyle, John [Viscount Kelburne] (1789-1818)
Boyle, Robert Francis (b 1818)
Boyles, Charles (1756-1816)
Boys, Charles Worsley (d 1809)
Boys, Edward (d 1696)
Boys, Edward (d 1822)
Boys, Edward (1785-1866)
Boys, George Sayer (d 1859)
Boys, Henry
Boys, Henry
Boys, Philip (d 1726)
Boys, Thomas
Boys, Thomas (1763-1832)
Boys, William
Boyter, Alexander
Brabazon, Lambert (ca 1740-1811)
Brace, Edward (d 1843)
Brace, Francis (ca 1793-1850)
Bradbury, Thomas
Bradby, Bonamy (d 1795)
Bradby, Daniel
Bradby, James
Bradby, James (d 1801)
Bradby, Matthew Barton (d 1831)
Bradby, Thomas
Bradford, Richard
Bradley, James
Bradley, John (b 1795)
Bradley, Richard Rose
Bradley, Warre Squire (b 1797)
Bradley, William
Bradley, William (d 1833)
Bradly, Stephen (d 1859)
Bradly, Thomas (d 1741)
Bradshaw, Augustus
Bradshaw, James
Bradshaw, Robert Augustus (b 1800)
Bradshaw, Thomas
Brady, William Hollinshed
Braimer, David
Braithwaite, Howe (d 1824)
Braithwaite, James (d 1693)
Braithwaite, Robert (d 1806)
Braithwaite, William
Brake, William Lenthall (b 1787)
Bramwell, Isaac
Branch, Alexander Barclay (b 1784)
Branch, John Powell (ca 1814-1851)
Brand, Charles
Brand, Comer
Brand, Ellis (d 1759)
Brand, George Rowley (d 1806)
Brand, John
Brand, John Fittz
Brand, Thomas Dickson (d 1830)
Brand, William Henry (1790-1867)
Brander, William
Brandreth, Thomas (1825-1894)
Brandreth, William Alston
Branford, John (d 1855)
Brash, Robert
Brasier, James (d 1864)
Brathwaite, Richard (1728-1805)
Bray, Benjamin John (d 1846)
Bray, Gabriel (d 1823)
Bray, James
Bray, John (d 1795)
Bray, Josias (d 1846)
Brazier, Edward
Brearly, George
Breedon, Harry Alexander
Breedon, William (b 1799)
Breen, Michael
Breholt, George
Bremer, Alexander (d 1743)
Bremer, Edward Gordon (1819-1847)
Bremer, Henry (b 1807)
Bremer, James (1737-1774)
Bremer, James (1763-1786)
Bremer, James John Gordon (1786-1850)
Bremer, William James Hughes (1767-1835)
Brenan, Alexander (b 1790)
Brenton, Edward Pelham (1774-1839)
Brenton, Jahleel (1729-1802)
Brenton, Jahleel (1770-1844)
Brenton, James Wallace (d 1799)
Brenton, John (b 1782)
Brereton, Godfrey (d 1874)
Brereton, Robert Perceval
Brereton, William
Brestowe, William (d 1675)
Breton, John
Breton, William Henry
Brett, Henry (b 1790)
Brett, John (d 1785)
Brett, Peircy
Brett, Peircy (1709-1781)
Brett, Peircy (1787-1843)
Brett, Thomas
Brett, Timothy (d 1739)
Brett, William
Brett, William (d 1769)
Brettle, Charles (d 1703)
Brewer, Thomas (d 1858)
Brice, Gilbert
Brice, James
Brice, Nathaniel (b 1787)
Brice, Robert
Brice, Thomas
Brice, William (d 1782)
Brickdale, Charles John (1819-1845)
Brickwell, Samuel James
Bridge, Ethelred Wolfrey
Bridge, William Henry
Bridgeman, Charles Orlando (1791-1860)
Bridgeman, Thomas
Bridges, Brook William (1767-1829)
Bridges, George Francis
Bridges, Henry Charles
Bridges, James Henry (d 1852)
Bridges, John (d 1695)
Bridges, Philip Henry (d 1848)
Bridges, Richard
Bridges, Simon
Bridges, William (d 1695)
BRIDPORT (Hood, Alexander (1727-1814))
Brietzcke, Charles Ware
Briggs, David
Briggs, Francis (b 1784)
Briggs, George Campbell (1819-1845)
Briggs, Joseph
Briggs, Stephen
Briggs, Thomas (1780-1852)
Bright, Thomas
Brigstocke, Thomas Robert
Brine, Augustus
Brine, George
Brine, George Augustus
Brine, James (d 1814)
Brine, John
Brisac, George
Brisbane, Charles (ca 1769-1829)
Brisbane, James (1774-1826)
Brisbane, James William Douglas (b 1806)
Brisbane, John (d 1807)
Brisbane, John Douglas (d 1782)
Brisbane, William Henry (d 1796)
Briscoe, Edward
Briscoe, John (d 1714)
BRISTOL (Hervey, Augustus John (1724-1779))
Bristow, William
Britiffe, Charles (d 1703)
Brittain, George Sherass (b 1801)
Britton, James Suttor (b 1781)
Broad, George
Broad, William Henry
Broadhead, Henry (b 1806)
Broadwater, William
Brock, Arthur Metivier (1828-1858)
Brock, Henry Frederick (d 1812)
Brock, Richard
Brock, Thomas Saumarez (d 1873)
Brockman, James (d 1845)
Broderick, John
Broderick, Thomas (1704-1769)
Brodie, Alexander
Brodie, David (ca 1709-1787)
Brodie, Francis
Brodie, Joseph
Brodie, Thomas Charles
Brodie, William
Brodrick, Thomas James
Broke, George Nathaniel
Broke, Philip (b 1804)
Broke, Philip Bowes Vere (1776-1841)
Brokensha, Samuel
Brome, Charles
Brome, Henry
Bromedge, Hugh
Bromfield, George
Bromfield, Philip (d 1795)
Bromley, Charles (b 1820)
Bromley, Robert Howe (b 1778)
Bromley, Samuel (d 1845)
Bromwich, Bryan L'Anson
Bromwich, Joseph
Brookbank, Isaac
Brooke, Edward
Brooke, Henry
Brooke, Peter
Brookes, John
Brookes, Martin
Brookes, Packington
Brookholding, Thomas William
Brooking, Arthur (d 1838)
Brooking, Samuel (ca 1753-1834)
Brooks, Caesar (d 1711)
Brooks, George
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, John (d 1792)
Brooman, James
Brooman, William Rule
Broomhead, Gilbert
Broomhead, Joseph
Brothers, John (b 1793)
Brothers, Richard
Broughton, Alexander Day
Broughton, Hugh
Broughton, John
Broughton, John
Broughton, William Robert (1762-1821)
Broughton, William Tenby (1804-1849)
Broun, Andrew
Broun, George
Brouncker, John Payne
Browell, Herbert
Browell, Langton (b 1806)
Browell, William (d 1831)
Brown, Adam (d 1828)
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Charles (d 1753)
Brown, Charles Foreman
Brown, Edwin Langford
Brown, Francis Thomas (b 1806)
Brown, George
Brown, George Williams
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, John (d 1809)
Brown, John Hoskins (d 1864)
Brown, John William
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Joseph William
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Michael (b 1747)
Brown, Nathaniel (d 1693)
Brown, Philip John Edward
Brown, Richard
Brown, Robert (d 1845)
Brown, Robert Cawley
Brown, Samuel (1776-1852)
Brown, Seymour Yorke (d 1846)
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Thomas (d 1857)
Brown, Thomas Bourmaster (1806-1849)
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brown, William Cheselden (1805-1881)
Browne, Arnold
Browne, Dodwell
Browne, Edward
Browne, Edward
Browne, Edward Walpole (1767-1846)
Browne, George (1784-1856)
Browne, Henry
Browne, James
Browne, James Francis
Browne, Jeremiah
Browne, John
Browne, John Thomas (b 1824)
Browne, Philip (d 1779)
Browne, Philip (1772-1860)
Browne, Richard (d 1706)
Browne, Robert
Browne, Robert
Browne, Thomas (d 1851)
Browne, Wileman
Browne, William
Browne, William (d 1774)
Browne, William Henry James
Browne, Zachary
Brownrigg, Marcus Freeman
Brownrigg, William Crosbie (d 1805)
Bruce, Charles (d 1843)
Bruce, Edward (1773-1843)
Bruce, Henry
Bruce, Henry William (1792-1863)
Bruce, John
Bruce, Laurence Dundas
Bruce, Robert (d 1834)
Bruce, Thomas
Bruce, Thomas Cuppage
Brumby, Thomas (d 1834)
Brumhall, John (d 1837)
Brumstead, John
Brunton, John (b 1794)
Brunton, Nathan (d 1814)
Brunton, Richard
Brustis, Paul
Bryan, Richard Lawrence
Bryan, William
Bryant, John
Bryant, Thomas (d 1694)
Bryant, William
Bryce, James
Brydges, Robert (d 1818)
Brydges, Thomas
Brydone, Gilbert (d 1851)
Bryne, Henry (d 1780)
Buchan, David (b 1780)
Buchan, David Adye
Buchan, Edward
Buchanan, Alexander
Buchanan, Archibald (d 1822)
Buchanan, George
Buchanan, John
Buchanan, Ralph Abercromby (d 1855)
Buchanan, William
Buchanan, William George (d 1845)
Buchannan, William (b 1777)
Buck, James (d 1691)
Buck, Richard (1785-1830)
Buck, William
Buckle, Charles Matthew
Buckle, Claude Henry Mason (1803-1894)
Buckle, Matthew
Buckle, Matthew (1718-1784)
Buckle, Matthew (1770-1855)
Buckner, Charles (d 1811)
Buckner, John (d 1834)
Bucknor, Jacob
Buckoll, Richard (1771-1798)
Budd, Henry Hayward
Budd, Hopewell Hayward
Budgen, John (b 1794)
Budgen, Richard
Budgen, William
Bugden, Edmund
Bugg, William
Bulford, John
Bulger, John
Bulkeley, James
Bull, Henry
Bull, James
Bullen, Charles
Bullen, Charles (1769-1853)
Bullen, Joseph (1761-1857)
Bullen, Richard Edward
Buller, Edward (d 1863)
Buller, Edward (1764-1824)
Buller, John (d 1807)
Buller, Reginald
Buller, Thomas Wentworth (d 1853)
Buller, William
Bulley, George (d 1817)
Bulley, John (b 1797)
Bulley, William
Bullock, Frederick
Bullock, Horace (b 1816)
Bullock, James
Bullock, William
Bulman, Archibald Gibson
Bulteel, Rowley (d 1820)
Bulteel, Thomas Hillersdon
Bumpstead, John
Bunbury, George Benjamin
Bunbury, Harrison Charles
Bunbury, Richard Hanmer (1813-1857)
Bunbury, William Bunbury M'Clintock (b 1800)
Bunce, Benjamin Holland
Bunce, James
Bundock, John
Bunn, Thomas
Bunn, Thomas
Bunster, Grosvenor
Burbidge, William Cave
Burch, Isaac
Burch, Isaac
Burchell, William (d 1814)
Burdett, George
Burdick, John
Burdon, Abraham
Burdon, George (d 1815)
Burdon, George (d 1778)
Burdon, Richard Matthews
Burdon, William
Burdwood, Daniel
Burdwood, Thomas (d 1851)
Burgess, Daniel
Burgess, George Foster
Burgess, John
Burgess, Richard Rundell (d 1797)
Burgess, Samuel (1781-1851)
Burgess, William (d 1840)
Burgh, Arthur
Burgh, Thomas
Burgh, William
Burgoyne, Frederick William (1778-1848)
Burgoyne, Hugh Talbot
Burke, Henry (d 1805)
Burke, Henry Walter
Burke, Walter
Burke, William
Burlton, Charles
Burlton, George
Burman, Charles
Burn, David
Burn, John
Burn, John
Burn, John (b 1772)
Burn, Lauchlan
Burnaby, Edward Augustus Caesar (d 1843)
Burnaby, Hugo Beaumont
Burnaby, William (ca 1710-1776)
Burnaby, William Chaloner (d 1794)
Burnaby, William Crisp Hood (d 1853)
Burnet, Charles
Burnet, Thomas (d 1784)
Burnet, Thomas (ca 1810-1837)
Burnett, William (1798-1840)
Burnett, William Farquharson
Burney, James
Burney, James (1750-1821)
Burney, John
Burnham, Thomas
Burniston, Hugh Somerville (b 1796)
Burns, John (d 1810)
Burr, Daniel
Burr, John (d 1784)
Burrard, Charles (b 1793)
Burrard, Harry (1765-1840)
Burrell, Lindsey Peter (b 1813)
Burridge, Richard
Burrish, George
Burrough, John (b 1802)
Burroughes, Henry Negus (1821-1856)
Burroughs, Charles
Burroughs, Sackville (d 1857)
Burrowes, Alexander Saunderson (d 1806)
Burrows, John
Burrows, John
Burrows, Montagu
Burrows, Richard
Burslem, Francis
Burslem, Godolphin James
Burstal, Edward (d 1886)
Burstall, John
Burstall, William
Burt, Charles
Burt, Edward (d 1859)
Burt, Patrick Henry
Burt, William
Burt, William (b 1799)
Burton, Augustus John (b 1818)
Burton, George Guy
Burton, James
Burton, James Ryder
Burton, Richard
Burton, Robert
Burton, Robert Heron
Burton, Thomas (d 1843)
Bury, George (b 1790)
Bury, Richard Incledon
Bury, Thomas (d 1831)
Bury, Thomas
Bush, George
Bush, William
Bush, William Kemptown
Bushby, John
Bushby, Thomas
Bushnan, John (d 1824)
Butcher, Jonathan (b 1789)
Butcher, Robert
Butcher, Samuel (1770-1849)
Butcher, Stephen (d 1833)
Butler, Augustus
Butler, Charles George
Butler, Charles Wandesford
Butler, Daniel
Butler, Daniel (d 1706)
Butler, George
Butler, Humphry
Butler, James [Ormonde] (1665-1745)
Butler, James Atkinson
Butler, John
Butler, Roger (d 1741)
Butler, Thomas (d 1780)
Butler, Thomas Atkinson
Butler, Whitwell (d 1849)
Butler, William
Butt, Henry Samuel (d 1838)
Butt, John (d 1799)
Buttanshaw, Thomas
Butterfield, Edward Harris (b 1808)
Butterfield, William (1767-1842)
Butterworth, William
Buttler, George (b 1791)
Button, Osmund
Buxton, Richard (1795-1849)
Byam, Edward
Byam, William Henry (1776-1838)
Byard, Thomas (d 1798)
Byass, Wheatley (1796-1857)
Byne, Charles
Byng, George
Byng, George [1st Viscount Torrington] (1663-1733)
Byng, George [6th Viscount Torrington] (1768-1831)
Byng, Henry
Byng, Henry Dilkes
Byng, John (1704-1757)
Byng, John Clarke
Byng, John Russell Morris
Bynning, Thomas
Bynon, John Currie
Byron, George Anson (1758-1793)
Byron, George Anson [7th Baron Byron] (1789-1868)
Byron, John "Foul Weather Jack" (1723-1786)
Byron, Richard (d 1843)
Byron, Richard (1769-1837)
Bythesea, John



Cabburn, John Everrest
Cable, Samuel
Cadenhead, Moses
Cadman, George (d 1833)
Cadman, James
Cadogan, George [3rd Earl Cadogan] (1783-1864)
Cadogan, Thomas (1752-1782)
Caesar, Charles
Caffin, James Crawford (1812-1883)
Caiger, Herbert (b 1786)
Cairnes, James Webber (d 1831)
Calcott, Richard (d 1794)
Caldecot, Charles
Calder, Francis Anderson
Calder, Robert (1745-1818)
Calderwood, Thomas Durham
Caldwell, Benjamin (1739-1820)
Caldwell, Edward
Caldwell, Henry (1815-1868)
Caldwell, James Thomas
Caldwell, William (d 1718)
Caley, Charles
Caley, Richard
Callaway, Daniel (d 1816)
Calliford, Richard (d 1738)
Callis, Smith (d 1761)
Calmady, Charles Holmes Everitt (d 1807)
Calmady, Warwick (d 1759)
Calvert, Robert Francis Twisleton
Came, Charles
Came, Henry (d 1839)
CAMELFORD (Pitt, Thomas (1775-1804))
Cameron, Charles
Cameron, Hugh (d 1809)
Cameron, James
Cameron, John
Camm, James (d 1767)
Cammilleri, Joseph (b 1794)
Cammock, George
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Alexander (d 1825)
Campbell, Angus (d 1863)
Campbell, Archibald
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Charles James Fox
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Colin (1787-1851)
Campbell, Colin Yorke (1812-1893)
Campbell, Donald (d 1819)
Campbell, Donald (1778-1856)
Campbell, Duncan
Campbell, Duncan Frederick (d 1837)
Campbell, Frederick Archibald
Campbell, George
Campbell, George (d 1821)
Campbell, George Lorne
Campbell, George Pryse (d 1858)
Campbell, Guy Colin (d 1853)
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James (d 1718)
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John (d 1807)
Campbell, John (ca 1720-1790)
Campbell, John Norman
Campbell, John Pitman
Campbell, Lewis (d 1825)
Campbell, Matthew (d 1723)
Campbell, Patrick
Campbell, Patrick (1773-1841)
Campbell, Patrick (b 1812)
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert (d 1832)
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Robert Bell
Campbell, Robert Graham (d 1845)
Campbell, Thomas
Campbell, Thomas Montgomery
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Campbell, William (d 1778)
Campbell, William (d 1755)
Campion, Hubert
Campton, Thomas
CANCARTY (McCarty, Robert (d 1769))
Candler, Bartholomew (d 1740)
Candler, William
Canes, Edward (d 1848)
Canes, Edward Jekyll (d 1801)
Cannady, Moses (d 1829)
Canning, George (d 1677)
Canning, George (d 1842)
Canning, Richard (d 1726)
Canning, William Pitt (1802-1828)
Cannon, Augustus (d 1812)
Cannon, Edward St. Leger
Cannon, Frederick
Cannon, James
Cannon, John
Capel, Algernon Henry Champagné (b 1807)
Capel, Bartholomew
Capel, Thomas Bladen (1776-1853)
Card, Robert (d 1826)
Card, William John Royle
Carden, John Surman (1771-1858)
Cardineaux, Thomas Philip
Carew, Benjamin Hallowell (d 1834)
Carew, Charles Hallowell (d 1848)
Carew, Henry
Carew, Thomas (d 1840)
Carew, Timothy
Carew, William Henry Hallowell
Carey, Thomas (1797-1864)
Carfrae, James
CARHAMPTON (Olmius, John Luttrell (d 1829))
Carkett, Robert (d 1780)
Carleton, Henry
Carleton, John
Carleton, William (d 1874)
Carlisle, Charles
Carlstake, Martin
Carlton, John (d 1712)
Carlyon, William
Carmalt, Thomas
Carmichael, John Jervis O'Farrell
Carmichael, Thomas
Carnac, John Rivett (1796-1869)
Carne, Charles Loder
Carnegie, George [6th Earl of Northesk] (1716-1792)
Carnegie, Swynfen Thomas (1813-1879)
Carnegie, William
Carnegie, William [7th Earl of Northesk] (1756-1831)
Carnegy, James
Carnegy, Patrick (d 1824)
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Daniel
Carpenter, Edward John
Carpenter, James (1760-1845)
Carpenter, John Cook
Carpenter, Robert (d 1773)
Carpenter, Thomas
Carpenter, William (b 1792)
Carr, George Lyon
Carr, Henry John (b 1796)
Carr, John
Carr, Robert (d 1811)
Carr, Washington
Carr, William
Carre, Robert Riddell (1782-1860)
Carrington, Lawrence George
Carrington, Nicholas
Carroll, Andrew De la Cour
Carroll, John Fitzgerald (d 1846)
Carroll, William Dacres
Carroll, William Fairbrother (b 1784)
Carslake, John (b 1785)
Carter, Alexander Rodney Bligh
Carter, Benjamin (d 1833)
Carter, Charles (d 1845)
Carter, Charles (d 1847)
Carter, Charles Ricketts (b 1811)
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, Richard (d 1692)
Carter, Robert (d 1845)
Carter, Robert
Carter, Robert
Carter, Samuel Thomas (b 1785)
Carter, Thomas Gilbert
Carter, Thomas Wren (b 1789)
Carter, William (d 1703)
Carteret, Benjamin
Carteret, James
Carteret, James
Carteret, John
Carteret, Philip (d 1777)
Carteret, Philip (d 1748)
Carteret, Philip (1733-1796)
Carteret, Philip (1777-1828)
Carteret, Richard (d 1780)
Carthew, Edward
Carthew, James (d 1855)
Carthew, John
Carthew, William (d 1827)
Cartier, John Henry (d 1825)
Cartwright, Charles
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, Thomas (b 1799)
Carveth, Henry
Cary, Byron Charles Ferdinand Plantagenet (1808-1874)
Cary, Charles John [9th Viscount Falkland] (1768-1809)
Cary, Ebenezer
Cary, Henry (d 1847)
Cary, Plantagenet Pierrepont [11th Viscount Falkland] (1806-1886)
CARYSFORT (Proby, Granville Leveson (1781-1868))
Case, William
Casey, David O'Brien
Cashman, John (d 1843)
Cashman, William
Cashman, William
Caspal, William
Cassell, William Fairbrother (d 1862)
Castle, Charles Daniel
Castle, George (b 1826)
Castle, John (d 1706)
Castle, William Langford (1800-1874)
Caswell, George
Caswell, Thomas
Caswell, William
Cater, Charles Joseph (1788-1845)
Catford, Charles (d 1756)
Cathcart, Robert (ca 1774-1833)
Cathcart, William (1782-1804)
Cator, Bertie Cornelius (1787-1864)
Cator, John Bertie
Cator, Ralph Peter
Caulfeild, Edwin Toby (b 1793)
Caulfeild, James
Caulfeild, Robert (d 1829)
Caulfeild, Thomas Gordon (d 1821)
Caulfield, Edward
Caulfield, James (d 1837)
Caulfield, Toby
Causzar, Robert
Cave, Clempson
Cave, John Halliday
Cavell, Edward Jackman
Cavendish, George John
Cavendish, Philip
Cawkitt, John Edward
Cawley, John
Cawley, John (d 1846)
Cayley, Tyrwit
Cayley, William
Cecil, Thomas Walbeoff (d 1814)
Cecley, William
Cerjat, Charles Thomas William George
Chads, Henry
Chads, Henry (d 1799)
Chads, Henry Ducie (ca 1788-1868)
Chads, James
Chads, John Hanbury
Chadwick, Richard (d 1748)
Chadwick, Samuel
Chalmer, George Constable (d 1831)
Chalmers, Andrew
Chalmers, Charles William (d 1834)
Chalmers, Robert (d 1807)
Chaloner, Edward (d 1766)
Chaloner, Thomas
Chaloner, Thomas (b 1815)
Chamberlain, Peter (d 1720)
Chamberlain, Thomas
Chamberlain, William Browne
Chamberlain, William Charles (1818-1878)
Chamberlayne, Charles (d 1810)
Chamberlayne, Edwin Henry
Chamberlayne, George (d 1802)
Chamberlayne, John (d 1861)
Chamberlayne, Richard
Chambers, David (d 1845)
Chambers, Ennis
Chambers, James
Chambers, King
Chambers, Richard
Chambers, Samuel (d 1843)
Chambers, Thomas
Chambers, William
Chambers, William (d 1829)
Chambers, William (d 1753)
Chambers, William Wylly (d 1860)
Chamier, Frederick (1796-1870)
Champain, William
Champion, Charles (d 1844)
Champion, William Brydges (d 1814)
Chant, William
Chantrell, William
Chapell, Charles (b 1784)
Chapman, Abraham
Chapman, Charles
Chapman, Charles Matthew
Chapman, Isham Fleming
Chapman, James (b 1791)
Chapman, John
Chapman, Nicholas
Chapman, Patrick
Chapman, Richard Edwards
Chapman, Wellesley Pole
Chapman, William Cox
Chappel, John (d 1666)
Chappell, Edward (1792-1861)
Chappell, George
Chappell, William
Chareton, Henry
Charles, Alexander
Charles, Claudius (d 1824)
Charlesson, Laurence (d 1846)
Charlesson, Richard Williams
Charleton, Thomas William
Charleton, William
Charlewood, Edward Philips (b 1814)
Charlton, Henry
Charlton, John
Charlton, William
Charlton, William
Charrington, Nicholas
Charteris, Charles
Chase, Parkhurst
Chase, Robert
Chasman, William (d 1848)
Chave, Samuel
Cheap, Andrew
Cheap, David (d 1752)
Cheape, James
Cheere, John
Cheeseman, Richard
Cheesman, Robert
Chegwyn, Joseph
Chesnaye, John Christian (b 1791)
Chesshire, John
Chesshyre, Henry Thomas Newton
Chesshyre, John (d 1843)
Chester, Benjamin
Chetham, Edward (1775-1862)
Chetwode, Philip (1805-1844)
Chetwynd, Henry Weyland (1829-1893)
Chetwynd, John Whitmore (d 1789)
Cheyne, George
Cheyne, John
Chicheley, John (ca 1640-1691)
Chichester, John Palmer Bruce (d 1851)
Chick, Silvester Evans
Chick, William
Chiene, John (d 1848)
Chilcott, John (d 1829)
Chilcott, William
Child, John
Child, Smith (d 1813)
Chiles, Edward Hooker
Chimley, John
Chimmo, William
Chinnery, Charles (d 1847)
Chinnery, John
Chissell, Richard
Chivers, William
Chivers, William
Cholmeley, Thomas Charles
Christian, Brabazon (d ca 1790)
Christian, Edward (d 1758)
Christian, Henry
Christian, Hood Hanway (b 1784)
Christian, Hugh Cloberry (1747-1798)
Christian, Jonathan
Christian, Thomas Hompesch (d 1858)
Christie, Alexander (d 1822)
Christie, Andrew (d 1801)
Christie, Christopher
Christie, Gabriel
Christie, Peter (1797-1855)
Christie, William (b 1793)
Christopher, Thomas Borradaile
Chrystie, John
Chrystie, Thomas (1787-1868)
Chubb, George James
Church, Charles
Church, Edward
Church, Henry
Church, John (b 1793)
Church, Stephen George
Church, Thomas
Church, William Harvey
Churchill, George (1652-1710)
Churchill, Henry John Spencer (b 1797)
Churchill, Thomas
Clack, Thomas
Clapp, Thomas
Clapp, William (b 1796)
Clapperton, Hugh (1788-1827)
Clare, Henry William (b 1805)
Claridge, Charles
Clark, Alexander
Clark, Archibald
Clark, Arthur (d 1804)
Clark, Edward (d 1764)
Clark, Henry
Clark, Henry
Clark, James
Clark, James Charles
Clark, James Hamilton
Clark, John
Clark, Joseph
Clark, Joseph (b 1790)
Clark, Richard (d 1706)
Clark, Richard (d 1845)
Clark, Robert Ward
Clark, Samuel
Clark, Thomas
Clark, Thomas
Clark, William
Clark, William (d 1727)
Clark, William (b 1796)
Clarke, Charles
Clarke, Charles Griffin
Clarke, Edward (d 1779)
Clarke, Edward Francis
Clarke, Edward John Bellenden (b 1813)
Clarke, Fletcher Norton
Clarke, George (d 1805)
Clarke, George
Clarke, George Henry (b 1816)
Clarke, Henry
Clarke, Hyde John (d 1857)
Clarke, James (d 1783)
Clarke, James Henry (d 1816)
Clarke, Job Bennet
Clarke, John (1711-1789)
Clarke, Peter (d 1773)
Clarke, Richard William
Clarke, Robert (d 1708)
Clarke, Samuel
Clarke, Thomas
Clarke, Thomas Jordaine (b 1813)
Clarke, Thomas Pickering
Clarke, William John Stephen
Clarke, William Nehemiah
Clarkson, James (d 1833)
Clarkson, John (1764-1828)
Clarributt, Edward
Clavell, Charles (d 1846)
Clavell, John (d 1846)
Clavell, John
Clavering, Douglas Charles (d 1827)
Clavering, Henry Augustus
Claxton, Christopher (d 1868)
Claxton, Robert
Clay, Edward Sneyd (1768-1846)
Clay, William Noble (d 1850)
Clayson, Edward
Clayson, John (d 1838)
Clayton, James
Clayton, John Lloyd (b 1796)
Clayton, Thomas Whitwronge
Cleather, Edward (d 1802)
Cleaveland, George (1818-1855)
Cleland, John
Cleland, John
Cleland, William (d 1744)
Clement, Benjamin (d 1835)
Clements, Bartholomew
Clements, George (d 1707)
Clements, George Robert Anson (d 1837)
Clements, Hanbury (d 1848)
Clements, John
Clements, John
Clements, Michael (d 1796)
Clements, Nicholas Brent
Clements, Peter
Clements, Richard (d 1775)
Clements, William
Clephan, James (d 1851)
Clephane, Robert (d 1827)
Clerk, James
Clerk, Neil
Clerke, Charles (1741-1779)
Clerke, Francis North
Clerke, John (d 1776)
Clerke, Robert (d 1708)
Clerkson, Edward Stewart
Cleugh, Robert
Cleveland, William
Cleverley, James
Clifford, Augustus William James (1788-1877)
Clifford, Elias
Clifford, Herbert John (b ca 1789)
Clifford, William John Cavendish (b 1814)
Clifton, John (d 1723)
Clifton, William Wilmot
Clinch, Timothy
Clinton, Edward Pelham (1816-1842)
Clinton, George (ca 1686-1761)
Clive, Benjamin (d 1764)
Clive, John M'Clintock (d 1834)
Close, Francis Arden
Clotwick, William
Clowes, Thomas Ball (1787-1864)
Clubley, Charles Witty
Clyde, Charles (d 1852)
Coakley, Thomas (d 1851)
Coal, Thomas (d 1710)
Coates, George Lewis (1784-1874)
Coates, Richard
Cobb, Charles
Cobb, Charles (d 1811)
Cobb, Smith (1786-1833)
Cobb, Thomas (b 1796)
Cobb, William
Cobbe, William (d 1831)
Cochet, John (1760-1851)
Cochran, Thomas
Cochrane, Alexander Forrester Inglis (1758-1832)
Cochrane, Archibald (1783-1829)
Cochrane, Arthur Auckland Leopold Pedro (1824-1905)
Cochrane, Charles Stuart (d 1834)
Cochrane, John Dundas (1780-1825)
Cochrane, Nathaniel Day (d 1844)
Cochrane, Thomas [10th Earl of Dundonald] "Le Loup de Mer (The Sea Wolf)" (1775-1860)
Cochrane, Thomas John (1789-1872)
Cock, Horatio Bennet
Cock, Isaac (d 1712)
Cock, John George
Cock, Reginall
Cock, Robert
Cock, Samuel
Cock, William
Cockburn, George (d 1770)
Cockburn, George (1772-1853)
Cockburn, James Horsford (d 1872)
Cockburn, John (d 1753)
Cockburn, William
Cockburne, Andrew (d 1768)
Cockcraft, Macleod Baynes
Cockcraft, William (d 1834)
Cockerell, Richard Howe (d 1839)
Cockerille, Anthony
Cockrell, James Patrick
Cocks, George (d 1829)
Cocksedge, George Edward
Codd, Edward (d 1887)
Codd, John
Codd, Samuel
Codrington, Christopher
Codrington, Edward (1770-1851)
Codrington, Edward (1803-1819)
Codrington, Henry John (1808-1877)
Coe, Fyfield
Coe, Thomas (d 1838)
Coet, William
Coffin, Francis Holmes (d 1842)
Coffin, Henry Edward (1794-1881)
Coffin, Isaac (1759-1839)
Coffin, John Townsend (1789-1882)
Coffin, Thomas
Coffin, William Chappell
Coffinger, John (d 1815)
Coggan, Richard
Coghill, Josiah Coghill (1773-1850)
Coghlan, Dunkin
Coghlan, Francis Rogers
Coghlan, Jeremiah (ca 1775-1844)
Coham, Lewis Heysett
Coham, William Michael
Cokburne, George
Colby, Charles
Colby, David (d 1834)
Colby, Stephen
Colby, Thomas (b 1782)
COLCHESTER (Abbot, Charles (1798-1867))
Cole, Ambrose (d 1711)
Cole, Christopher (1770-1836)
Cole, Edward
Cole, Francis (1760-1798)
Cole, George Lewis
Cole, George Ward
Cole, James
Cole, John Campbell
Cole, Martin
Cole, Martin (d 1846)
Cole, Richard
Cole, Robert Martin
Cole, Samuel
Cole, Thomas (d 1829)
Cole, Thomas (d 1826)
Cole, Thomas Edmund
Cole, William
Cole, William John (d 1856)
Colebrooke, Thomas
Coleby, Charles (d 1772)
Coleman, George
Coleman, James
Coleman, John
Coleman, John (b 1795)
Coleman, Robert (d 1739)
Coleman, Thomas (d 1849)
Coleman, William
Coles, Charles
Coles, Cowper Phipps (1819-1870)
Coles, Richard
Coles, William
Colfe, Abraham
Collard, Sampson (d ca 1804)
Collard, Valentine "The Animated Life-Boat" (d 1846)
Collas, John
Coller, Richard
Colleton, John
Collett, Cornelius
Colley, George Francis (b 1797)
Collier, Edward (1783-1872)
Collier, Edward (b 1793)
Collier, Francis Augustus (1783-1849)
Collier, George (b 1738)
Collier, George Baring Browne
Collier, George Ralph (1774-1824)
Collier, Henry
Collier, Henry Theodosius Browne (1791-1872)
Collier, James (d 1810)
Collier, William (d 1736)
Collingwood, Cuthbert [Baron Collingwood] (1748-1810)
Collingwood, Edward (d 1809)
Collingwood, Francis
Collingwood, Francis Edward (1785-1835)
Collingwood, George
Collingwood, John Trevor
Collingwood, Thomas (d 1780)
Collingwood, Wilfred (1749-1787)
Collins, David
Collins, Edward
Collins, Francis
Collins, Francis Edward
Collins, Grenville
Collins, Henry (d 1791)
Collins, Henry (b 1792)
Collins, James
Collins, John (d 1798)
Collins, John (d 1794)
Collins, John Bardin
Collins, Richard
Collins, Richard (d 1780)
Collins, Thomas
Collins, William
Collins, William (b 1782)
Collins, William Martin (d 1814)
Collinson, Richard (1811-1883)
Collinson, Tathwell Benjamin
Collis, Samuel (d 1850)
Collis, Thomas
Collis, William
Colman, George
Colmer, William
Colnett, James (1753-1806)
Colnett, Richard
Colpoys, Edward Griffith (d 1832)
Colpoys, Edward Griffith (d 1831)
Colpoys, Henry Griffith
Colpoys, John (1742-1821)
Colpoys, John Edward Griffith
Colquhoun, Humphrey
Colquhoun, Sutherland Morrison
Colquitt, Goodwin (d 1826)
Colquitt, Samuel Martin (d 1847)
Colston, Samuel
Colt, George (d 1674)
Colthurst, Nicholas
Columbine, Edward Henry (d 1811)
Colville, Alexander [Lord Colville] (1717-1770)
Colville, George Twisleton
Colville, James (d 1761)
Colville, John [10th Lord Colville] (1765-1849)
Colville, William
Combauld, Richard
Combe, Henry
Combe, Matthew (d 1848)
Combe, William (d 1808)
Comber, Henry Wandesford
Comer, Charles
Commerell, John Edmund
Compton, Charles Talbot (d 1868)
Compton, Henry (b 1774)
Compton, James (d 1775)
Compton, John
Compton, Richard
Compton, William (d 1804)
Comyn, Valens
Conant, John Edward
Conden, David (d 1692)
Conder, John (d 1714)
Coney, William (d 1707)
Congalton, Andrew
Congalton, Hugh
Congdon, William
Conjuit, John (b 1794)
Conn, Henry
Conn, John (d 1810)
Connell, Thomas
Conner, Richard
Conner, Samuel
Conner, William Henry
Connolly, John Bell (1772-1849)
Connolly, Matthew
Connolly, Matthew (1776-1853)
Connolly, Richard Lock (b 1785)
Connolly, William Hallett
Connor, Richard
Connor, Ross
Consitt, Thomas
Constable, Charles (d 1716)
Constable, John
Constable, Love
Constable, Thomas
Constable, William
Conway, Hugh Seymour
Cony, William (d 1707)
Conyers, John
Cooban, Robert Baron
Coode, Henry (b 1798)
Coode, John (1779-1858)
Coode, Trevenen Penrose
Cook, Hugh (d 1834)
Cook, Isaac
Cook, James
Cook, James (1728-1779)
Cook, James (1763-1794)
Cook, John
Cook, John Francis (d 1832)
Cook, Nathaniel (1764-1780)
Cook, Samuel Edward
Cook, Theodore
Cook, Thomas
Cook, William
Cook, William
Cooke, David Ramsay Kerr
Cooke, Edward (d 1799)
Cooke, James
Cooke, James
Cooke, John (d 1846)
Cooke, John (d 1813)
Cooke, John (1763-1805)
Cooke, John Murray
Cooke, William Henry
Cookesley, John (d 1852)
Cookney, James Thomas
Cookson, Thomas (d 1775)
Cooley, William Roddam (d 1838)
Cooling, William John
Coombe, William (d 1808)
Coombes, Richard
Cooper, Anthony Lionel Ashley (d 1836)
Cooper, Augustus
Cooper, Edward James Lloyd (b 1814)
Cooper, Francis (d 1733)
Cooper, John (d 1728)
Cooper, Robert Palliser (d 1805)
Cooper, Thomas
Cooper, William Salmon
Coote, Charles
Coote, Richard
Coote, Robert (1820-1898)
Coote, William
Cope, Alexander Frederick (d 1867)
Copeland, Richard (d 1850)
Copow, William
Coppin, Charles Pittman
Coppin, Frederick
Coppin, John (d 1666)
Coppinger, Thomas Stephen
Corbet, Kynaston
Corbet, Robert (d 1810)
Corbett, Arthur
Corbett, Edward
Corbett, John (1822-1893)
Corbett, Nathaniel Gordon
Corbyn, Joseph
Corbyn, Major
Cordry, George
Cormack, John
Cormack, Richard
Corne, Richard Carruthers
Corneck, Henry Asser (b 1791)
Corneck, Henry Warrington
Corner, John (d ca 1772)
Corner, Robert
Cornewall, Charles (1669-1718)
Cornewall, Frederick (1706-1788)
Cornewall, James (1699-1744)
Cornewall, Wolfran (b ca 1655)
Cornish, John (d 1845)
Cornish, John
Cornish, Samuel (d 1816)
Cornish, Samuel (d 1770)
Cornwall, Charles
Cornwall, Frederick
Cornwall, James (d 1744)
Cornwall, John (b 1795)
Cornwall, Thomas (d 1796)
Cornwall, Wolfran (d 1719)
Cornwallis, James (d 1798)
Cornwallis, William "Billy Blue/Billy-Go-Tight/Mr Whip/The Coachee" (1744-1819)
Corrie, Francis
Corry, Armar Lowry (1793-1855)
Corsbie, Richard (d 1846)
Corsellis, Caesar (d 1801)
Corsellis, Nicholas Caesar
Cory, George Crossley
Cory, John Johnson (d 1839)
Cory, Nicholas (1796-1864)
Coryton, Henry (b 1810)
Cosby, Edward
Cosby, Henry
Cosby, Phillips (d 1808)
Cosnahan, Hugh
Cosnahan, Michael Finch
Costerton, Samuel
Cotes, James (d 1802)
Cotes, Thomas (d 1767)
Cotesworth, Charles (b 1792)
Cotesworth, William (d 1847)
Cotgrave, Charles
Cotgrave, Edward Stone
Cotgrave, George William
Cotgrave, Isaac
Cotgrave, Richard
Cotgrave, Rowland Burdon (b 1798)
Cotten, Richard (d 1705)
Cotterell, Charles
Cotterell, Edward
Cotton, Alexander
Cotton, Charles (d 1828)
Cotton, Charles (1753-1812)
Cotton, Francis Vere (1799-1884)
Cotton, Frederick Lane
Cotton, Rowland (d 1794)
Cottrell, Frederick (1780-1811)
Couch, Daniel Little (b 1779)
Couch, Edward (d ca 1848)
Couch, James (d 1850)
Couch, John
Couch, Philip Rogers (d 1849)
Couch, Richard (d 1806)
Coull, Francis Peter
Coulsen, Christopher
Coulson, Gustavus Hamilton (b 1801)
Coulson, Robert Lisle (d 1822)
Countess, George
Country, Jeremiah
Country, Richard
Courtenay, George William Augustus (d 1793)
Courtenay, George William Conway (1794-1863)
Courtenay, Henry (d 1860)
Courtenay, Richard William
Courtenay, William Marcus
Courtnay, Francis (d 1678)
Courtoys, George
Cousins, Stephen (d 1819)
Covell, Allen
Covell, Charles
Coventry, Charles (d 1855)
Coventry, Charles Farmer
Coventry, Percy William
Coventry, St. John
Covey, Edward
Covey, John
Covill, James
Cow, John (d 1704)
Cowan, Archibald
Cowan, James (d 1847)
Cowan, John Smith
Cowan, Malcolm
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, Thomas
Cowan, William
Cowdroy, John
Cowe, John
Cowell, Henry (d 1765)
Cowen, Morrice
Cowes, Richard
Cowley, George Phillips
Cowley, William (d 1740)
Cowling, John (d 1792)
Cowling, William Pendock
Cox, Daniel (d 1825)
Cox, Douglas
Cox, Francis
Cox, Henry (b 1793)
Cox, Henry Laird
Cox, John
Cox, John
Cox, John Henry
Cox, Richard
Cox, Samuel
Coxe, Edward Plaisted
Coxen, Henry Conyngham (d 1836)
Coxwell, Joseph
Coyle, Thomas Roome (d 1690)
Coyney, Walter Hill
Crabb, John
Crabb, Joseph William
Cracraft, William Edward
Cracroft, Peter (1816-1865)
Craft, Thomas
Cragg, James
Cragg, John Bettinson
Craggs, George
Craig, Hector
Craig, James
Craig, Robert
Craigie, Robert (1800-1873)
Craister, George
Cramer, Henry (d 1707)
Cramer, John
Cramer, Josiah Coghill
Cramer, Lewis
Cranby, John (d 1702)
Crane, Poynter (b 1786)
Crane, Thomas (b 1775)
Crang, John Hay (b 1811)
Cranstoun, George Home
Cranstoun, James [8th Baron Cranstoun] (d 1796)
Craske, John
Craufurd, Frederic Augustus Buchanan (b 1822)
Craufurd, Henry William
Craufurd, Peter
Craven, Charles
Craven, Thomas (d 1772)
Crawford, Abraham (b 1788)
Crawford, David
Crawford, James
Crawford, James Coutts (b 1760)
Crawford, John (d 1740)
Crawford, John Campbell
Crawford, Moses
Crawford, Richard (d 1815)
Crawford, Richard Borough (d 1865)
Crawford, Thomas
Crawford, William
Crawfurd, Thomas
Crawley, Charles Gibbs
Crawley, Edmund (d 1834)
Crawley, George
Crawley, James
Crawley, Jeremy
Crawley, John
Crawley, Thomas
Crawley, Thomas (d 1701)
Creagh, James (b 1798)
Creak, William
Crease, Henry (d 1862)
Cree, David
Creed, Peter
Creighton, James
Crellin, William
Creser, Thomas
Cresselman, John
Cresswell, Samuel Gurney
Crew, Samuel
Creyke, George Adey
Creyke, Richard (d 1849)
Creyke, Richard (1746-1826)
Creyke, Richard Boynton
Cribb, Richard William
Crichlow, Ralph (d 1847)
Crichton, George
Crichton, James Augustus Seymour
Crichton, William
Cririe, John (ca 1783-1847)
Crisp, James
Crisp, John (b 1796)
Crispe, George
Crispin, Abraham
Crispin, Benjamin
Crispin, William
Crispo, John (1773-1841)
Crispo, John William
Criswick, Charles
Critchell, William
Croasdaile, Thomas Pearson (d 1838)
Crochet, John
Crockatt, Francis
Crocker, Henry
Crocker, Thomas
Crockford, Thomas Henry
Crocombe, Richard
Croft, Henry
Croft, William (1782-1872)
Crofton, Ambrose (d 1835)
Crofton, Edward
Crofton, George Alfred (1785-1858)
Crofton, Henry Robert
Crofton, Morgan (b 1793)
Crofton, Stephen Smith Lowther
Crofton, Thomas
Croke, John Augustus
Croke, Wentworth Parsons
Croker, Albert (d 1826)
Croker, Charles
Croker, Richard
Croker, Walter (b 1784)
Crole, Charles (d 1850)
Cromwell, Henry
Crook, James
Crooke, Charles Cunyngham
Crooke, Charles Henry
Crooke, James (d 1848)
Crooke, Thomas Ledlie
Crooke, Thomas Peter
Crooke, William
Crooke, William
Crooke, William Boyle
Crookshanks, John (d 1795)
Crosbe, Edward Hawke
Crosbe, George Vandeput
Crosbe, Robert Boyle
Crosbe, William
Crosbe, William
Crosbie, John Gustavus
Crosbie, Robert
Crosbie, Thomas Sackville
Crosby, James
Crosley, Richard
Crosman, Robert
Cross, Lewis
Cross, Robert
Cross, William
Crosse, Edward
Crossman, Richard
Crotty, William (1772-1848)
Crouch, Edward
Crouch, Edward (b 1816)
Crouch, Edward Thomas (d 1846)
Crouch, Isaac
Crouch, Joseph
Crow, George
Crow, Josiah (d 1714)
Crow, Leonard (d 1705)
Crow, Thomas
Crow, William (d 1834)
Crowder, William Goodwin
Crowdy, Charles (b 1786)
Crowe, George
Crown, Robert (d 1841)
Crozier, Francis Rawdon Moira (1796-ca 1848)
Crozier, Richard (b 1803)
Crozier, William Pearson
Cruchley, Evan Jones
Cruse, Robson
Crutchley, James
Crymes, George
Crymes, John (d 1816)
Cubbitt, Joseph
Cudd, William (d 1828)
Cudlip, Frederick Augustus (1809-1858)
Cudlip, James (d 1844)
Cudlipp, Henry
Cudlipp, Richard
Cull, Richard
Cull, Thomas (d 1846)
Cull, Thomas (b 1793)
Cullen, Robert (d 1817)
Cullis, William (d 1841)
Culpepper, Joseph
Culverhouse, John (d ca 1809)
Cumberland, Octavius
Cumberland, Richard Edward (b 1800)
Cumberland, William
Cumby, Charles (1779-1849)
Cumby, David Charles
Cumby, David Pryce
Cumby, William Pryce (1771-1837)
Cuming, Samuel (1769-1845)
Cuming, William (d 1824)
Cummerford, Nicholas
Cumming, Arthur (1817-1893)
Cumming, George William
Cumming, James
Cumming, Robert
Cumpston, William
Cunningham, Alexander
Cunningham, Alexander
Cunningham, Andrew
Cunningham, Charles (1755-1834)
Cunningham, Henry Montgomery
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, Thomas (d 1823)
Cunningham, William
Cunningham, William Graves James
Cuppage, Adam (b 1792)
Cuppage, William
Curgenven, Richard
Curlewis, William Edward (1789-1847)
Curme, Charles Thomas
Curran, John Bartholomew Hoar
Currie, Mark John (b 1795)
Currie, Thomas Metcalfe (d 1846)
Curry, Douglas (d 1869)
Curry, Richard (1772-1855)
Curry, Robert
Curry, Roger Carley (d 1844)
Curtis, Alfred John
Curtis, Clifton
Curtis, Edward
Curtis, James Dillon
Curtis, John
Curtis, Lucius (1786-1869)
Curtis, Roger (d 1802)
Curtis, Roger (d 1856)
Curtis, Roger (1746-1816)
Curtis, Roger Lucius (d 1851)
Curtis, Timothy (d 1834)
Curtiss, Hyde
Curzon, Edward (d 1862)
Curzon, Frederick
Curzon, Henry (1765-1846)
Curzon, Thomas Roper (d 1833)
Cusack, James
Cust, William
Cutcliffe, James
Cutfield, William (d 1822)
Cuthbert, Robert (d 1821)
Cutler, Frank
Cuttance, Henry
Cuttance, Roger (d 1669)
Cutter, Vincent (d 1710)
Cuttle, John
Cuzack, James (d 1743)



D'Aeth, Edward Henry Hughes
D'Aeth, George William Hughes (1786-1873)
D'Aguilar, Francis James
D'Aranda, William
D'Auvergne, Corbet James (d 1825)
D'Auvergne, Philip "Prince of Bouillon" (1754-1816)
D'Eyncourt, Edwin Clayton Tennyson
D'Oyley, Edmund (d 1703)
D'Urban, John Gooch (d 1845)
D'Urban, William (d 1837)
Dabine, Thomas Dymock Jones (d 1848)
Dacre, George Hall
Dacres, Barrington (d 1806)
Dacres, James Richard (d 1848)
Dacres, James Richard (1749-1810)
Dacres, James Richard (1788-1853)
Dacres, Richard (1761-1837)
Dacres, Sidney Colpoys (1805-1884)
Dade, Jonathan
Dalby, Thomas
Dale, Alfred
Dale, Harry
Dale, Leonard
Dale, William
Dalgleish, James (d 1846)
Dalgleish, James Ogilvy (b 1800)
DALHOUSIE (Ramsay, George (1806-1880))
Dalling, John Windham (d 1853)
Dalrymple, Hugh (d 1779)
Dalrymple, James (d 1803)
Dalrymple, James
Dalrymple, John (d 1798)
Dalton, James Robert
Dalton, Nathan
Dalton, Richard Henry
Dalton, William
Dalway, Noah
Dalwell, James
Daly, Cuthbert
Daly, Cuthbert Featherstone (d 1851)
Daly, Daniel (d 1810)
Daly, James
Daly, John
Daly, Joseph
Dalyell, James (1800-1870)
Dalyell, William Cunningham Cavendish (b 1784)
Dalziel, James (d 1712)
Damer, Henry Dawson (1786-1841)
Dampier, William
Dampire, Edward
Dance, William Townsend
Dandridge, William (d 1747)
Danford, Richard
Dangerfield, Charles (d 1845)
Dangerfield, Thomas
Daniel, Henry
Daniel, Lionel
Daniel, Robert Savage (d 1798)
Daniel, William (d 1800)
Daniel, William Henry (1763-1838)
Daniel, William Westcott (d 1833)
Daniell, George (b 1797)
Daniell, Richard
Daniell, William (d 1845)
Dansays, Francis
Dansey, Edward Collins
Dansey, George
Darby, Abraham
Darby, Edward (d 1702)
Darby, George (ca 1720-1790)
Darby, Henry D'Esterre (d 1823)
Darby, Horatio D'Esterre
Darcy, Thomas
Dare, Jeffery (d 1666)
Darel, James Stephen (b 1820)
Darke, Richard (d 1845)
Darley, Arthur
Darnell, Philip Wheler
Daroch, Archibald (d 1760)
Darracott, Henry Young
Darracott, Robert Young Man
Darracott, Thomas (d 1833)
DARTMOUTH (Legge, George (ca 1647-1691))
Dashwood, Charles (1765-1847)
Dashwood, Charles Robert
Dashwood, Francis James
Dashwood, Francis Robert
Dashwood, Frank (d 1849)
Dashwood, George Frederick (1806-1881)
Dashwood, John De Courcy
Dashwood, William Bateman (1790-1869)
Dathan, James Hartley
Davenhill, Matthew
Davenport, Salusbury Pryce (1778-1845)
Daverell, Samuel
Davers, Charles Sidney (d 1805)
Davers, Thomas (d 1747)
Davey, George (d 1829)
Davey, Henry (d 1834)
Davey, John Pollard
Davey, William
David, Lewis
Davids, Charles
Davidson, Alexander
Davidson, James (d 1699)
Davidson, Peter
Davie, John
Davies, Alexander Bonthrone (d 1847)
Davies, Arthur
Davies, David Gam
Davies, Edward
Davies, Francis Edisbury
Davies, George
Davies, George Evan
Davies, Hamilton (b 1784)
Davies, Henry (d 1776)
Davies, Henry Thomas (d 1869)
Davies, James
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John
Davies, John George
Davies, Lewis
Davies, Lewis
Davies, Peregrine Charles
Davies, Peter
Davies, Richard Longfield
Davies, Richard Plummer (d 1837)
Davies, Samuel (d 1810)
Davies, Thomas
Davies, Thomas
Davies, William
Davies, William
Davies, William Rees
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Barnett (d 1881)
Davis, Charles (d 1832)
Davis, Francis
Davis, George Evan
Davis, Henry (d 1838)
Davis, Henry
Davis, Henry (d 1776)
Davis, Henry Barnett
Davis, James
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph William
Davis, Lewis
Davis, Richard (d 1718)
Davis, Robert
Davis, Thomas John James William (d 1831)
Davison, Edward Baker (d 1847)
Davison, James Sandford
Davison, Kilgour
Davy, John
Davy, Thomas
Dawe, Harry
Dawes, Daniel Butler
Dawes, Henry (d 1667)
Dawes, John
Dawes, Philip
Dawes, Richard
Dawes, William
Dawkins, Charles Collyear
Dawkins, Jeremiah
Dawkins, Richard
Dawkins, William Robert (d 1824)
Dawney, George
Daws, Thomas
Dawson, Alexander Clotworthy
Dawson, Edward (d 1798)
Dawson, George
Dawson, George
Dawson, Gilbert Francis
Dawson, Henry
Dawson, Henry (d 1811)
Dawson, Henry (d 1839)
Dawson, John
Dawson, John Francis
Dawson, Matthew
Dawson, Richard
Dawson, William
Dawson, William (d 1859)
Day, Bartholomew George Smith
Day, Charles Estcourt
Day, Christopher
Day, Clement Charles (d 1851)
Day, George (1819-1876)
Day, George Major
Day, John
Day, John
Day, John Jackson
Day, Richard
Day, William (d 1806)
Dayman, Joseph
Dayrell, Henry
De Blaquiere, William Barnard (b 1814)
De Camp, John
De Courcy, Michael (d 1824)
De Courcy, Michael (b 1811)
De Courcy, Nevinson (d 1845)
De Crespigny, Augustus James Champion (d 1825)
De Crespigny, Claude (d 1813)
De Crespigny, William Other Robert (d 1816)
De Gans, John
De Horsey, Algernon Frederick Rous
De Kantzow, Herbert Philip
De L'Angle, Merrick (d 1753)
De la Touche, John
De Lisle, Henry (d 1856)
De Lisle, Peter (d 1811)
De Montmorency, Edward (d 1843)
De Rippe, James (d 1828)
De Ros, John Frederick Fitzgerald (d 1861)
De Roverea, Frederick Nicholas (d ca 1847)
DE SAUMAREZ (Saumarez, James (1757-1836))
De Sausmarez, Durell
De Starck, Mauritius Adolphus Newton (d 1848)
De Vere, William Cecil
De Vitré, John Dennis (d 1846)
De Willetts, Moses
Deacon, Henry
Deacon, Henry Collins
Deacon, James
Deacon, John
Dealy, William Justin
Dean, John Howard
Dean, Robert (d 1699)
Dean, William
Deane, Joseph (d 1779)
Deane, William Godfrey (d 1847)
Deans, James Whitley
Deans, Robert
Deans, Robert (1790-1867)
Deare, Charles
Debenham, John (1772-1847)
Dechamp, Richard
Decoeurdoux, George James
Deecker, Samuel Bartlett (d 1835)
Deering, Daniel (d 1760)
Deering, Griffith (d 1740)
Delafons, John (d 1805)
Delafons, Thomas (d 1847)
Delafons, William Philip
Delafosse, Edward Hollingworth
Delancey, Charles Stephenworth (d 1840)
Delanoe, George Augustus
Delap, Robert (d 1848)
Delaval, George (d 1723)
Delaval, Ralph (d 1707)
Delaval, Robert
Delgarno, Arthur (d 1731)
Delgarno, Maurice (d 1798)
Delmé, George
Dench, Charles Thomas
Dench, Thomas
Denham, Henry Mangles
Denis, Peter (d 1778)
Denison, Charles
Denman, Benjamin
Denman, Edmund (d 1846)
Denman, Joseph (1810-1874)
Denne, William (d 1792)
Dennehy, Lawrence
Dennis, Edward
Dennis, Henry (d 1767)
Dennis, James Samuel Akid (1809-1881)
Dennis, John
Dennis, Thomas
Dennison, Charles (d 1742)
Denny, Anthony Cuthbert Collingwood
Dennys, Lardner (d 1864)
Densten, Thomas
Dent, Charles Calmady (b 1793)
Dent, Cotton (d 1761)
Dent, Digby
Dent, Digby (d 1817)
Dent, Digby (d 1762)
Dent, Digby (d 1737)
Dent, Edward Frederick
Dent, William Dent (b 1796)
Denyer, James Richard
Derby, John (d 1831)
Derbyshire, Alexander
Dering, Daniel
Dering, Unton (d 1706)
Derriman, James (d 1837)
Derriman, Samuel Hosk
Derry, John
Des Voeux, Charles Frederick
Desborow, Charles
Deseret, Samuel Thomas
Despourins, Peter
Deuchar, Patrick (b 1785)
Devereux, Walter Bouchier
Devon, Thomas Barker (b 1784)
Devonshire, Henry
Devonshire, John Ferris
Devonshire, Richard
Dew, Anthony
Dew, George
Dew, Roderick
Dewar, John (b 1789)
Dewar, John George (d 1830)
Dewes, George Bourchier
Dewey, Thomas
Dewsnap, Joseph
Diamond, Thomas
Dick, John (d 1854)
Dick, John Goodrich (b 1806)
Dick, Thomas
Dick, William
Dicken, Henry Perry
Dickens, George (d 1815)
Dickens, Samuel Trevor
Dickens, Samuel Trevor (b 1788)
Dickens, William
Dickenson, James
Dickenson, Richard
Dickenson, Thomas
Dickey, William (d 1838)
Dickinson, Francis
Dickinson, Lundy
Dickinson, Richard (1786-1840)
Dickinson, Samuel
Dickinson, Thomas (d 1828)
Dickinson, Thomas (d 1854)
Dickman, William Henry
Dickonson, Frederick
Dickonson, Lacy (b 1786)
Dicksey, William
Dickson, Alexander Collingwood Thomas (b 1810)
Dickson, Archibald
Dickson, Archibald (b 1772)
Dickson, Archibald Collingwood (1772-1827)
Dickson, David
Dickson, David John (b 1790)
Dickson, Edward Stirling (d 1844)
Dickson, John Bourmaster (b 1815)
Dickson, John Gibson (d 1837)
Dickson, Michael
Dickson, William (d 1803)
Dickson, William (b 1791)
Dickson, William (b 1798)
Dickson, William Henry (d 1850)
Didham, Charles John
Didham, Philemon
Digby, Edward (b 1799)
Digby, Everard
Digby, Francis (d 1672)
Digby, George (d 1829)
Digby, Henry (1770-1842)
Digby, Joseph (1786-1860)
Digby, Martin
Digby, Robert (d 1814)
Digby, Stephen Thomas
Diggens, Francis John
Digges, Dudley
Diggin, Samuel
Dilke, Thomas (d 1853)
Dilke, William (d 1756)
Dilkes, Charles (1779-1846)
Dilkes, John
Dilkes, Thomas (1667-1707)
Dillon, Edward
Dillon, James
Dillon, William Henry (1779-1857)
Dimock, Charles
Dirom, James (b 1815)
Disher, James
Dishington, Andrew (d 1780)
Disney, Garret Rufus Taylor
Ditty, John
Dix, Edward (1778-1837)
Dixie, Alexander (d 1857)
Dixie, Andrew (1780-1857)
Dixon, Archibald
Dixon, Charles (d 1804)
Dixon, Edward Stirling
Dixon, George
Dixon, George Farhill (d 1838)
Dixon, James Thomas Taylor
Dixon, John
Dixon, John Stewart
Dixon, John William Taylor (d 1804)
Dixon, Manley (1757-1837)
Dixon, Manley Hall (1786-1864)
Dixon, Matthew
Dixon, Robert
Dixon, William Henry (b 1786)
Dixson, Benjamin
Doake, James (d 1761)
Dobbie, William Hugh (1771-1830)
Dobbie, William Hugh (1812-1889)
Dobbin, Robert
Dobbs, Alexander
Dobbs, Conway Richard (b 1798)
Dobree, Daniel
Dobree, Nicholas Charles (d 1818)
Dobree, Thomas Peter
Dobson, Charles
Dobson, George
Dobson, Hyde Parker
Dobson, Man (1755-1847)
Dobson, William Burdett
Docking, Abraham (d 1834)
Dod, Edmund
Dodd, Edward "Old Dodd" (d 1763)
Dodd, Henry
Dodd, Henry Winship (b 1787)
Dodd, Joseph
Dodd, Michael
Dodds, Stephen Henry
Dolling, John
Dolling, Samuel Brooking (b 1814)
Dolling, William Brooking
Dolman, George (d 1705)
Doman, Edward
Domett, George
Domett, William (1754-1828)
Don, William (d 1816)
Donadieu, Anthony
Donaldson, Augustus
Donaldson, John
Doneclift, John
Donlevy, George Marlay
Donnellan, Malachi
Donnelly, Ross (ca 1761-1840)
Donner, James (d 1814)
Donovan, Alexander
Donovan, Edward
Donovan, Philip
Donovan, Richard
Donovan, Stephen
Dooley, David
Doorne, Thomas (d 1839)
Dore, William Henry (d 1839)
Dornford, Francis
Dornford, Josiah (d 1855)
Dornford, Josiah James (d 1847)
Dorril, Robert
Dorrill, Richard
Dorrill, Richard (d 1762)
Dorville, John William
Dossy, Thomas
Dougal, George (b 1778)
Douglas, Andrew (d 1725)
Douglas, Andrew Snape (1761-1797)
Douglas, Archibald
Douglas, Arthur James (1802-1864)
Douglas, Billy (d 1817)
Douglas, Charles
Douglas, Charles (ca 1727-1789)
Douglas, Charles Henry
Douglas, Colin
Douglas, Dunbar (1766-1796)
Douglas, Francis (1772-1842)
Douglas, George (1788-1838)
Douglas, George Henry (b 1821)
Douglas, Henry
Douglas, Henry John
Douglas, Hugh Donald Cameron (d 1843)
Douglas, James (d 1839)
Douglas, James (1703-1787)
Douglas, James Douglas Stoddart
Douglas, John
Douglas, John
Douglas, John (d 1787)
Douglas, John Erskine (d 1847)
Douglas, John Graham
Douglas, John Leigh
Douglas, Peter John (b 1787)
Douglas, Pringle Home
Douglas, Richard
Douglas, Richard
Douglas, Stair (d 1789)
Douglas, Stair (1764-1826)
Douglas, Stephen Francis
Douglas, Townley Ward
Douglas, William
Douglas, William Grant
Douglas, William Henry
Douglas, William Henry (d 1809)
Douglas, William Manners Wellington
Douglass, John Alexander
Dove, Francis (d 1726)
Dove, George
Dove, John
Dove, Jonathan
Dove, Percy
Dove, Thomas
Dover, Edward (d 1695)
Doveton, William
Dow, Archibald
Dow, Charles Kerr (d 1833)
Dow, William (b 1794)
Dowden, William Gibbs
Dowell, Thomas
Dowell, William Montagu
Dowers, Purser
Dowers, William (d 1816)
Down, Edward
Down, Edward Augustus (1777-1855)
Downes, Henry
Downes, Thomas Hardwicke
Downey, John
Downey, William
Downie, George (d 1814)
Downie, John
Downing, Joseph
Downman, Hugh (1765-1858)
Dowse, Richard
Dowsing, Jackson
Dowson, John
Doyel, George
Doyle, Arthur (d 1848)
Doyle, Bentinck Cavendish (d 1843)
Doyley, George (d 1707)
Draffen, Frederick (d 1854)
Drake, Duncan
Drake, Francis Samuel (1729-1789)
Drake, Francis William (d ca 1789)
Drake, Hugh
Drake, James Roper
Drake, John (d 1697)
Drake, John (1788-1864)
Drake, Robert Hacche
Drake, Spencer
Drake, Thomas George
Drake, William
Drake, William Edmund
Drane, Robert
Drane, Thomas
Draper, John
Draper, John (d 1743)
Draper, John Gray
Draper, Thomas
Dredge, William
Drew, Andrew
Drew, Edward
Drew, Frederick
Drew, George
Drew, James (d 1798)
Drew, James (d 1798)
Drew, James Rogers (d 1834)
Drew, John (d 1804)
Drew, John (d 1798)
Drew, Josias
Drew, William
Drewitt, James
Drewry, Samuel (d 1831)
Driffield, Joseph Bligh
Dring, Robert
Drinkwater, Charles Ramsay (1802-1884)
Driscoll, James
Drummond, Adam
Drummond, Charles (d 1771)
Drummond, Edgar Atheling
Drummond, Henry Richard
Drummond, James Robert (1812-1895)
Drummond, John Auriol Hay (d 1780)
Drummond, John Forbes (d 1829)
Drummond, Patrick (d 1792)
Drummond, Peter
Drummond, Robert (d 1811)
Drummond, W. R. (d 1835)
Drummond, William
Drury, Augustus Vere (d 1845)
Drury, Byron
Drury, Edward O'Brien
Drury, Henry
Drury, Joseph (d 1835)
Drury, Thomas (d 1832)
Drury, William O'Brien (d 1811)
Du Cane, Charles
Du Tiel, John
DUCIE (Moreton, Francis Reynolds (1739-1808))
Duck, Robert
Duckworth, John Thomas (1748-1817)
Dudingston, William (1740-1817)
Dudley, O'Brien (d 1759)
Duel, George
Duell, Thomas
Duff, Alexander
Duff, Archibald (d 1858)
Duff, George (1764-1805)
Duff, Norwich (1792-1862)
Duff, Robert (ca 1721-1787)
DUFFERIN AND CLAN(D)EBOYE (Blackwood, Price (1796-1841))
Duffill, John
Duffus, James
Duffy, James John
Dufty, William (b 1781)
Dugdale, Robert
Duins, George Parlby (d 1845)
Dumaresq, Don Philip (d 1844)
Dumaresq, Henry (b 1808)
Dumaresq, John
Dumaresq, Perry (1788-1839)
Dumaresq, Philip (d 1827)
Dumaresq, Philip (d 1819)
Dumaresq, Thomas (d 1802)
Dumbreck, William (b 1789)
Dunbar, Charles Duff
Dunbar, Charles Sydney
Dunbar, James (d 1836)
Dunbar, James Alexander
Dunbar, Robert
DUNCAN OF CAMPERDOWN (Duncan, Adam (1731-1804))
Duncan, Adam [1st Viscount Duncan of Camperdown] (1731-1804)
Duncan, Adam Camperdown (d 1845)
Duncan, Henry (d 1802)
Duncan, Henry (ca 1735-1814)
Duncan, Henry (1786-1835)
Duncan, James
Duncan, John
Duncan, Robert
Duncan, Samuel
Duncan, Thomas
Duncomb, Abraham
Duncomb, William
Duncombe, Arthur (1806-1889)
Dundas, Adam Alexander Duncan
Dundas, George
Dundas, George
Dundas, George Heneage Lawrence (1778-1834)
Dundas, Henry (d 1863)
Dundas, James (d 1811)
Dundas, James Whitley Deans (1785-1862)
Dundas, John Burnet (1794-1868)
Dundas, Ralph
Dundas, Richard Saunders (1802-1861)
Dundas, Thomas (d 1841)
Dundas, Thomas (d 1845)
Dundas, William (d 1846)
Dunderdale, James Francis
DUNDONALD (Cochrane, Thomas (1775-1860))
Dunham, Robert
Dunlap, Andrew Robert (b 1816)
Dunlop, Hugh (d 1887)
Dunlop, Robert Graham (d 1841)
Dunlop, Robert John Wallace (d 1846)
Dunlop, Robert Wallace (d 1843)
Dunn, David (d 1859)
Dunn, George
Dunn, James
Dunn, Montagu Buccleuch
Dunn, Nicholas James Cuthbert (b 1785)
Dunn, Pascoe (d 1826)
Dunn, Richard Dalling
Dunnett, William Henry
DUNSANY (Plunkett, Edward (1808-1889))
Dunsford, George (d 1838)
Dunstan, Octavius
Dunsterville, John
Duntze, John Alexander (1806-1882)
Durban, William
Durbin, George
Durell, George (d 1754)
Durell, John (d 1748)
Durell, Philip (d 1772)
Durell, Philip (1707-1766)
Durell, Thomas (d 1804)
Durell, Thomas (1685-1741)
Durell, Thomas Philip (d 1836)
Durham, Philip Charles Henderson Calderwood (1763-1845)
Durham, Philip Charles
Dutch, John
Duthy, Peter
Dutton, Benjamin
Dutton, John Peake
Dutton, Thomas
Dutton, Thomas
Duval, Francis
Duval, John
Duval, Thomas
Dwarris, William Henry
Dwyer, Michael
Dwyer, Robert
Dyball, Thomas Cooke
Dyball, William Ayers
Dyer, George
Dyer, George Shepherd (b 1801)
Dyer, John Parry
Dyer, Jonathan Widdicomb (d 1818)
Dyer, Nicholas (d 1697)
Dyer, Robert Nathaniel (d 1802)
Dyer, Thomas Swinnerton (1771-1854)
Dyke, Charles
Dyke, Octavius Hart (d 1844)
Dyke, Peche Hart (b 1805)
Dyson, Thomas



Eager, John
Eagle, James William
Eaglestone, Thomas
Eales, John
Eamer, Alfred Edward
Eames, Fletchwood (d 1702)
Earle, Edward Charles (d 1845)
Earle, John
Earnshaw, William (d 1797)
Easterbrook, Joseph
Eastley, Yard
Eastman, James Edwards
Eastwood, Henry Nevil
Eastwood, Joseph
Eastwood, Joseph
Eastwood, Joseph Nevil
Eastwood, New Hill
Eastwood, Thomas (d 1776)
Eaton, James (d 1857)
Eaton, John (d 1797)
Eaton, Nicholas (d 1729)
Ebdon, John Miller
Eborall, Samuel (1790-1853)
Eborall, Thomas
Ecken, Mark
Ede, Robert (d 1834)
Eden, Charles (b 1808)
Eden, Henry (1798-1888)
Eden, Thomas Rodney
Edeveain, John
Edgar, Alexander
Edgar, John
Edgar, Thomas (d 1801)
Edgar, William
Edgcumbe, George [1st Earl of Mount Edgcumbe] (1721-1795)
Edgcumbe, John
Edge, William
Edgecombe, James (d 1826)
Edgell, Harry Edmund (1809-1876)
Edgell, Henry Folkes (1767-1846)
Edmonds, Joseph (d 1818)
Edmonds, Thomas
Edmonds, Thomas
Edmonstone, William (1810-1888)
Edmunds, Charles
Edmunds, Walter Sayers (d 1836)
Edridge, John
Edwardes, William (b 1801)
Edwards, Adams
Edwards, Arthur
Edwards, David (d 1857)
Edwards, David (b 1803)
Edwards, Edward (1741-1815)
Edwards, George
Edwards, Henry
Edwards, Jeremiah
Edwards, John
Edwards, John (d 1731)
Edwards, John (d 1726)
Edwards, John (d 1823)
Edwards, John (b 1776)
Edwards, John Browning
Edwards, Nathaniel Frederick
Edwards, Richard (d 1795)
Edwards, Richard (d 1773)
Edwards, Richard (d 1723)
Edwards, Richard Flanigan
Edwards, Richard Venn
Edwards, Robert
Edwards, Robert Lowton (d 1840)
Edwards, Rowland
Edwards, Sampson (d 1840)
Edwards, Sampson (b 1797)
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas
Edwards, Thomas Ambrose (d 1826)
Edwards, Timothy "Old Hammer and Nails" (d 1780)
Edwards, Valentine (d 1799)
Edwards, Wakeman
Edwards, William (b 1781)
Edwards, William Chichester
Edwards, William Jeffery
Edwin, Felix
Edye, Adolphus George
Edye, Joseph
Edye, Thomas
Effrith, Robert
Egan, Francis
Egerton, Charles Randle
Egerton, Francis
Egerton, Francis Philip (d 1893)
Egerton, Frederick Arthur (b 1816)
EGMONT (Perceval, George James)
EGREMONT (Wyndham, George (1786-1845))
Eicke, James
Ekins, Charles (1768-1855)
Elcock, Henry
Elder, Charles (d 1823)
Eldridge, William
Elers, Edwards (1781-1814)
Elias, Joseph
ELIBANK (Murray, George (d 1785))
Eliot, Henry Algernon (b 1790)
Eliot, John
Eliott, George Augustus (1799-1872)
Eliott, Russell (b 1802)
Elkington, Thomas
Elkins, John William
Elkins, Thomas
Ellary, Robert
Ellerby, George
Ellerman, Gustavus Adolphus
Elletson, William
Ellford, William (d 1723)
Ellice, Alexander (d 1853)
Ellicombe, Hugh Myddelton
Ellicott, Edward (d 1847)
Elliot, Charles (1801-1875)
Elliot, Charles Gilbert John Brydone
Elliot, Christopher (d 1704)
Elliot, David
Elliot, Edmund
Elliot, Elliot (d 1745)
Elliot, George (d 1795)
Elliot, George (1784-1863)
Elliot, George (1812-1901)
Elliot, Horatio Foley
Elliot, Hugh Maximilian
Elliot, John (d 1769)
Elliot, John
Elliot, John (1733-1808)
Elliot, John (1759-1834)
Elliot, Robert (1769-1854)
Elliot, Robert Hilley
Elliot, Robert James (d 1849)
Elliot, Stephen (d 1701)
Elliot, Thomas
Elliot, William
Elliott, Cyrus
Elliott, Edward George
Elliott, James Burnett
Elliott, James Edward
Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, William
Elliott, William (b 1782)
Ellis, Charles (d 1794)
Ellis, Francis Wilson
Ellis, Frederick Adam
Ellis, Henry
Ellis, James (d 1824)
Ellis, John (d 1840)
Ellis, John (d 1798)
Ellis, John (1775-1848)
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, William
Ellis, William (d 1742)
Ellison, Cuthbert (d 1801)
Ellison, Joseph (b 1753)
Ellison, William
Elliston, Edmund
Ellman, John Spencer (b 1811)
Ellys, Charles (d 1794)
Elmhurst, Philip James
Elmsley, John (1801-1863)
Elphick, James
Elphinstone, Alexander Francis (b 1788)
Elphinstone, Charles
Elphinstone, Charles (d 1807)
Elphinstone, George Keith [Viscount Keith] (ca 1746-1823)
Elphinstone, John (d 1801)
Elphinstone, John (1722-1785)
Elphinstone, Robert Philip Rodolph
Elphinstone, Thomas
Elphinstone, William Buller
Elrington, George
Else, John
Elsmere, Charles (d 1852)
Elsmere, Hans Sloane (d 1845)
Elston, John Torry
Elton, Henry
Elton, Jacob (d 1745)
Elvy, George
Elwes, Gerard
Elwin, James (b 1794)
Elwin, John
Elwin, Joseph
Emerton, James (1776-1846)
Emery, James Barker
Emes, Fleetwood
England, Robert
England, Thomas
English, Charles (1793-1846)
English, Richard
Entwisle, Hugh
Epworth, Farmery (d 1804)
Epworth, Farmery Predam (b 1766)
Ericks, James
Ernle, John
Erskine, James
Erskine, John Elphinstone (1806-1887)
Erskine, Robert (d 1766)
Esmond, James
Essell, William Foulkes
Essington, William Henry (d 1816)
Estcourt, Walter Grimston Bucknall (1807-1845)
Etheridge, Thomas
Etough, Henry Gladwell
Evance, William Devereux
Evans, Andrew Fitzherbert (d 1826)
Evans, Augustus Benjamin
Evans, Frederick John Owen (1815-1885)
Evans, George
Evans, Gustavus
Evans, Henry (d 1843)
Evans, Henry Francis (d 1781)
Evans, John
Evans, John (d 1794)
Evans, John (d 1723)
Evans, Nicholas
Evans, Philip
Evans, Raymond
Evans, Robert (d 1828)
Evans, Roger
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Thomas
Evans, Thomas James Cotton
Evans, Thomas Pearce
Evans, Ward
Evans, Watkin (d 1817)
Evanson, Alleyn
Evatt, Philip
Eve, Edward Long
Eve, Thomas
Eveleigh, John (d 1835)
Eveleigh, John
Evelyn, Christopher
Evelyn, George James
Evelyn, William (d 1809)
Everard, James (d 1825)
Everard, Thomas
Everard, William
Everest, Henry Bryan
Everest, Walter Grosett (d 1846)
Everitt, Charles Holmes
Everitt, Michael John (d 1779)
Every, John (d 1729)
Evison, John Crouchley
Ewart, Charles Joseph Frederick
Ewens, Thomas
EXMOUTH (Pellew, Pownoll Bastard (1786-1833))
EXMOUTH (Pellew, Edward (1757-1833))
Eyles, Joseph (d 1806)
Eyles, Thomas (d 1835)
Eyre, George (d 1839)
Eyre, George Pettiward (d 1832)
Eyre, Robert Thornton
Eyre, Thomas
Eyres, Harry
Eyton, Thomas
Eyton, William Wynne (d 1857)



Fabian, Charles Montague (d 1826)
Fabian, George Johnson
Fabian, Lewis
Fabian, William Backhouse
Facey, Degory
Facey, Philip
Faddy, William
Fahie, William
Fahie, William Charles (1763-1833)
Fair, Robert (d 1844)
Fairbairn, Alexander
Fairborne, Stafford (d 1742)
Fairborne, William (d 1708)
Fairbridge, Charles
Fairfax, Robert (d 1725)
Fairfax, William George (d 1813)
Fairgrieve, Richard
Fairholme, James Walter (b 1821)
Fairless, George (b 1782)
Fairley, George
Fairlie, Gilbert
Fairman, Alfred Nelson
Fairweather, John
Falcon, Gordon Thomas (d 1854)
Falcon, Maxwell
Falconer, George (d 1780)
Falconer, Jonathan
Falkiner, Charles Leslie
Falkingham, Edward (d 1783)
Falkingham, Edward (ca 1683-1757)
Falkingham, John (d 1777)
Falkland, Richard
FALKLAND (Cary, Plantagenet Pierrepont (1806-1886))
FALKLAND (Cary, Charles John (1768-1809))
FALMOUTH (Boscawen, Edward (1711-1761))
Fancourt, Robert Devereux (d 1826)
Fane, Francis William (1778-1844)
Fane, George (d 1709)
Fanshawe, Arthur (1794-1864)
Fanshawe, Charles
Fanshawe, Edward Gennys
Fanshawe, Henry (1778-1856)
Fanshawe, Robert (d 1804)
Fanshawe, Robert (1740-1823)
Farewell, Francis George (b 1791)
Farmer, George (1732-1779)
Farmer, William
Farnall, Harry (d 1806)
Farnham, Thomas
Farquhar, Arthur
Farquhar, Arthur (1772-1843)
Farquharson, Charles
Farquharson, Edward Riou Owen (d 1846)
Farquharson, James Ross (d 1810)
Farquharson, William
Farr, Charles
Farr, Richard
Farr, Walker
Farrant, John (d 1849)
Farrant, William
Farrel, Thomas (d 1797)
Farriness, Henry
Farwell, Charles
Faulkner, Samuel Churchill
Faulknor, Jonathan (d 1794)
Faulknor, Jonathan (d 1809)
Faulknor, Robert (d 1769)
Faulknor, Robert (1763-1795)
Faulknor, Samuel (d 1744)
Faulknor, Samuel (d 1759)
Faulknor, William Henry
Faussett, Robert
Favell, Thomas
Fawcett, Henry Augustus
Fawler, John (d 1777)
Fayerman, Charles
Fayerman, Edward
Fayerman, Francis
Fayrer, Robert John
Fead, Francis (d 1847)
Fead, William Frederick Glocester
Fead, William Frederick
Feakes, Tobias
Fearn, John (1768-1837)
Feate, Richard
Featherstone, Craven John
Featherstone, Samuel
Featherstone, William
Fegen, Charles Goodwin
Fegen, James
Fegen, Richard
Feilding, Charles (d 1783)
Feilding, Charles (1780-1837)
Feilding, William Carr (1740-1765)
Felix, Robert Rochford (d 1844)
Fellowes, Charles
Fellowes, Edward (1771-1841)
Fellowes, James (b 1813)
Fellowes, Thomas (1778-1853)
Fellowes, William Abdy (b 1815)
Fellowes, William Dorset
Fellows, Bennett
Fellows, Thomas Bourdon
Felton, John
Fenn, Henry
Fennell, George
Fennell, John (d 1843)
Fennell, Thomas
Fenton, John
Fenwick, Benjamin (d 1757)
Fenwick, John
Fenwick, Robert Bisset
Fenwick, William Henry
Ferguson, George (d 1867)
Ferguson, James (1723-1793)
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, John Macpherson "Jock" (d 1855)
Fernandes, Donald (d 1851)
Ferrall, John Jervis O'Farrell Carmichael
Ferrar, William Augustus (b 1797)
FERRERS (Shirley, Washington (1722-1778))
Ferrie, William
Ferrier, John (d 1836)
Ferrieres, Isaac (d 1820)
Ferris, Abel (b 1776)
Ferris, Solomon (d 1803)
Ferris, Thomas
Ferris, William
Ferritor, Edward
Festing, Benjamin Morton (1794-1865)
Festing, Colson
Festing, Henry (d 1807)
Festing, Robert Worgan George
Festing, Thomas Colson
Fetherston, John
Ffarington, William (b 1777)
Field, Allen George
Field, Arthur (d 1726)
Field, Francis Ventris
Field, George
Field, John Bousquet
Field, John Connor
Field, William (d 1832)
Field, William George
Fielding, Charles
Fielding, Victor
Fielding, William (d 1773)
Fife, John
Fife, Thomas (d 1829)
Figg, James
Figg, William (b 1783)
Filmore, John (d 1839)
Finch, Charles
Finch, Henry (d 1820)
Finch, John
Finch, John William
Finch, Richard (d 1695)
Finch, Seymour (d 1794)
Finch, William
Finch, William (d 1672)
Finch, William Clement
Fincher, Thomas (d 1749)
Findlay, John
Finemore, John (b 1789)
Finlaison, William
Finlayson, John (b 1786)
Finley, Justice
Finney, William
Finucane, Patrick
Finucane, William Augustus
Fiott, William Edward (d 1849)
Firman, William (d 1820)
Fish, John
Fish, Nathaniel
Fishbourne, Edmund Gardiner
Fisher, Ebenezer
Fisher, George
Fisher, George (d 1705)
Fisher, Henry (b 1793)
Fisher, John
Fisher, Peter
Fisher, Peter (d 1844)
Fisher, Richard
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, Thomas (d 1697)
Fisher, William (1780-1852)
Fisher, William Edward
Fitton, Henry
Fitton, Michael (ca 1766-1852)
Fitzclarence, Adolphus (1802-1856)
Fitzgerald, Charles
Fitzgerald, Charles (b 1791)
Fitzgerald, Charles James [1st Baron Lecale] (1756-1810)
Fitzgerald, Edward (d 1841)
Fitzgerald, Hamilton
Fitzgerald, Henry
Fitzgerald, James Lewis
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, John Coghlan
Fitzgerald, Michael (d 1845)
Fitzgerald, Robert Lewis (d 1844)
Fitzgerald, Thomas
Fitzgerald, William
Fitzgibbon, Philip (d 1826)
FITZHARDINGE (Berkeley, Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge (1788-1867))
Fitzherbert, Humphrey
Fitzherbert, Thomas (d 1794)
Fitzherbert, Thomas Woodhouse
Fitzjames, James (b 1812)
Fitzmaurice, Edmund Howe
Fitzmaurice, Gamaliel (d 1836)
Fitzmaurice, Henry (d 1831)
Fitzmaurice, James
Fitzmaurice, Lewis Roper (b 1816)
Fitzmaurice, William
Fitzpatrick, James
Fitzpatrick, Richard (d 1727)
Fitzroy, Arthur George
Fitzroy, Augustus (d 1801)
Fitzroy, Augustus (1716-1741)
FitzRoy, Charles William Henry Gage (b 1807)
FitzRoy, George William Howe (d 1827)
FitzRoy, Robert (1805-1865)
FitzRoy, William (1782-1857)
Fitzroy, William Augustus
Flatt, Nicholas
Flawes, William
Fleck, John (b 1779)
Fleetwood, Charles
Fleetwood, Gerrard
Fleming, Charles Elphinstone (1774-1840)
Fleming, Humphrey
Fleming, John
Fleming, John
Fleming, Richard Howell (ca 1789-1856)
Fleming, William Henry
Fletcher, Archibald Douglas William
Fletcher, John (d 1704)
Fletcher, John (d 1758)
Fletcher, John Venour (b 1801)
Fletcher, Joseph
Fletcher, William (d 1846)
Flin, Edward (d 1820)
Flinders, John (1766-1793)
Flinders, Matthew (1774-1814)
Flinders, Samuel Ward (1782-1834)
Flinn, John
Flinn, John Turner
Flinn, Thomas
Flinn, William
Flint, William (d 1828)
Floud, Ross Moore (d 1852)
Floyd, Thomas
Fogg, Christopher (d 1708)
Foley, Edward
Foley, Edward Kingston (d 1834)
Foley, Fitzgerald Algernon Charles (b 1823)
Foley, John
Foley, Osborne
Foley, Richard (d 1829)
Foley, Thomas (d 1755)
Foley, Thomas (1757-1833)
Foljamb, John (d 1705)
Follett, Robert (d 1836)
Folliott, Daniel
Folliott, Robert
Folvil, Stephen (d 1833)
Fooks, William (d 1798)
Foord, James John
Foot, Matthew
Foote, Charles (d 1811)
Foote, Edward James (1767-1833)
Foote, Henry Richard
Foote, John (d 1854)
Foote, John
Foote, Pearson
Foote, Peter
Foote, Samuel
Foote, William Williams (d 1844)
Forbes, Alexander William (b 1793)
Forbes, Andrew (b 1793)
Forbes, Arthur
Forbes, Charles Stuart
Forbes, Frederick Edwyn (1819-1852)
Forbes, George
Forbes, George
Forbes, Hay
Forbes, Henry (d 1855)
Forbes, Hugh (d 1750)
Forbes, James Hodder
Forbes, John
Forbes, John
Forbes, John (1714-1796)
Forbes, John (1780-1868)
Forbes, Peter
Forbes, Robert (d 1795)
Forbes, Thomas (d 1775)
Forbes, Thomas George
Forbes, William (d 1792)
Ford, George Arnold
Ford, Henry Anson
Ford, John
Forder, George (d 1845)
Forder, Robert (d 1844)
Fordyce, Alexander Dingwall (b 1800)
Foreman, Henry
Foreman, John Samuel (1798-1845)
Foreman, Richard
Foreshaw, Henry (d 1797)
Forfar, John
Forman, John
Forman, Walter
Forrest, Arthur (d 1770)
Forrest, James Rocheid
Forrest, Thomas (d 1780)
Forrest, Thomas (d 1844)
Forster, George Brooke
Forster, John (d 1841)
Forster, Joseph Francis
Forster, Matthew (1765-1824)
Forster, Matthew Charles
Forster, Robert
Forster, Samuel Peter (d 1840)
Forster, Thomas (d 1827)
Forster, William
Forsyth, Charles Codrington
Forsyth, William Codrington
Fortescue, Bodley Spettigue
Fortescue, Chichester (1750-1820)
Fortescue, George
Fortescue, Henry (1798-1876)
Fortescue, Hugh
Fortescue, John
Fortescue, John
Fortescue, John Faithful (d 1819)
Fortescue, Matthew
Fortescue, Matthew (1754-1842)
Fortescue, Thomas Dyke Acland (b 1821)
Forth, John
Fortune, Adam
Fortye, Anthony
Fosbery, Godfrey (b 1791)
Fosse, William
Foster, Edward Perry
Foster, Henry (1796-1831)
Foster, Henry Decolas
Foster, James (d 1838)
Fotherby, Charles (d 1720)
Fothergill, William
Fothergill, William (1768-1817)
Fotheringham, Patrick (d 1784)
Fouler, John
Fouler, Thomas
Foulerton, Thomas
Foules, Thomas (d 1672)
Foulkes, John Davey
Fournier, Henry (d 1835)
Fowell, Samuel
Fowell, Samuel
Fowell, William
Fowell, William Newton (d 1868)
Fowke, George (d 1832)
Fowke, Henry
Fowke, Richard
Fowke, Thomas Thorpe
Fowke, Thorpe (d 1784)
Fowler, George Campbell
Fowler, John
Fowler, Richard
Fowler, Robert Dashwood
Fowler, Robert Merrick (1778-ca 1860)
Fowler, Samuel
Fowler, Thomas Richard (b 1793)
Fowles, Henry (d 1704)
Fowles, Thomas (d 1703)
Fownes, Henry George
Fox, George (b 1773)
Fox, James (d 1840)
Fox, John
Fox, Maxwell
Fox, Samuel
Fox, Thomas (d 1763)
Fox, William
Fraine, Joseph (d 1802)
Frampton, Thomas Richard
France, Nathaniel Cranstoun
France, Nathaniel Thomas (d 1835)
Francillon, John George (b 1794)
Francillon, Thomas (b 1792)
Francis, John
Francis, Thomas (d 1762)
Frankland, Charles Colville (b 1797)
Frankland, Edward Augustus (b 1794)
Frankland, Henry
Frankland, Thomas (ca 1717-1784)
Franklin, Edward
Franklin, Henry
Franklin, John
Franklin, John "The Man Who Ate His Boots" (1786-1847)
Frankling, Felix
Franklyn, George
Franklyn, John (d 1846)
Franklyn, William
Franks, Frederic
Frary, Ralph (d 1711)
Fraser, Alexander (ca 1751-1830)
Fraser, Charles
Fraser, Francis
Fraser, Francis Mackenzie
Fraser, George
Fraser, Henry Tillieux (d 1816)
Fraser, James
Fraser, John (d 1812)
Fraser, John (d 1861)
Fraser, Percy
Fraser, Richard
Fraser, Thomas (b 1796)
Frawley, Thomas
Frazer, George Alexander (d 1866)
Frazer, Hiram (d 1836)
Frazier, John
Frederick, Charles (b 1797)
Frederick, Thomas
Frederick, Thomas Lennox (1750-1799)
Freeland, John Osmond
Freeling, Francis (1816-1845)
Freeman, Frederick (d 1839)
Freeman, William Peere Williams
Freemantle, John
Freer, Thomas
Freese, Auchmuty Tylden
Freestun, Humphrey May (d 1863)
Fremantle, Charles Howe (1800-1869)
Fremantle, Stephen Grenville (b 1810)
Fremantle, Thomas Francis (1765-1819)
French, George (b 1785)
French, John Tracey William (d 1855)
French, William
Frere, John James Bartholomew Edward (1812-1864)
Fretwell, John
Frew, John
Fricker, Robert (d 1845)
Fricker, William
Frid, James
Friend, Charles (1793-1867)
Friend, Matthew Curling
Friend, Richard
Frodsham, John
Frogmore, Rowland (d 1744)
Frowd, Philip (d 1804)
Fry, John Dillon
Fry, William
Fryer, Henry
Fuge, Edward Phillott (d 1860)
Fulford, John
Fullarton, John Campbell (b 1802)
Fuller, James
Fuller, John
Fuller, Rose Henry (d 1860)
Fuller, Thomas
Fuller, William
Fuller, William Stephen (d 1835)
Fullton, John
Furber, Thomas
Furneaux, James
Furneaux, James Holmes
Furneaux, John (b 1793)
Furneaux, Tobias (1735-1781)
Furnivall, William
Furze, William Pearce
Futter, Robert
Fyffe, John (d 1835)



Gaberion, Thomas
Gaborian, James
Gabriel, James Wallace (b 1783)
Gabriel, John (d 1837)
Gabriel, Vere (d 1824)
Gage, John (d 1743)
Gage, William Hall (1777-1864)
Gahagan, Thomas
Gahan, George (b 1794)
Gahan, Robert
Gahan, Thomas
Gaines, Francis
Galbraith, James (d 1784)
Galbraith, John (d 1789)
Gale, Charles
Gallaway, Alexander (b 1792)
Gallichan, James
Gallop, George
Galloway, James (d 1846)
GALLOWAY (Stewart, George (1768-1834))
Gallwey, Henry John Wyndham Sherbrooke Payne
Gallwey, Thomas
Galton, William
Galwey, Edward (d 1844)
Gamage, Richard Stewart (1785-1812)
Gambier, George Cornish (1795-1879)
Gambier, James (1725-1789)
Gambier, James [Baron Gambier] "Gloomy Jemmy/Preaching Jemmy" (1756-1833)
Gambier, Robert (b 1791)
Gambier, Robert Fitzgerald (b 1803)
Game, Aaron
Gammon, William Snuggs (b 1785)
Gape, Joseph
Gapper, William Southby
Garbett, William
Gardiner, Allen Francis (1794-1851)
Gardiner, Arthur (d 1758)
Gardiner, John
Gardiner, Thomas (d 1699)
Gardiner, Thomas (d 1678)
Gardiner, William (1795-1881)
Gardner, Alan [1st Baron Gardner] (1742-1808)
Gardner, Alan Henry
Gardner, Alan Hyde [2nd Baron Gardner] (1770-1815)
Gardner, Charles Hurst
Gardner, Francis Farington (d 1821)
Gardner, Francis Geary (d 1780)
Gardner, George
Gardner, George Henry
Gardner, George Johnson (d 1867)
Gardner, James (d 1755)
Gardner, James Anthony (d 1846)
Gardner, James Baynton (d 1823)
Gardner, John
Gardner, Martin
Gardner, Thomas
Gardner, Valentine
Garencieres, Theophilus
Garforth, William
Garland, Abraham
Garland, James
Garland, John
Garland, Joseph Gulston (b 1781)
Garland, William
Garlington, Thomas (d 1743)
Garneys, Thomas
Garnham, John (b 1789)
Garnier, Brownlow North (d 1847)
Garnier, Charles (d 1796)
Garnier, John Miller
Garnon, Edward
Garrett, Charles
Garrett, Cheney Hurt
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Edward
Garrett, Edward William (b 1781)
Garrett, George Matthew
Garrett, Henry (1774-1846)
Garrett, Henry (1786-1865)
Garrett, John
Garrett, William
Garrety, James Henry (d 1827)
Garrick, William (d 1846)
Garris, William
Garrow, Joseph
Garth, Thomas
Garvey, George
Gascoigne, Edward (d 1764)
Gascoigne, James
Gascoigne, John (d 1753)
Gascoyne, John (d 1845)
Gatehouse, William
Gaussen, Thomas Lovette
Gawen, Jeffery (d 1837)
Gay, Charles (d 1712)
Gay, John (d 1730)
Gaydon, John
Gayton, Charles
Gayton, Clark (1720-1787)
Gayton, George (d 1797)
Geale, Daniel
Geall, Ebenezer (d 1805)
Geary, Francis (1709-1796)
Geary, Francis Daniel
Geary, John (b 1787)
Geary, Joseph Vincent
Geary, Thomas
Geary, William Charles
Geary, William Charles
Geary, William Henry
Geddes, Alexander (d 1750)
Geddes, John
Gedge, John
Gelding, Isaac
Gell, John (1740-1805)
Gell, John Sherbrooke
Gellie, Lewis
Gennis, Ezekiel
Gennys, John Henn
Gennys, William Henn
George, George
George, James
George, James (b 1786)
George, Rupert (1749-1823)
George, Thomas Gethy
Georges, Henry St. John
Gerard, Henry
Gernier, Daniel (d 1760)
Gerrard, William Collinson
Gibbes, Anthony
Gibbes, Francis Blower
Gibbes, Robert
Gibbon, Francis
Gibbons, Anderson
Gibbons, Charles
Gibbons, Gerald
Gibbons, William
Gibbons, William Henry (d 1830)
Gibbs, Henry
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Thomas
Gibson, James (d 1839)
Gibson, John (d 1797)
Gibson, John
Gibson, John Sanderson
Gibson, Paul Wellington (d 1846)
Gibson, Robert
Gibson, Robert Shalmerdine
Gickie, William
Giddy, Charles
Gideon, Solomon (d 1756)
Gidney, Thomas (d 1838)
Gidoin, John Lewis
Giffard, George (b 1815)
Giffard, Henry Wells (d 1854)
Giffard, James
Giffard, John (d 1855)
Gifford, James (d 1853)
Gifford, William
Gilbert, Edmund Williams (d 1849)
Gilbert, George (d 1786)
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilby, Robert
Gilchrist, Archibald
Gilchrist, Donald (d 1830)
Gilchrist, James (d 1777)
Gilchrist, William
Giles, Edward
Giles, Henry John
Giles, John
Giles, Robert (d 1824)
Giles, William
Gill, Charles (d 1842)
Gill, Elias Thomas
Gill, Harry
Gill, James (d 1811)
Gill, Joseph Collings
Gill, Richard
Gill, Robert
Gill, Thomas
Gill, Thomas (b 1782)
Gill, William Young
Gillam, Thomas (d 1693)
Gilliland, Brice (d 1805)
Gillingham, Robert
Gillins, Thomas
Gillmor, Clotworthy (b 1773)
Gilly, Frederick
Gilmore, John
Gilmour, Alexander (d 1853)
Gilmour, David (1775-1829)
Gilmour, John (d 1823)
Gilpin, Bernard
Gilpin, Richard
Gilson, Daniel
Gilson, Thomas Andrew
Gittings, Henry
Gittings, Henry
Gittings, Richard
Gladstone, John Neilson (d 1863)
Gladwell, Dennis
Glaire, Thomas
Glanville, George (d 1856)
Glanville, Thomas (b 1766)
Glanville, William Fanshawe (1808-1861)
Glascock, William Nugent (ca 1787-1847)
GLASGOW (Boyle, James Carr (1792-1869))
Glasscott, Adam Gifford
Glasse, Frederick Henry Hastings (b 1806)
Glassford, James (d 1796)
Glen, Nisbet (1780-1824)
Glennie, William (1797-1856)
Glenny, Robert
Glinn, Charles James Price
Glinn, Constantine George (d 1854)
Glinn, Richard
Glover, John
Glynn, Edmund Anthony
Glynn, Henry Richard (d 1856)
Glynn, Henry Richard
Goate, William
Goble, Thomas
Godby, Charles (d 1846)
Godby, John Hardy
Godby, John Packer
Godby, Paul
Goddard, George
Goddard, Richard (d 1833)
Goddard, Robert (d 1768)
Goddard, Samuel (d 1762)
Goddard, Thomas
Goddard, William Henry
Godden, George Henry (b 1795)
Godden, Joseph Shaw
Godench, Francis
Godench, James (d 1825)
Godfrey, Andrew
Godfrey, George Robert
Godfrey, John Race (b 1790)
Godfrey, Peter McKenzie
Godfrey, William
Godfrey, William
Godfrey, William Mackenzie (d 1830)
Godsalve, Henry (d 1765)
Godwin, James (d 1811)
Godwin, Matthew (1766-1849)
Gold, John
Goldfinch, George
Goldfinch, William
Goldie, Alexander Taubman (b 1811)
Goldie, John
Goldie, John
Golding, John
Golding, John (d 1665)
Goldsborough, Thomas
Goldsmith, Charles (1795-1854)
Goldsmith, George
Goldsmith, Hugh Colvill (1789-1841)
Goldsmith, Timothy
Gomm, James
Gooch, George Thomas (b 1797)
Gooch, Samuel
Gooch, Thomas Lewis
Good, Edward (d 1710)
Good, John
Goodall, Charles
Goodall, Samuel Granston (d 1801)
Goodall, William (d 1797)
Goode, Sephas
Goodere, Samuel (1687-1741)
Goodheart, Abraham
Gooding, James Glassford
Gooding, Nathaniel
Goodlad, Edward
Goodlad, Richard
Goodridge, Richard
Goodson, Samuel (d 1801)
Goodwin, James
Goodwin, Samuel
Goold, Hugh (1786-1866)
Goose, George
Goose, William
Goostry, William (d 1762)
Gordon, Adam
Gordon, Alexander (b 1780)
Gordon, Alexander Crombie
Gordon, Alexander Duff
Gordon, Augustus
Gordon, Charles (d 1860)
Gordon, Charles (d 1849)
Gordon, Charles Rumbold
Gordon, David M'Dowall
Gordon, Edward (d 1828)
Gordon, Francis Grant (d 1803)
Gordon, George
Gordon, George
Gordon, George (d 1732)
Gordon, George Thomas
Gordon, Henry (d 1855)
Gordon, Henry Cranmer
Gordon, James
Gordon, James
Gordon, James (d 1817)
Gordon, James Alexander
Gordon, James Alexander (1782-1869)
Gordon, James Alexander (1816-1847)
Gordon, James Edward
Gordon, James Gabriel
Gordon, James George
Gordon, James Joseph (d 1824)
Gordon, James Murray (b 1782)
Gordon, John
Gordon, John Frederick
Gordon, Lewis (d 1754)
Gordon, Robert (b 1796)
Gordon, Robert James (d 1822)
Gordon, Samuel
Gordon, Thomas (d 1761)
Gordon, William (d 1873)
Gordon, William (ca 1709-1768)
Gordon, William (1785-1858)
Gordon, William Everard Alphonso
Gore, Edward (1797-1879)
Gore, George Addenbrock
Gore, George Edward Knox
Gore, Graham (d ca 1848)
Gore, Henry (d 1777)
Gore, Henry (d 1725)
Gore, John (d 1853)
Gore, John
Gore, John (1730-1790)
Gore, John (1772-1836)
Gore, Ralph
Gore, Ralph (b 1781)
Gore, Robert
Gore, Robert (1810-1854)
Goslin, William Henry
Gosling, Frederick
Gosling, George (b 1790)
Gosnold, James (d 1853)
Goss, Thomas
Gosselin, Corbett (d 1803)
Gosselin, Joshua Carteret (b 1789)
Gosselin, Thomas Le Marchant (1765-1857)
Gosset, Charles
Gossett, Abraham
Gossett, Henry
Gostling, Philip
Gostling, Thomas
Gother, James (d 1696)
Gott, Thomas (d 1796)
Gough, Frederick William
Gough, William (d 1760)
Gould, Abraham
Gould, Davidge (1758-1847)
Gould, Nicholas
Gould, William (d 1866)
Goullet, Charles
Gourly, John (d 1815)
Gourly, John (d 1854)
Govett, James
Gower, Augustus Leveson (d 1802)
Gower, Erasmus (1742-1814)
Gower, John Leveson (d 1792)
Grace, Percy
Graeme, Alexander
Graeme, Alexander John
Graeme, Andrew Snape Hamond (1811-1874)
Graeme, Lawrence (d 1782)
Graham, Charles (1792-1857)
Graham, Edwards Lloyd
Graham, George (1715-1747)
Graham, George Tempest
Graham, John
Graham, John George
Graham, Matthew
Graham, Mitchell (d 1795)
Graham, Philip
Graham, Thomas (d 1822)
Graham, William
Gramshaw, Joseph George Hülzen
Grandidier, John Paul
Grandy, John Samuel William
Grandy, Samuel
Granger, William (d 1848)
Grant, Archibald
Grant, Arthur
Grant, Charles
Grant, Charles Cathcart (d 1769)
Grant, Daniel Francis
Grant, David M'Dowall
Grant, Duncan Brooks Gordon
Grant, Edward
Grant, Francis
Grant, George
Grant, Gregory
Grant, Henry James
Grant, James (d 1833)
Grant, Jasper
Grant, John
Grant, Lachlan
Grant, Lewis
Grant, Ludovick (d 1836)
Grant, Richard (1783-1859)
Grant, Robert
Grant, Samuel (d 1817)
Grant, Walter Edward
Grant, William
Grant, William (1789-1845)
Grantham, Caleb
Grantham, Charles (b 1790)
Grantham, Nathaniel (d 1723)
Granville, John
Gratrix, George
Grave, John Castellow
Graves, Alexander
Graves, Alfred
Graves, David
Graves, John
Graves, John
Graves, Richard
Graves, Richard Wilcox
Graves, Samuel
Graves, Samuel (d 1802)
Graves, Samuel (1713-1787)
Graves, Thomas
Graves, Thomas
Graves, Thomas
Graves, Thomas (d 1835)
Graves, Thomas (1680-1755)
Graves, Thomas [1st Baron Graves] (1725-1802)
Graves, Thomas (1747-1814)
Gray, Edward Evans
Gray, Francis
Gray, George
Gray, George
Gray, Herbert Blachford
Gray, James
Gray, John
Gray, John (d 1736)
Gray, Matthew
Gray, Richard
Gray, Thomas (1787-1845)
Gray, William
Gray, William (b 1793)
Graydon, James Newenham
Graydon, John (d 1726)
Greathed, George Herbert Harris
Greatwood, William
Green, Andrew Pellet
Green, Benjamin
Green, George (d 1789)
Green, George (d 1842)
Green, James (d 1836)
Green, John William
Green, Joseph
Green, Levy
Green, Richard
Green, William
Green, William
Green, William Alexander (d 1821)
Green, William Pringle (1785-1846)
Greenaway, James
Greenaway, Richard (d 1849)
Greene, Alexander
Greene, Augustus Percival (d 1844)
Greene, Charles
Greene, Pitt Burnaby (d 1837)
Greene, Thomas
Greene, William Burnaby
Greene, William Pomeroy (d 1846)
Greenhill, David (d 1716)
Greening, Richard (b 1783)
Greenlaw, John Potenger (d 1838)
Greenly, Isaac Coffin
Greensword, Edward
Greenway, George Courtenay
Greenway, James (d 1703)
Greenway, John
Greenway, Richard Croft
Greenway, Samuel
Greenwood, William (d 1796)
Greer, John Myers
Greet, William
Gregg, Thomas
Gregory, Arthur Thomas (d 1847)
Gregory, Cave
Gregory, Charles Marshall
Gregory, Edward
Gregory, Francis
Gregory, George
Gregory, George (d 1814)
Gregory, John
Gregory, Richard
Gregory, Robert (d 1774)
Gregory, Thomas
Gregory, Thomas
Gregory, William
Greig, John
Greig, Samuel (1735-1788)
Grenfell, Sidney
Grenville, Thomas (1719-1747)
Gresham, Thomas (d 1854)
Gresley, Nigel
Gretton, Walthall (b 1799)
Greville, Algernon (d 1720)
Greville, Henry Francis (1794-1864)
Greville, Stapleton John
Greville, William Fulke (d 1837)
Grey, Charles
Grey, Charles Conrad (1817-1848)
Grey, Edward (d 1825)
Grey, Frederick William (1805-1878)
Grey, George (1767-1828)
Grey, George (1809-1891)
Grey, Henry (d 1799)
Grey, Leonard
Gribble, Samuel
Grierson, James
Grierson, John
Grierson, William Charles
Grieve, Adam
Grieve, William
Griffin, Charles William Griffith (d 1844)
Griffin, Thomas (d 1771)
Griffin, Thomas (d 1748)
Griffin, William
Griffinhoofe, Thomas Saville (d 1830)
Griffith, Edward
Griffith, Henry Allan
Griffith, John
Griffith, John Edward (d 1831)
Griffith, Richard (d 1840)
Griffith, Richard (d 1719)
Griffith, Smyth
Griffith, Walter (d 1779)
Griffith, William
Griffiths, Anselm John (d 1842)
Griffiths, Edward (1792-1883)
Griffiths, Herbert Lloyd
Griffiths, Joseph (b 1776)
Griffiths, William
Griffiths, William
Griffiths, William Nelson
Griffiths, William Tomlin
Grigg, John
Grigg, Joseph Collings
Grimes, Edward
Grimoditch, John
Grindall, Henry Evelyn Pitfield Sturt (d 1839)
Grindall, Richard (d 1820)
Grindred, John
Grint, William (d 1851)
Groinge, John (d 1696)
Groome, John
Grose, Arthur
Grosett, Walter (d 1847)
Grosvenor, William
Grote, Joseph (b 1801)
Groube, Thomas
Grove, Edmund Sneyd
Grove, Edward
Grove, Francis (d 1864)
Grove, Henry Leslie
Grove, John
Grove, Samuel
Grove, Thomas Saunders
Grove, William
Groves, James
Groves, John (b 1795)
Grumly, Arthur
Grumly, William Maynard
Grylls, Charles Gerveys
Gubbins, Poole
Gueran, Daniel
Guest, John (d 1820)
Guion, Daniel Oliver (d 1811)
Guion, Gardiner Henry (d 1832)
Guise, George Martin
Gullifer, James Bulkeley
Gummoe, John
Gunman, Christopher
Gunman, James (d 1756)
Gunnell, Edmund Hall
Gunning, Orlando George Sutton (1799-1852)
Gunter, Henry
Gurley, John
Gurney, Edward (d 1694)
Gutherie, Charles George
Guthrie, William
Guttery, James
Gutzmer, John
Guy, John (d 1697)
Guyon, John (d 1844)
Guyon, John Frederick
Guyot, Abraham
Gwennap, Walter (d 1797)
Gwillim, Thomas
Gwyn, William
Gwynn, Richard (d 1766)
Gwynne, John
Gwynne, Lawrence
Gybbon, Francis



Haberfield, Isaac (d 1838)
Hackett, Edward (b 1793)
Hackett, John
Hackman, James (d 1764)
Hackney, John
Hadaway, Cumberland
Hadaway, John
Haddock, Edward
Haddock, Nicholas (1686-1746)
Haddock, Richard (d 1751)
Haddock, Richard
Haddock, William (d 1726)
Hagan, Robert (b 1794)
Hagar, John
Haggard, Henry Vachell
Haggitt, William (d 1799)
Hailes, George
Hailes, John (d 1693)
Haines, Berry
Hains, John
Hains, William
Hake, John
Halahan, Thomas
Haldane, Robert
Hale, Bernard
Hale, Jeffrey
Hale, John (d 1791)
Hales, George
Halford, Charles
Halkett, John (b 1805)
Halkett, Peter (d 1839)
Halkett, Peter Alexander
Hall, Basil (1788-1844)
Hall, Basil Sidmouth De Ros (d 1871)
Hall, Charles
Hall, Charles Oakes Blackwood
Hall, Edward
Hall, Edward
Hall, George
Hall, Henry John (d 1857)
Hall, Henry Watson
Hall, James
Hall, James
Hall, John
Hall, John
Hall, John Netherton O'Brien
Hall, John Stephens
Hall, Percy Fraser
Hall, Robert (d 1818)
Hall, Robert (d 1842)
Hall, Robert (1817-1882)
Hall, Roger
Hall, Thomas
Hall, Thomas Salkeld
Hall, Thomas Samuel
Hall, William
Hall, William (d 1849)
Hall, William Hayhurst (d 1864)
Hall, William Hutcheon (ca 1797-1878)
Hall, William King (1816-1886)
Hall, William Sumner
Hallam, John (d 1800)
Hallam, Thomas
Hallet, John (d 1793)
Hallett, Charles William
Hallett, Edward Knatchbull Hughes (1808-1861)
Halliday, Christopher
Halliday, Francis Alexander (d 1830)
Halliday, George Richard
Halliday, John
Halliday, John Richard Delap
Halliday, Lionel (d ca 1846)
Halliday, Michael (b 1765)
Hallowell, Benjamin
Hallowell, Charles
Hallowes, Francis
Hallowes, John
Hallowes, Ramsay Henry
Hallowes, Thomas (d 1864)
Hallowes, Thomas Langley
Hallum, Edward (d 1837)
Hallyburton, John Frederick Gordon [Hallyburton] (1799-1878)
Halstead, John Micklam
Halsted, Edward Pellew
Halsted, George (d 1846)
Halsted, George Anthony
Halsted, John
Halsted, John (b 1768)
Halsted, Lawrence George (d 1846)
Halsted, Lawrence William (1764-1841)
Halsted, William Anthony (d 1778)
Halton, Thomas
Haly, Richard Standish (d 1835)
Ham, William
Hamar, Joseph (d 1773)
Hambly, Peter Sampson
Hambly, Richard
Hambly, Thomas Tucker
Hamby, Thomas
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Archibald (d 1754)
Hamilton, Arthur Philip
Hamilton, Augustus Barrington Price Powell (b 1781)
Hamilton, Charles (1767-1849)
Hamilton, Charles Henry (b 1808)
Hamilton, Charles Powell (d 1825)
Hamilton, Cospatrick Baillie (1817-1892)
Hamilton, Edward (1772-1851)
Hamilton, Francis Trevor
Hamilton, Gawen William (d 1834)
Hamilton, George (d 1760)
Hamilton, Henry
Hamilton, Henry George
Hamilton, Henry Samuel
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, James (d 1747)
Hamilton, James (d 1708)
Hamilton, James (b 1799)
Hamilton, John
Hamilton, John (d 1784)
Hamilton, John (d 1755)
Hamilton, John (d 1787)
Hamilton, John Fane Charles
Hamilton, Joseph
Hamilton, Peter William (d 1863)
Hamilton, Richard Somerville (d 1807)
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamilton, Thomas
Hamilton, Thomas (b 1801)
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William Alexander Baillie (1803-1881)
Hamilton, William Price (d 1847)
Hamley, William (b 1786)
Hamley, Wymond
Hamline, Daniel
Hamlyn, Charles
Hammet, Lacon Ussher
Hammett, John
Hammick, John Love (d 1810)
Hammond, Charles
Hammond, Frederick
Hammond, Robert (d 1845)
Hammond, Thomas
Hammond, William
Hammond, William
Hamond, Andrew Snape (1738-1828)
Hamond, Andrew Snape (1811-1874)
Hamond, Graham Eden William (1814-1847)
Hamond, Graham Eden (1779-1862)
Hamond, Robert Nicholas (1809-1883)
Hamstead, John
Hanbury, Thomas
Hanby, Joseph
Hance, John
Hanchett, John Martin (d 1819)
Hancock, George
Hancock, James Kinnear
Hancock, John
Hancock, John
Hancock, John (b 1766)
Hancock, Richard Turner (1764-1846)
Hancock, Robert (d 1707)
Hancorne, Philip
Hand, George Sumner
Hand, Thomas
Handby, William
Handfield, Edward (d 1839)
Handfield, Philip Cosby (d 1808)
Handley, John William Henry
Hanelgrave, John
Hanham, Edward
Hanham, Thomas Barnabas
Hanham, William
Hankerson, Thomas
Hankey, Frederick Thomas Barnard (b 1813)
Hankey, Henry Barnard
Hanmer, David
Hanmer, Job (d 1814)
Hanmer, Job Thomas Syer (b 1781)
Hanmer, John
Hannam, Thomas (d 1830)
Hannam, Willoughby (d 1672)
Hannant, Henry
Hanns, James Robert
Hansard, Alfred Ogle
Hansell, John
Hansford, William (d 1799)
Hanson, James (d 1800)
Hanway, Jonas (d 1737)
Hanway, Thomas
Hanwell, Joseph (b 1759)
Hanwell, William
Harcourt, Frederick Edward Vernon (b 1790)
Harcourt, Octavius Henry Vernon (1793-1863)
Hardacre, Henry Thomas
Hardiman, Henry Pocock
Harding, Francis (1799-1875)
Harding, George
Harding, James (d 1839)
Harding, John
Harding, William
Hardinge, George Nicholas (1781-1808)
Hardman, Henry Bowman
Hardwick, John (d 1846)
HARDWICKE (Yorke, Charles Philip (1799-1873))
Hardy, Andrew
Hardy, Charles (d 1744)
Hardy, Charles (ca 1716-1780)
Hardy, Edward
Hardy, James
Hardy, John (d ca 1796)
Hardy, John Oakes
Hardy, Robert William Hale (d 1871)
Hardy, Temple
Hardy, Thomas
Hardy, Thomas
Hardy, Thomas (d 1732)
Hardy, Thomas Masterman (1769-1839)
Hardyman, Lucius Ferdinand (1771-1834)
Hare, Charles
Hare, Charles (d 1801)
Hare, Daniel (d 1762)
Hare, George
Hare, John
Hare, Josias
Hare, Marcus Theodore
Hare, Richard (b 1793)
Hare, Thomas (d 1847)
Harewood, Thomas
Harfield, J. (d 1835)
Harford, John
Hargood, William (1762-1839)
Hargood, William (b 1801)
Hargrave, Henry John Smith
Hargrave, James
Harington, Edmund Musgrave (d 1842)
Harison, George
Harland, Robert (d 1751)
Harland, Robert (1715-1783)
Harley, Edward (d 1846)
Harley, James
Harley, John
Harlow, Thomas (d 1741)
Harman, John
Harman, Thomas (d 1687)
Harman, William (d 1766)
Harmer, Samuel Fielding
Harmood, Henry
Harnage, George (b 1792)
Harness, Richard Stephens (1792-1856)
Harnett, Henry
Harper, Benjamin
Harper, Francis Henry
Harper, George (d 1850)
Harper, James
Harper, John (1772-1855)
Harries, Edward
Harries, Edward Thornborough (b 1804)
Harrington, Daniel
Harrington, James Gastrell (d 1812)
Harrington, William
Harriott, John (b 1745)
Harriott, Thomas
Harris, Barrow
Harris, Edward Alfred John (b 1808)
Harris, Edwin Charlton (d 1816)
Harris, Francis
Harris, George (d 1826)
Harris, George (d 1836)
Harris, George Samuel
Harris, Henry
Harris, Isaac
Harris, James
Harris, James (b 1791)
Harris, John
Harris, Joseph
Harris, Leonard
Harris, Robert (1809-1865)
Harris, Thomas
Harris, William (d 1766)
Harris, William Clarke
Harris, William Drewitt
Harrison, George (d 1831)
Harrison, George
Harrison, Henry (d 1759)
Harrison, Hezekiah Cooke (d 1829)
Harrison, James
Harrison, John
Harrison, John Baylay (d 1834)
Harrison, John Gustavus
Harrison, Joseph (d 1857)
Harrison, Mark
Harrison, Richard
Harrison, Robert
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, Thomas
Harrison, Thomas (d 1752)
Harrop, David
Harrow, Henry
Harston, Henry Cooke
Hart, Benjamin
Hart, Francis (d 1845)
Hart, George (1752-1812)
Hart, George Vaughan
Hart, Henry (b 1781)
Hart, Henry Chichester (d 1813)
Hart, John
Hart, John
Hartnoll, John
Hartwell, Broderick (d 1784)
Hartwell, Francis John (1757-1831)
Hartwell, George Brodrick
Hartwell, John (d 1723)
Harty, Joseph
Harvey, Booty (1764-1833)
Harvey, Charles Bernhard
Harvey, Edward (1783-1865)
Harvey, Edward (b 1801)
Harvey, Eliab (1758-1830)
Harvey, Gillmore
Harvey, Henry (1737-1810)
Harvey, Henry (b 1812)
Harvey, Henry John
Harvey, Henry Wise (d 1861)
Harvey, James (d 1836)
Harvey, John (1740-1794)
Harvey, John (1772-1837)
Harvey, John (1793-1882)
Harvey, Joseph
Harvey, Philip
Harvey, Richard (d 1794)
Harvey, Robert Beazley
Harvey, Thomas (1775-1841)
Harvey, Thomas (b 1810)
Harvey, William (d 1842)
Harvie, John
Harward, John
Harward, Richard (d 1845)
Harwood, John
Harwood, John Richard
Harwood, Robert (d 1747)
Harwood, Thomas
Haskoll, William (b 1792)
Hast, Philip (d 1863)
Hastings, Anthony (d 1692)
Hastings, Francis Decimus (1795-1869)
Hastings, Frank Abney (d 1826)
Hastings, George Fowler (1814-1876)
Hastings, Hans Francis [11th Earl of Huntingdon] (1779-1828)
Hastings, Thomas (1790-1870)
Haswell, Charles Henry
Haswell, Charles Symes
Haswell, Edward
Haswell, John Dawes (d 1848)
Haswell, Robert
Haswell, William
Haswell, William Henry
Haswell, William Henry
Hatch, John
Hatherill, Richard
Hathorn, George (1803-1876)
Hathorn, Robert (d 1789)
Hathorne, John (d 1839)
Hatley, John (d 1832)
Hatly, Mark
Hatton, Henry John (1790-1832)
Hatton, John
Hatton, Villiers Francis (b 1787)
Haughton, Henry (d 1693)
Haultain, Charles (b 1787)
Haven, Arthur
Haven, Richard
Haverfield, Robert
Haward, Charles
Haward, Thomas
Hawes, Edward
Hawes, Henry
Hawes, James
Hawford, Callis
Hawford, Richard (d 1781)
Hawford, William
Hawke, Bladen Edward
Hawke, Britiffe
Hawke, Edward [1st Baron Hawke] (1705-1781)
Hawker, Edward (1782-1860)
Hawker, Henry Samuel
Hawker, James
Hawker, John (d 1787)
Hawker, Thomas
Hawkes, Richard (d 1810)
Hawkes, Thomas
Hawkey, Charles
Hawkey, John (d 1816)
Hawkey, Joseph (d 1809)
Hawkins, Abraham Mills
Hawkins, Charles (d 1694)
Hawkins, Charles (d 1854)
Hawkins, Edward (b 1765)
Hawkins, Frank Keene
Hawkins, George
Hawkins, Henry Caesar (b 1809)
Hawkins, John
Hawkins, Richard (b 1768)
Hawkshaw, Hugh
Hawkshaw, Richard
Hawtayne, Charles Sibthorpe John (d 1857)
Hay, Charles
Hay, Charles
Hay, David
Hay, George
Hay, George James
Hay, James
Hay, James Beckford Lewis
Hay, John
Hay, John (1793-1851)
Hay, John (b 1802)
Hay, John Baker Porter
Hay, John Baker (d 1823)
Hay, John Charles Dalrymple (1821-1912)
Hay, Patrick Duff Henry
Hay, Peter
Hay, Ralph
Hay, Robert
Hay, Robert (d 1824)
Hay, Robert Sinclair
Hay, William
Hay, William (d 1801)
Hay, William (b ca 1770)
Haycock, Charles
Haydon, Charles
Haydon, George
Haydon, William
Haydon, William Phippard
Haye, George
Hayes, Courtenay Osborne
Hayes, George (b 1769)
Hayes, John (d 1838)
Hayes, John Montagu
Haygarth, William
Hayle, James (d 1837)
Hayman, Atkin
Hayman, Charles (d 1804)
Haymes, Philip George
Hayne, Arthur
Haynes, George Dentatus
Haynes, Henry (d 1838)
Haynes, Joseph (d 1828)
Haynes, Thomas
Hayter, Benjamin
Hayter, Samuel
Hayward, John (d 1673)
Hayward, Thomas (d 1797)
Hea, Robert
Heacock, George
Heacock, Richard
Head, Hugh Somerville
Head, Michael (d 1844)
Head, Richard John
Heal, Charles
Heales, Thomas
Healy, John
Heard, Thomas
Heard, William
Hearie, John (d 1796)
Hearle, John
Hearle, Robert
Hearle, William Maitland (d 1841)
Heaslop, John Colpoys (d 1867)
Heastey, George (d 1858)
Heath, Leopold George (1817-1907)
Heath, Thomas (d 1693)
Heath, William
Heath, William Andrew James
Heathcote, Edmund (b 1814)
Heathcote, George Henry
Heathcote, Gilbert (b 1779)
Heathcote, Henry (1777-1851)
Heathcote, John
Heddington, Thomas
Hedley, William Dent
Heigham, George (1770-1794)
Heighington, Conway
Helby, Alfred Prowse Hasler
Helby, John Hasler
Hele, William (d 1825)
Hellard, Joseph (d 1844)
Hellard, Samuel
Hellard, William
Helling, Daniel
Helpman, Benjamin Francis
Helpman, John Robert Crichton (d 1841)
Helpman, Philip
Helpman, Philip Augustus
Hemer, Richard
Hemer, Robert
Heming, Samuel Scudamore
Hemmans, Samuel Hood
Hemming, Thomas
Hemmington, James (d 1757)
Hemsted, Charles (d 1833)
Hemsted, Edmund
Hemsworth, William Glassford
Henderson, David
Henderson, George
Henderson, James
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, John (d 1807)
Henderson, Richard Wilmott (d 1836)
Henderson, Robert (b 1778)
Henderson, Samuel Hood
Henderson, Thomas (b 1795)
Henderson, William
Henderson, William Honyman (d 1855)
Henderson, William Wilmott (d 1854)
Hendon, Thomas
Hendry, William (b 1777)
Henley, Charles
Henley, Francis
Henley, Robert
Henn, Richard (b 1791)
Hennah, Edward (1800-1849)
Hennah, Frederick (d 1845)
Hennah, William (ca 1765-1832)
Hennant, Henry
Henniker, Major Jacob (1780-1843)
Henning, Alexander
Henry, Alphonso
Henry, Arthur Robert (d 1863)
Henry, George Augustus (1809-1853)
Henry, Hastings Reginald
Henry, John (d 1868)
Henry, John (b 1731)
Henry, William
Henryson, William
Hensley, Charles
Henslow, Frederick John Francis
Henvey, William
Hepburn, John (d 1853)
Hepenstall, William
Heppell, William (d 1836)
Herbert, Arthur [Earl of Torrington] (1648-1716)
Herbert, Charles
Herbert, Douglas
Herbert, Edward (d 1752)
Herbert, Edward
Herbert, Frederick Anstruther
Herbert, Frederick Charles
Herbert, George Flower
Herbert, James
Herbert, John Fletcher
Herbert, Massy Hutchinson (b 1788)
Herbert, Richard (d 1740)
Herbert, Robert Hutchinson
Herbert, Samuel
Herbert, Thomas [Pembroke] (1656-1733)
Herbert, Thomas (1793-1861)
Herbert, William
Herbert, William George
Herdman, Mungo (d 1727)
Hergest, Richard (1754-1792)
Heritage, William
Herne, Hanover
Heron, Edward
Heron, Henry
Heron, Patrick
Heron, Samuel
Herrick, Edward (d 1759)
Herrick, Edward (1793-1862)
Herrick, William Henry (1784-1863)
Herring, Samuel Bartholomew
Herringham, William Allan (1790-1865)
Herrit, William (d 1735)
Hervey, Augustus John [3rd Earl of Bristol] (1724-1779)
Hervey, William (d 1776)
Heseltine, Albert
Hesketh, Robert
Hesleden, James (d 1825)
Hessey, George
Hetherington, Richard
Hewell, John
Hewes, Thomas Oldacres
Hewett, Graham (d 1861)
Hewett, James
Hewett, John
Hewett, Matthew Thomas
Hewett, Thomas
Hewett, William (d 1845)
Hewett, William (d 1840)
Hewit, James
Hewitt, Charles
Hewitt, Richard (d 1761)
Hewitt, Thomas (b 1796)
Hewitt, William (d 1749)
Hewlett, Richard Strode (d 1875)
Hewlett, William
Hewson, George
Hewson, Maurice (b 1786)
Hext, George (d 1813)
Hext, William (b 1780)
Heyland, James
Heyman, Henry
Heysham, James
Heywood, Edmund
Heywood, Peter (1773-1831)
Hiatt, Henry
Hiatt, John
Hibbert, Edward (d 1824)
Hibbs, Robert
Hibbs, Robert John
Hibbs, William
Hichens, Robert Hanning
Hichens, Thomas Cuthbert (d 1825)
Hickes, Augustus Thomas
Hickey, Benjamin
Hickey, Frederick (1775-1840)
Hickley, Henry Dennis
Hickley, Victor Grant
Hickman, John (b 1787)
Hickman, John Collman
Hickman, Stephen William
Hicks, Edmund (d 1708)
Hicks, Edward Buller (1792-1845)
Hicks, Henry (d 1804)
Hicks, Jasper (d ca 1714)
Hicks, John (b 1792)
Hicks, Thomas (d 1802)
Hicks, Thomas Bickerton Ashton
Hicks, William (d 1848)
Hicks, Zachary (d 1771)
Hide, Henry
Hide, Hugh
Higgins, Thomas
Higginson, Francis
Higginson, George Montague
Higginson, James
Higginson, Samuel
Higgon, Henry Miller (b 1796)
Higgs, George
Higgs, John
Higgs, William Henry
Higman, Henry
Hilgrove, James
Hill, Benjamin
Hill, Caleb
Hill, Charles (d 1868)
Hill, Christopher (d 1778)
Hill, Edward
Hill, Edward
Hill, Edward
Hill, Frederick Carne (d 1834)
Hill, George
Hill, Henry
Hill, Henry Joseph (b 1780)
Hill, Henry Worsley
Hill, James
Hill, John (d 1857)
Hill, John (d 1855)
Hill, John (d 1773)
Hill, Joseph Augustus Witham
Hill, Lionell
Hill, Lionell
Hill, Marcus Samuel (d 1834)
Hill, Mordaunt
Hill, Nicholas
Hill, Peter (d 1818)
Hill, Richard
Hill, Robert
Hill, Samuel (d 1864)
Hill, Thomas (d 1837)
Hill, Thomas Sharp (d 1845)
Hill, Walter
Hill, William
Hill, William
Hilldrup, John
Hillier, Curry William (b 1778)
Hillier, George
Hillman, Edward
Hills, Charles
Hills, George (1777-1850)
Hills, James
Hills, John
Hills, Thomas
Hills, William
Hillsome, George
Hillyar, Charles Farrell (1818-1888)
Hillyar, Henry Schank
Hillyar, James (1769-1843)
Hillyar, William (1788-1867)
Hilton, George (b 1782)
Hilton, John
Hilton, Stephen (1785-1872)
Hinde, Edwin Thomas
Hinde, Richard
Hindman, Michael
Hindmarsh, John
Hingston, George
Hinton, John
Hinton, Martin
Hinton, Thomas Eyre
Hinxman, John (d 1764)
Hippisley, Charles James (b 1798)
Hippisley, Robert Fitzgerald
Hippius, Thomas
Hird, William
Hire, Frederick (1796-1846)
Hire, George
Hire, George Augustus
Hire, George Augustus (d 1831)
Hire, Henry (d 1853)
Hire, Henry William
Hirtzel, George John
Hitchins, Joseph Benjamin (d 1865)
Hoar, Thomas
Hoare, Balch Nun
Hoare, Deane Neptune
Hoare, Edward Wallis
Hoare, Nicholas
Hoare, Richard (d 1850)
Hoare, William O'Bryen (b 1807)
Hobart, Augustus Charles
Hobblethwaite, Edward St. Quintin
Hobbs, James
Hobbs, John (d 1826)
Hobbs, William
Hobbs, William
Hoblyn, Edward Lee
Hobson, William (1793-1842)
Hockin, Charles Luxmore
Hockin, Henry (d 1868)
Hockings, Robert (1776-1849)
Hockley, John Baker
Hodder, Edward
Hodder, Henry (d 1832)
Hodder, Michael
Hodder, Peter
Hodder, Robert
Hodder, Thomas Eyre
Hodge, Andrew
Hodge, Stephen (b 1792)
Hodge, William
Hodges, Richard
Hodges, Richard Thomas
Hodges, Thomas
Hodgkin, Joseph Spearman
Hodgkins, Thomas
Hodgkinson, Austin Bissell
Hodgkinson, Thomas
Hodgskin, James Archibald
Hodgskin, John Arundell
Hodgskin, Thomas
Hodgson, Brian
Hodgson, George Henry
Hodgson, James (b 1766)
Hodgson, Thomas (d 1848)
Hodgson, Thomas (d 1696)
Hodsell, James (d 1754)
Hoffman, Frederick (d 1849)
Hoffmeister, Charles John (b 1813)
Hogg, James
Hoggan, William
Hogge, Edward Martin
Hoghton, Henry (d 1835)
Hoghton, William
Holbech, George (b 1793)
Holberton, John
Holbrook, Charles
Holbrook, James
Holbrook, Thomas
Holburne, Alexander
Holburne, Francis (1704-1771)
Holburne, James
Holburne, Thomas William
Holburne, William (d 1760)
Holcombe, Essex John
Holden, John
Holder, George
Holditch, Abraham
Hole, Charles (1781-1844)
Hole, Lewis (b 1779)
Hole, Nicholas
Hole, Robert
Hole, William (b 1792)
Holford, John Josiah
Holland, Edward
Holland, Edward (d 1724)
Holland, Frederick
Holland, John
Holland, John Wentworth (1766-1841)
Holland, Philip
Holland, Robert
Holland, Samuel
Holles, Fretcheville (d 1672)
Holliday, Samuel Mark
Hollingbery, Monins
Hollingsworth, John
Hollingworth, Thomas
Hollinworth, Henry Augustus
Hollinworth, John
Hollinworth, John
Hollis, Aiskew Paffard (d 1844)
Holloway, John (1744-1826)
Holloway, Richard
Holloway, Thomas
Hollwall, John (d 1775)
Hollwell, George
Holman, James (1787-1857)
Holman, Robert
Holman, Thomas Holloway (d 1866)
Holman, William
Holme, Edward Ferdinand
Holme, Meyrick
Holmes, Charles (1711-1761)
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, John
Holmes, John
Holmes, John
Holmes, John Henry
Holmes, Launcelot (d 1785)
Holmes, Meabron
Holmes, Robert
Holmes, Robert (d 1697)
Holmes, Smith
Holmes, Thomas Mills
Holmes, William (d 1823)
Holmes, William (d 1748)
Holroyd, Charles (1792-1830)
Holt, William
Holworthy, Nicholas Haddock
Holyman, Robert (d 1703)
Home, Alexander
Home, Alexander
Home, Alexander Purvis
Home, George
Home, James Everard (1798-1853)
Home, Roddam
Honey, George John
Honyman, Robert (d 1848)
Hood, Alexander [1st Viscount Bridport] (1727-1814)
Hood, Alexander (1758-1798)
Hood, Arthur (1754-1775)
Hood, Arthur William Acland (b 1824)
Hood, George (d 1823)
Hood, Robert (d 1821)
Hood, Samuel [1st Viscount Hood] (1724-1816)
Hood, Samuel (1762-1814)
Hood, Silas Thompson (1789-1850)
Hood, William Henry
Hood, William John Thompson (1794-1857)
Hook, Edmund (d 1745)
Hookey, James (b 1798)
Hoope, John
Hooper, Benjamin (b 1789)
Hooper, George Wastell (d 1839)
Hooper, John (d 1696)
Hooper, John Sackett
Hooper, John Tancock
Hooper, Richard
Hooper, Robert
Hooper, William
Hooper, William
Hooper, William Hulme (d 1854)
Hoops, Richard
Hop, John
Hope, Charles (1798-1854)
Hope, Charles Webley
Hope, David (b 1787)
Hope, George (d 1854)
Hope, George (1801-1893)
Hope, George Johnstone (1767-1818)
Hope, Henry (1787-1863)
Hope, James (1808-1881)
Hope, John
Hope, Sackett
Hope, Thomas
Hope, William
Hope, William Johnstone (1766-1831)
Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, Edward Bernard
Hopkins, Edward Jervis
Hopkins, George
Hopkins, Harry (d 1832)
Hopkins, Humphry
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Reginald Bean
Hopkins, Robert
Hopkins, Timothy
Hopkinson, Simon (d 1848)
Hoppner, Henry Parkyns (1795-1833)
Hopson, Edward (d 1728)
Hopson, Thomas (1642-1717)
Hore, Cavendish Bradstreet
Hore, Daniel (d 1762)
Hore, Edward George
Hore, Henry Cavendish (b 1790)
Hore, Herbert William (d 1823)
Hore, James Stopford (1795-1848)
Hore, Samuel Bradstreet (b 1791)
Horn, James
Horn, Philip Thicknesse
Hornby, Frederick John (d 1848)
Hornby, Frederick Joseph (1819-ca 1848)
Hornby, Geoffrey Thomas Phipps (1825-1895)
Hornby, John
Hornby, Phipps (1785-1867)
Hornby, William
Hornby, William Windham (b 1812)
Horne, Edmund (d 1764)
Horne, John (d 1705)
Horne, Luke
Hornsby, William
Horrie, David
Horrie, James
Horsenail, Samuel (d 1794)
Horsley, Richard
Horssey, John (d 1767)
Horton, Frederick Wilmot (d 1855)
Horton, Joshua Sidney (d 1835)
Horton, William
Hose, John (d 1834)
Hoseason, Andrew (d 1847)
Hoseason, John Cochrane
Hoseason, William
Hosier, Francis (d 1727)
Hosken, James (1798-1885)
Hoskins, Anthony Hiley
Hoskins, Samuel
Hoste, Thomas Edward (d 1834)
Hoste, William (1780-1828)
Hoste, William Legge George (b 1818)
Hotchkis, David
Hotchkis, John
Hotchkys, Charles
Hotham, Charles (1806-1855)
Hotham, George Frederick (1799-1856)
Hotham, Henry (1777-1833)
Hotham, John William (b 1809)
Hotham, William [1st Baron Hotham] (1736-1813)
Hotham, William (1772-1848)
Hotham, William (b ca 1793)
Hough, John James (d 1849)
Houghton, Charles
Houghton, Charles Evelyn (b 1784)
Houghton, Henry (d 1693)
Houghton, John Launcelot (d 1820)
Houlding, William (d 1731)
Houlton, John
Houlton, Robert
Houstoun, Wallace
Howard, Charles (d 1705)
Howard, Edward
Howard, Edward Granville George [1st Baron Lanerton] (1809-1880)
Howard, John Henry
Howard, Richard
Howarth, John (d 1801)
Howat, William
Howcroft, Adam
Howden, John
Howe, Alexander Burgoyne
Howe, John
Howe, Richard [Earl Howe] "Black Dick/The Sailor's Friend/Lord Torbay" (1726-1799)
Howe, Thomas Harmood
Howe, Tyringham
Howe, William (d 1764)
Howell, Albion
Howell, John (d 1810)
Howell, Joseph Benjamin
Howes, George
Hownam, Joseph Robert
Howorth, Edward
Howorth, John
Hoy, Isaac
Hoy, Joseph (d 1826)
Hoy, Robert
Hoyles, Marshall
Hubbard, Henry (d 1711)
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, Nathaniel (d 1731)
Hubbard, William
Hubbard, William (d 1844)
Hudson, Charles (d 1803)
Hudson, George
Hudson, John
Hudson, John
Hudson, John (d 1823)
Hudson, John Thomas
Hudson, Philip
Hudson, Richard
Hudson, Robert (1750-1817)
Hudson, Thomas
Hue, Philip
Huffam, John Hudson
Hugget, William (d 1797)
Huggete, Hopkins
Huggett, Gill
Huggins, James
Hughes, Abraham (d 1832)
Hughes, Charles
Hughes, Edward "Old Hot-and-Hot" (ca 1720-1794)
Hughes, Gabriel (d 1699)
Hughes, George William
Hughes, John (d 1787)
Hughes, John Constantine
Hughes, Provo Featherstone
Hughes, Richard
Hughes, Richard (d 1756)
Hughes, Richard (ca 1729-1812)
Hughes, Robert (d 1729)
Hughes, Robert
Hughes, Robert Andrew
Hughes, Thomas (d 1845)
Hughes, Thomas (d 1731)
Hughes, Thomas Henry
Hughes, Ulysses
Hughes, William
Hughes, William (d 1696)
Hughes, William James
Hughes, William Rand
Hugo, George
Huish, Henry (d 1763)
Hulke, Benjamin
Hulke, Thomas Manly
Hull, Charles John
Hull, John
Hull, William Hollamby
Humble, William
Hume, Francis (d 1753)
Hume, George
Hume, John
Hume, Joseph
Humphrey, James Mill
Humphreys, George
Humphreys, Salusbury Pryce
Humphris, Thomas
Humphrys, Harry
Hungate, William (b 1786)
Hungerford, Emanuel
Hungerford, John
Hungerford, Thomas
Hunloke, Thomas
Hunn, Frederick
Hunsdon, Edward
Hunt, Anthony (d 1800)
Hunt, Anthony (d 1796)
Hunt, Charles
Hunt, Edward
Hunt, Henry Samuel
Hunt, James (b 1817)
Hunt, John
Hunt, Joseph (d 1761)
Hunt, Peter (d 1824)
Hunt, Samuel John
Hunt, Thomas (d 1841)
Hunt, William
Hunt, William Buckley
Hunter, Charles
Hunter, Charles Newton
Hunter, Colin
Hunter, David
Hunter, George Martin
Hunter, Hugh
Hunter, James (b 1794)
Hunter, John (1737-1821)
Hunter, Lauchlan
Hunter, Robert (b 1779)
Hunter, Robert Edward (d 1824)
Hunter, Valentine Peter (b 1794)
Hunter, William (b 1731)
HUNTINGDON (Hastings, Hans Francis (1779-1828))
Huntley, Henry Vere (1795-1864)
Huntley, William
Hupsman, Augustus (d 1831)
Hurd, Thomas
Hurd, Thomas (1753-1823)
Hurdis, George Clarke (d 1858)
Hurst, George
Hurst, John
Huskisson, Thomas (1784-1844)
Hussey, Richard (b 1796)
Hussey, Richard Hussey (1776-1843)
Hutchen, John
Hutchenson, Thomas Howard (d 1758)
Hutcheson, Francis Deane
Hutchings, George Bentham
Hutchins, Stephen (d 1709)
Hutchinson, Charles
Hutchinson, Coote Hely (d 1842)
Hutchinson, Edward (1771-1851)
Hutchinson, James Verchild
Hutchinson, Joshua
Hutchinson, William
Hutchison, Christie Esten
Hutchison, George
Hutchison, John
Hutchison, John Milroy
Hutchison, Robert
Hutchison, Thomas
Hutchison, William
Hutchison, William (b 1793)
Huthwaite, Augustus George Douston
Hutt, John (1746-1794)
Hutton, Frederick (1801-1866)
Hyatt, Abraham
Hyde, Benjamin
Hyde, Frederick (d 1764)
Hyde, George
Hyde, Jonathan
Hyde, Richard Dawbrey
Hyde, Robert Boyle
Hyett, Joseph
Hyne, Thomas Madge
Hynson, Joseph



Iggulden, Edward (d 1819)
Impey, John
Imrie, John (1784-1847)
Ince, John Matthew Robert (d 1850)
Incledon, Richard
Incledon, Richard
Incledon, Robert
Infield, Caleb
Ingham, George
Inglefield, Edward Augustus (b 1820)
Inglefield, John Nicholson (1748-1828)
Inglefield, Samuel Hood (1783-1847)
Inglefield, Valentine Otway
Inglis, Charles
Inglis, Charles (d 1833)
Inglis, Charles (d 1791)
Inglis, George (b 1787)
Inglis, James
Inglis, John (d 1807)
Inglis, Patrick
Inglis, Patrick
Inglis, Stewart Nash
Ingram, Alexander (d 1840)
Ingram, Augustus Henry
Ingram, George
Ingram, Herbert Frederick Winnington
Ingram, Nicholas
Ingram, Robert
Inman, Henry (ca 1762-1809)
Inman, Richard
Inman, Robert (d 1845)
Innes, Alexander (d 1786)
Innes, Alexander
Innes, David Boyn
Innes, James (d 1779)
Innes, John
Innes, Robert Wintle
Innes, Thomas
Innes, Thomas (d 1831)
Innes, Thomas (d 1750)
Innes, William
Innes, William John (d 1847)
Inskip, Peter Palmer
Irby, Charles Leonard (1789-1845)
Irby, Frederick Paul (1779-1844)
Ireland, John
Ireland, Thomas
Irons, John (d 1840)
Irvine, Alexander
Irvine, Charles Chamberlayne (d 1856)
Irvine, James
Irvine, Thomas
Irving, John (d 1848)
Irwin, George
Irwin, James
Irwin, James (d 1825)
Irwin, John (d 1812)
Irwin, Joseph
Irwin, Samuel Graves
Irwin, Thomas
Isaacson, Charles Augustus (d 1845)
Ives, Clement
Ivie, Daniel
Ivy, John



Jack, James
Jack, Leigh Spark
Jackson, Caleb (b 1791)
Jackson, Charles Keats (b 1819)
Jackson, Charles Scott (d 1867)
Jackson, Cyril (1812-1848)
Jackson, Francis
Jackson, George (d 1845)
Jackson, George Melville (d 1876)
Jackson, George Vernon (b 1787)
Jackson, Henry
Jackson, Henry Stanley
Jackson, James
Jackson, John
Jackson, John (d 1855)
Jackson, John Henry
Jackson, John Milbourne
Jackson, John Milbourne
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Richard (d 1696)
Jackson, Robert
Jackson, Robert Aemilius (b 1793)
Jackson, Robert Milborne (d 1835)
Jackson, Samuel (1775-1845)
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, Thomas Gill
Jackson, Thomas Vernon (d 1809)
Jackson, William
Jackson, William (d 1810)
Jackson, William Rush
Jackson, William Travers Forbes
Jacob, Edward Hughes
Jacob, James Gledstanes
Jacobs, Chapman
Jacobs, Maximilian
Jacobs, Thomas (d 1748)
Jacobs, William
Jacobs, William
Jacomb, Robert
Jacques, William
Jager, Thomas
Jago, Charles Trelawney
Jago, John Sampson
Jago, Richard
Jago, Samuel
James, Bartholomew (d 1828)
James, Edwin
James, George
James, Henry (1799-1898)
James, Horatio (1789-1850)
James, Jacob
James, James (1760-1845)
James, John
James, Joseph
James, Peter Paumier
James, Richard
James, Robert
James, Robert
James, Robert Bastard
James, Thomas
James, Thomas Edward
James, William
Jameson, Walter (d 1848)
Jameson, William
Jamison, William Papillon
Jane, Henry
Janns, Charles
Janvarin, Richard (b 1780)
Janverin, Thomas
Jaques, Anthony (d 1824)
Jardine, George
Jardine, John
Jarvis, James Nibbs
Jarvis, John (d 1789)
Jasper, Richard (d 1761)
Jauncey, Henry Fyge (d 1834)
Jauncey, Horatio
Jay, Charles Hawse (d 1864)
Jayne, Charles
Jeans, John
Jeayes, John (b 1799)
Jebb, William Francis
Jefferies, John
Jefferies, John Head
Jefferis, Charles (1789-1875)
Jefferson, Francis (d 1855)
Jeffery, Bartholomew
Jeffery, Edward
Jeffery, Samuel (d 1833)
Jeffreys, Charles
Jeffreys, George Barbor (d 1863)
Jeffreys, Richard Gunning
Jeffreys, Samuel Alexander
Jekyll, Edward (d 1776)
Jekyll, John (d 1839)
Jelfe, Andrews (d 1765)
Jellicoe, Henry (d 1836)
Jellicoe, Joseph Chitty
Jelly, Frederick
Jemmett, William
Jenkin, Charles
Jenkin, George Henry
Jenkins, Edward
Jenkins, George (d 1809)
Jenkins, Henry (d 1846)
Jenkins, Henry
Jenkins, Michael (d 1811)
Jenkins, Robert
Jenkins, Robert Kalencamp
Jenkins, William
Jenkinson, Henry (1790-1868)
Jenner, George
Jenner, Robert
Jennifer, James
Jennifer, John
Jennings, Congreve
Jennings, Edward (d 1852)
Jennings, John (1664-1743)
Jennings, Robert
Jennings, Thomas (d 1723)
Jennings, Ulick
Jennings, William
Jennis, Thomas (d 1805)
Jephson, James Saumarez
Jepson, Anthony
Jermy, Charles Deyman (d 1820)
Jermy, Seth (b 1653)
Jerningham, Arthur William (b 1807)
Jerrard, Matthew
Jerrard, Michael
Jervis, Daniel
Jervis, Henry Meredyth Jervis White (b 1793)
Jervis, Jocelyn Jervis Whyte
Jervis, John [Earl St. Vincent] "Old Jarvie" (1735-1823)
Jervis, William Henry
Jervis, William Henry (1764-1805)
Jervois, Sampson
Jervoise, William Clarke (d 1837)
Jesse, Richard
Jeston, Humphrey
Jewell, Walter
Jewell, William Nunn (d 1847)
Jewers, Richard
Jewers, Richard Francis
Jewry, Henry
Jeynes, Thomas
Joachim, Richard
Jobson, Christopher
Jocelyn, Robert (d 1806)
John, Samuel
John, William
Johns, Stephen
Johnson, Bryce
Johnson, Charles Richardson (d 1882)
Johnson, Clement
Johnson, Edmund (d 1801)
Johnson, Edward (b 1777)
Johnson, Edward John (d 1853)
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, George Charles Jefferyes (b 1814)
Johnson, George Child
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John (b 1703)
Johnson, John Munnings
Johnson, John Ormsby
Johnson, John Samuel Willes (1793-1863)
Johnson, Joshua (d 1830)
Johnson, Kendrick
Johnson, Nicholas
Johnson, Robert (d 1723)
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Urry
Johnson, William (d 1699)
Johnson, William Ponsonby
Johnson, William Ward Percival
Johnston, Charles (d 1804)
Johnston, Charles Alexander
Johnston, Charles James (1765-1856)
Johnston, Gabriel
Johnston, George
Johnston, Gideon
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, Hume (d 1824)
Johnston, James Charles (b 1803)
Johnston, James Henry
Johnston, Joseph John
Johnston, Patrick
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, William
Johnston, William Benjamin
Johnston, William Henry
Johnston, William Irvine
Johnstone, Charles Hope (1830-1855)
Johnstone, Charles James Hope (1801-1835)
Johnstone, Frederick Erskine
Johnstone, George (1730-1787)
Johnstone, George James Hope (1802-1842)
Johnstone, Henry Hope
Johnstone, Henry Wedderburn (d 1865)
Johnstone, James
Johnstone, James (d 1780)
Johnstone, John
Johnstone, Robert Ballard
Johnstone, William (b 1795)
Johnstone, William George Hope (1830-1870)
Johnstone, William James Hope (1798-1878)
Jolley, Charles
Jolliffe, George (d 1798)
Jolliffe, Henry
Jolliffe, William Kynaston
Jolly, Archibald Douglas
Jolly, Thomas (d 1741)
Jones, Alexander (b 1778)
Jones, Arthur (d 1731)
Jones, Charles (d 1839)
Jones, Charles (d 1847)
Jones, Charles [5th Viscount Ranelagh] (1761-1800)
Jones, Charles Thomas (1778-1853)
Jones, Christopher Bassett
Jones, Edward Leslie (b 1800)
Jones, George
Jones, George Matthew (d 1831)
Jones, Griffith
Jones, Henry (d 1829)
Jones, Henry Paget (b 1792)
Jones, Herbert John
Jones, James
Jones, James (d 1782)
Jones, Jenkin (d 1843)
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John William
Jones, Joseph Kenny
Jones, Lewis Tobias (b 1799)
Jones, Maurice
Jones, Millington Buckley
Jones, Morgan
Jones, Nathaniel Charles
Jones, Oliver John (b 1813)
Jones, Philip
Jones, Philip Button
Jones, Philip Kyrle
Jones, Richard (d 1829)
Jones, Richard (d 1847)
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert Lewis
Jones, Robert Parker (b 1786)
Jones, Roger
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Theobald (1790-1868)
Jones, Theophilus (1745-1835)
Jones, Thomas (d 1845)
Jones, Thomas (d 1831)
Jones, Valentine Herbert
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William
Jones, William (b 1783)
Jones, William Charles (d 1854)
Jones, William Gore
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, Robert
Jordan, Thomas
Josling, John James Stephen (d 1863)
Jowles, Valentine
Joy, John
Joyce, John
Joyce, John (ca 1768-1839)
Joyce, John Barnett
Judd, Robert Hayley (d 1847)
Judd, William
Julian, Humphrey John
Julian, John (1778-1828)
Julian, Robert
Jull, Edward (d 1831)
Julyan, Robert
Jump, Robert
Justice, Francis Wall
Justice, Philip
Justice, Philip (d 1855)
Justice, Robert (b 1795)
Juxon, Charles



Kains, John (b 1788)
Katon, Edward (d 1779)
Katon, James (1770-1845)
Katon, James Edward (1810-1886)
Kay, John
Kay, Joseph Henry
Kean, James
Keane, Edward
Keane, George Disney (b 1817)
Keane, Richard
Kearny, Michael
Keatley, John Savell
Keats, Richard Goodwin (1757-1834)
Keats, William
Kebbe, Henry
Keele, Charles (b 1795)
Keeler, Alexander (d 1831)
Keeler, Robert
Keeling, John James
Keen, Robert
Keenan, John
Keene, John
Keenor, George
Keilley, Richard (d 1807)
Keith, Alexander
Keith, Basil (d 1777)
Keith, George Mouat
Keith, William (1799-1846)
KEITH (Elphinstone, George Keith (ca 1746-1823))
KELBURNE (Boyle, John (1789-1818))
Keller, Edward (d 1750)
Kellett, Arthur (d 1848)
Kellett, Augustus Henry
Kellett, Henry (1806-1875)
Kelley, John
Kelley, Peter
Kellie, Alexander
Kelling, Jonathan (d 1698)
Kellock, Adam
Kellock, Henry Gray
Kellock, James Robert
Kelly, Benedictus Marwood (1790-1867)
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Edward (d 1837)
Kelly, James Francis (1771-1802)
Kelly, Magnus Morton
Kelly, Montagu
Kelly, Richard Nugent
Kelly, Timothy
Kelly, William
Kelly, William (b 1782)
Kelly, William Hancock (1751-1811)
Kelsall, John Theophilus (d 1855)
Kelsey, John
Kemball, William Henry
Kemble, Frederick (b 1815)
Kemble, William Gage
Kemp, James (d 1845)
Kemp, Richard
Kempe, Arthur (d 1823)
Kempe, John
Kempe, Nicholas (d 1829)
Kempenfelt, Richard (1718-1782)
Kempster, Ralph Richard Tomkin
Kempthorn, Charles Henry (b 1792)
Kempthorne, James
Kempthorne, John (d 1679)
Kempthorne, Morgan (d 1681)
Kempthorne, Samuel
Kempthorne, Thomas (d 1736)
Kempthorne, William (d 1835)
Kempthorne, William
Kenah, Richard
Kendall, Charles
Kendall, Edward Nicholas (d 1845)
Kendall, John
Kendall, Thomas (d 1847)
Kendall, Walter (d 1847)
Kenderdine, John
Kenmure, Adam Gordon
Kennedy, Alexander
Kennedy, Alexander
Kennedy, Andrew (b 1787)
Kennedy, Archibald (d 1794)
Kennedy, Arthur (b 1811)
Kennedy, Charles Doyle Buckley
Kennedy, John James (b 1821)
Kennedy, Richard
Kennedy, Silvester
Kennedy, Thomas Fortescue (1774-1846)
Kennedy, William Hugh
Kennett, Edward Hoile (d 1880)
Kennett, Henry
Kenney, Edward Herbert
Kenney, Thomas (d 1704)
Kennicott, Gilbert (b 1789)
Kent, Bartholomew (d 1803)
Kent, Bartholomew (d 1835)
Kent, Charles (d 1852)
Kent, Henry (d 1801)
Kent, Henry
Kent, John (d 1816)
Kent, John Rodolphus (d 1837)
Kent, Joseph (d 1839)
Kent, Mark (d 1829)
Kent, William
Kent, William George Carlisle (ca 1788-1871)
Kentish, Samuel
Kentish, Thomas
Kenyon, George (1811-1866)
Keppel, Augustus [Viscount Keppel] "Little Keppel" (1725-1786)
Keppel, George
Keppel, George Augustus (d 1782)
Keppel, Henry "The Little Admiral" (1809-1904)
Keppel, Thomas
Ker, George Lewis
Kerley, Anthony (d 1764)
Kerr, Alexander Robert (d 1831)
Kerr, Charles Julius (d 1833)
Kerr, Frederick Herbert (1818-1896)
Kerr, George
Kerr, George Collier
Kerr, Henry Ashburton (b 1821)
Kerr, James (b 1791)
Kerr, John James
Kerr, Mark (1814-1869)
Kerr, Mark Robert (1776-1840)
Kerr, Patrick
Kerr, Robert
Kerr, Robert
Kerr, William [2nd Marquess Lothian] (b ca 1661)
Kersteman, Lambert
Kerswell, Edward
Kestell, John
Kevern, Richard
Kevern, Richard Charles (b 1811)
Key, Astley Cooper (1821-1888)
Key, John
Key, William Strugnel
Keys, David (d 1847)
Kidd, Dandy (d 1741)
Kidd, Joseph
Kiddle, John (d 1851)
Kiell, John
Kiggins, William (d 1698)
Killigrew, Henry (d 1712)
Killigrew, James (d 1695)
Killingworth, Thomas (d 1694)
Killner, Christopher
Killwick, Edward (d 1835)
Killwick, John Arthur
Kilsha, George
King, Andrew (d 1835)
King, Charles
King, Christopher
King, Degory (d 1835)
King, Edward Durnford
King, George
King, George Morrison
King, George St. Vincent Duckworth (1809-1891)
King, George St. Vincent
King, Henry (d 1863)
King, Henry Bartlett
King, James
King, James (1750-1784)
King, James William
King, John
King, John (b 1793)
King, Matthew (d 1749)
King, Norfolk
King, Philip Gidley (1758-1808)
King, Philip Parker (1793-1856)
King, Richard (1730-1806)
King, Richard (1774-1834)
King, Richard Henry
King, Solomon
King, Sydney
King, Thomas
King, Thomas William
King, William
King, William
King, William Elletson
King, William George Nash
Kingcombe, John
Kingdom, John
Kingdon, John
Kingsmill, Robert Brice (1730-1805)
Kingston, Arthur Burrard
Kingston, Augustus John
Kingston, Benjamin
Kingston, James
Kingston, Thomas (d 1836)
Kinloch, David
Kinnaird, Graham Hay St. Vincent de Ros (1811-1838)
Kinneer, Francis William
Kinneer, James
Kinneer, James Jervis
Kinsman, Hugh Mallett (d 1847)
Kinsman, James Byrn
Kinsman, John Knill (d 1831)
Kippen, George (1781-1826)
Kirby, Richard (d 1703)
Kirby, Robert
Kirby, Thomas
Kirby, Walter (d 1859)
Kirk, Francis
Kirk, James (d 1787)
Kirk, John
Kirk, Robert (d 1802)
Kirktown, Robert (d 1718)
Kirkwood, Charles
Kirtley, John
Kirwan, Thomas
Kisbee, Thomas
Kitchen, Henry
Kitchen, William
Kitchen, William Hewgill (1787-1865)
Kite, William
Kittoe, Edward
Kittoe, William Hugh
Knackstone, Thomas (d 1788)
Knapman, Edward (1792-1868)
Knapman, John
Knapp, John (d 1708)
Knatchbull, Charles
Kneeshaw, Joshua (d 1843)
Kneeshaw, Samuel
Knell, William (d 1799)
Knevitt, Thomas Lepard (d 1848)
Knight, Christopher
Knight, George William Henry
Knight, Hood (d 1823)
Knight, James
Knight, John (d 1831)
Knight, John Ellis
Knight, Joseph (d 1775)
Knight, Peter (d 1691)
Knight, Richard (d 1799)
Knight, Thomas Edward
Knight, William (d 1744)
Knight, William
Knight, William
Knighton, Charles
Knocker, John Bedingfield (b 1793)
Knocker, William (b 1794)
Knolles, Henry
Knott, Nathaniel Sydenham
Knott, Owen Phibbs
Knowler, Charles (d ca 1789)
Knowles, Charles (d 1777)
Knowles, Charles Henry (1754-1831)
Knowles, John (d 1802)
Knowles, Thomas (d 1784)
Knox, David
Knox, Edmund
Knox, Edmund Sexten Pery (1787-1867)
Knox, Marcus
Knox, Thomas Owen
Kooystra, Justus Bartholomew
Kortright, Alfred
Kortright, Nicholas
Kuper, Augustus Leopold
Kyd, James
Kyle, George
Kyle, Samuel
Kynaston, Augustus Frederick



La Touche, Ashley
Lacon, Henry James (d 1867)
Lacy, Edward
Ladd, Charles Pybus (b 1790)
Lafargue, Charles Augustus
Laffer, Nathaniel (b 1781)
Laforey, Francis (b 1767)
Laforey, John (1729-1796)
Laing, George
Laird, David (d 1812)
Laird, Francis
Lake, Edward (d 1864)
Lake, John
Lake, Thomas (d 1750)
Lake, Warwick
Lake, Willoughby
Lake, Willoughby John
Lake, Willoughby Thomas (ca 1773-1847)
Lamb, James (d 1666)
Lamb, James Thomas
Lamb, John (1790-1862)
Lamb, Philip
Lamb, William
Lamb, William Buchanan
Lambart, Oliver William Matthew (b 1822)
Lambert, Charles (b 1790)
Lambert, David (d 1703)
Lambert, Edward Henry Gage
Lambert, Frank Henry
Lambert, George Robert (1795-1869)
Lambert, Henry (d 1813)
Lambert, James
Lambert, John
Lambert, John
Lambert, Robert (d 1836)
Lambert, Robert Alexander (1732-1801)
Lambert, Rowley (1828-1880)
Lambert, Thomas (d 1699)
Lambert, William
Lambert, William Leigh
Lamborn, John
Lambrick, John
Lamming, Thomas
Lamont, James
Lampen, Augustus
Lancaster, Henry
Lancaster, Robert Daniel (d 1863)
Landless, William (d 1826)
Landman, Barnard
Lane, Charles Henry
Lane, David
Lane, John Edward
Lane, John William
Lane, Michael
Lane, Richard
Lane, Thomas
Lane, William
Lane, William
LANERTON (Howard, Edward Granville George (1809-1880))
Lang, Edward Wollaston
Lang, Henry
Lang, Richard
Langden, William
Langdon, John
Langdon, John Tobias (d 1811)
Langdon, Richard
Langdon, William (1711-1785)
Langford, Frederick
Langford, George
Langford, Thomas Netherton
Langhorne, Arthur
Langlands, Roger
Langley, George
Langley, John
Langley, Samuel (d 1836)
Langley, Thomas
Langley, William
Langrishe, Robert James
Langton, Thomas William
Langtry, Joseph Millar
Langworthy, John
Lanphier, Vernon
Lanyon, William
Lapenotiere, Frederick
Lapenotiere, John Good
Lapenotiere, John Richard (1770-1834)
Lapidge, Charles Horace (d 1868)
Lapidge, William Frederick (d 1860)
Lapp, John
Lapslie, Andrew
Lapslie, John
Lapthorn, John
Larcom, Joseph (d 1818)
Larcom, Joseph Paffard Dickson (b 1795)
Larcom, Thomas (d 1804)
Larkan, John (d 1830)
Larkan, Robert (1756-1841)
Larke, William
Larkin, John
Larmour, John
Laroche, Charles
Laroche, Christopher (d 1850)
Laroche, Henry (d 1832)
Lascelles, John (b 1798)
Lascelles, John Francis (b 1787)
Lascelles, Michael
Lash, James
Lassels, Ralph
Laston, Samuel Hornigold
Latham, Thomas (d 1762)
Laton, John
Laton, Sheldrake (d 1776)
LAUDERDALE (Maitland, Anthony (1785-1863))
LAUDERDALE (Maitland, Thomas (1803-1878))
Lauga, Thomas Robinson
Laugharne, John (d 1819)
Laugharne, Morgan
Laugharne, Thomas (d 1809)
Laugharne, Thomas (d 1797)
Laugharne, Thomas Lamb Polden (1786-1863)
Laugharne, William (b 1785)
Launder, Philip William (d 1798)
Laurie, Robert (b 1764)
Lauzun, Francis Daniel
Lavender, James Robert
Lavers, Richard (d 1836)
Lavie, Augustus
Lavie, George (d 1877)
Lavie, Thomas (d 1822)
Lavington, Thomas
Lawford, John (d 1842)
Lawless, Henry
Lawless, Peter
Lawrance, George
Lawrance, John
Lawrence, Daniel
Lawrence, George (ca 1730-1808)
Lawrence, George Bell
Lawrence, George Bennett
Lawrence, Henry
Lawrence, Henry (d 1737)
Lawrence, Henry Newcome
Lawrence, Jacob
Lawrence, James (d 1695)
Lawrence, James Ross
Lawrence, John
Lawrence, Paul Sandby
Lawrence, Peter (d 1758)
Lawrence, Thomas
Lawrence, Thomas (d 1747)
Lawrie, Thomas
Lawry, Richard
Laws, John Milligan (b 1799)
Laws, William
Lawson, Edward John
Lawson, Henry (d 1734)
Lawson, John (d 1665)
Lawson, John (1767-1831)
Lawson, Thomas
Lawson, William
Laye, Henry Thomas
Layman, William
Layton, Buxton
Layton, Charles (d 1704)
Layton, Henry (b 1799)
Layton, Thomas
Le Breton, Francis (d 1798)
Le Cras, Edward
Le Feuvre, John
Le Geyt, George (1777-1861)
Le Gros, John
Le Hardy, Thomas Philip (1803-1848)
Le Hunte, Francis
Le Mesurier, Edward
Le Mesurier, Frederick Henry
Le Mesurier, George Bulkeley (d 1840)
Le Mesurier, William
Le Neve, Anslem Peter
Le Neve, Richard (d 1673)
Le Vesconte, Henry (d 1850)
Le Vesconte, Henry Thomas Dundas (b 1813)
Le Vesconte, Philip (1785-1850)
Lea, John Robert (d 1824)
Leach, Charles
Leach, James (d 1831)
Leach, John
Leader, John (d 1701)
Leadley, Robert (d 1834)
Leake, Andrew (d 1704)
Leake, Henry Martin
Leake, John (1656-1720)
Leake, Richard (d 1720)
Lean, James Sedgwick
Leary, Daniel (d 1839)
Leary, George Alexander (d 1846)
Leary, John (d 1789)
Leathart, Alfred
Leaver, Charles Tovey
Leaver, Robert Giffard
Leaver, William Henry
Leavy, Samuel Price
LECALE (Fitzgerald, Charles James (1756-1810))
Lechmere, Charles (d 1822)
Lechmere, Edmund (d 1841)
Lechmere, John (b 1793)
Lechmere, William (1752-1815)
Leckie, Charles Taylor
Leckie, John
Lecky, James
Lecount, Peter (1794-1852)
Lee, Fitzroy Henry (d 1750)
Lee, James
Lee, John (d 1800)
Lee, Richard (d 1837)
Lee, Thomas (d 1771)
Lee, Thomas (d 1834)
Lee, William (d 1817)
Lee, William
Lee, William Alfred Rose
Lee, William Valentine (b 1806)
Leech, Robert (d 1848)
LEEDS (Osborne, Peregrine (d 1729))
Leef, Thomas
Leeke, Henry John (1794-1870)
Lefebvre, Nicholas (1803-1884)
Legard, James Aulaby
Legard, Thomas (d 1830)
Legat, Thomas
Legeyt, Matthew
Leggatt, Richard
Legge, Arthur Kaye (1766-1835)
Legge, Charles
Legge, Edward (1710-1747)
Legge, George
Legge, George [1st Baron Dartmouth] (ca 1647-1691)
Legge, John
Legge, Julian (d 1762)
Legge, Thomas (d 1711)
Leggett, Benjamin
Leigh, Benjamin
Leigh, Frederick George
Leigh, Jodrell (d 1863)
Leigh, Thomas
Leighton, Edward (d 1750)
Leighton, Thomas
Leith, John (d 1854)
Leith, Lockhart
Leith, William Forbes (d 1861)
Lemoyne, John Thomas
Lempriere, George
Lempriere, George Ourry (1787-1864)
Lempriere, Thomas (d 1763)
Lend, Henry
Lendrick, John
Lennock, Charles Adam
Lennock, George Gustavus (ca 1776-1866)
Lenox, Joseph
Lepine, George
Leroux, Frederick James
Lesley, William
Leslie, Charles (d 1775)
Leslie, Lochlin (d 1762)
Leslie, Patrick
Leslie, Samuel
Leslie, Walter
Leslie, William (d 1766)
Lessly, Andrew
Lester, William
Lestock, Richard (d 1713)
Lestock, Richard (1679-1746)
Letch, Charles
Letchmere, Edward (d 1704)
Lethbridge, John
Lethbridge, Robert (d 1864)
Lethbridge, Thomas
Lethbridge, Thomas Bridgeman
Lett, Stephen Joshua
Levell, Thomas
LEVEN AND MELVILLE (Melville, David Leslie (1785-1860))
Leventhorpe, Edward
Leverick, James
Levett, John
Levett, John
Levinge, Reginald Thomas John
Lew, Henry Padon
Lew, James
Lew, John
Lewes, Robert Riddell
Lewes, Thomas
Lewin, Elisha
Lewin, Gregory Allnutt
Lewin, Richard John (d 1827)
Lewis, Alexander (d 1864)
Lewis, Benjamin
Lewis, Francis James
Lewis, Frederick
Lewis, George Wenham
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Henry William
Lewis, James Dalton
Lewis, James Edward (d 1801)
Lewis, John Mason (d 1835)
Lewis, Joseph
Lewis, Richard Fellowes
Lewis, Robert (d 1840)
Lewis, Thomas Arundel
Lewis, William
Lewis, William
Leworthy, Henry
Ley, Andrew
Ley, George (d 1864)
Ley, George Stephen
Ley, James [Earl of Marlborough] (1618-1665)
Ley, Thomas (d 1702)
Ley, Thomas John
Leycester, Edmund Mortimer
Leycester, Henry
Leyden, William
Liardet, Francis (1798-1863)
Liardet, William (b 1794)
Libby, Edward
Liddell, George
Liddell, James
Liddle, Stephen
Liddon, Matthew
Liddon, Matthew John
Liell, Thomas
Lighterness, Alexander
Lightfoot, John
Lihou, John
Like, John
Lilburn, Selby
Lilburne, James (d 1812)
Lilburne, James Robert Roddam
Lilburne, Richard
Lillicrap, James (d 1851)
Limbery, William
Limeburner, Thomas (d 1750)
Lincoln, Henry
Lind, James (d 1847)
Lind, James (d 1823)
Lindrick, John
Lindsay, Alexander
Lindsay, Charles (d 1799)
Lindsay, Colin William
Lindsay, George
Lindsay, James
Lindsay, John (1737-1788)
Lindsay, Martin (d 1837)
Lindsey, Charles (d 1798)
Lindsey, John
Lindsey, Michael
Lingard, John
Link, Stephen
Linklater, Thomas (d 1830)
Linthorne, Thomas
Linthorne, Thomas
Linton, John
Linzee, John
Linzee, Robert (d 1804)
Linzee, Samuel Hood (1773-1820)
Lipscomb, Edwin
Lipson, Thomas
Lisle, William
Liston, Andrew
Litchfield, Henry (1786-1864)
Litchfield, John
Little, Alexander
Little, Edward
Little, Francis
Little, James
Little, John
Little, John
Little, Watkin
Littlefield, John
Littlehales, Bendall Robert (d 1847)
Littlehales, Edward
Littlejohn, Adam (d 1795)
Littleton, Edward
Littleton, James (d 1722)
Littlewort, Richard (d 1798)
Littlewort, Richard John Pike
Livingston, Thomas (d 1853)
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, David
Lloyd, David (d 1699)
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, Edward Alexander Tylden
Lloyd, Francis
Lloyd, Frederick (d 1832)
Lloyd, George (b 1793)
Lloyd, George Walter Edward
Lloyd, Gruffyd Clayton
Lloyd, Henry
Lloyd, Henry
Lloyd, Howel (d 1781)
Lloyd, James
Lloyd, James (d 1761)
Lloyd, James Simmons
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, John
Lloyd, John Hughes
Lloyd, Rickard (b 1790)
Lloyd, Robert (1765-1846)
Lloyd, Thomas (d 1780)
Lloyd, Vaughan (1795-1864)
Lloyd, Whitworth (d 1828)
Lloyd, William
Lloyd, William
Lloyd, William (d 1847)
Lloyd, William (d 1723)
Lloyd, William Hayman (b 1792)
Loane, William
Lobb, Jacob (d 1773)
Lobb, William Granville
Loch, Francis Erskine (1788-1868)
Loch, George John
Loch, Granville Gower (1813-1853)
Loch, Samuel Erskine
Loch, William David
Lochtie, Robert
Lock, Charles
Lock, George (d 1848)
Lock, Richard (d 1779)
Locke, Campbell
Locke, James (d 1808)
Locke, James
Locke, Walter (b ca 1760)
Locker, William (1731-1800)
Lockhart, Andrew (d 1831)
Lockhart, Charles (d 1829)
Lockhart, John
Lockhart, William (d 1800)
Lockwood, Richard
Lockyer, Nicholas (1782-1847)
Lockyer, William Nicholas Love
Lodder, Charles Arthur
Lodwick, John (d 1845)
Loftus, Arthur
Logan, Andrew
Logie, Charles
Logie, James (d 1779)
London, Richard
Loney, Henry (d 1828)
Loney, John Jenkins (d 1860)
Loney, Robert
Long, Charles (d 1761)
Long, George (d 1801)
Long, George (1761-1782)
Long, Henry (d 1723)
Long, James (b 1774)
Long, John
Long, Richard
Long, Robert (d 1771)
Long, Robert
Long, Thomas (d 1710)
Long, William (d 1781)
Longchamp, John
Longcroft, Edward
Longfield, William
LONGFORD (Pakenham, Edward Michael (1743-1792))
Longmore, William Alexander
Longstone, Anthony (d 1679)
Lord, William
Loring, Hector (d 1848)
Loring, John (d 1808)
Loring, John Wentworth (1775-1852)
Loring, Joshua (d 1781)
Loring, William
Lory, William (b 1794)
Losack, George (d 1829)
Losack, Woodley
Loten, James
LOTHIAN (Kerr, William (b ca 1661))
Loud, Richard
Loudon, William (d 1870)
Louis, Charles Belfield (d 1834)
Louis, John (1785-1863)
Louis, Thomas (1759-1807)
Louis, William (1810-1885)
Lound, Sherard Philip (1790-1812)
Loutted, Duncan
Love, Henry
Love, Henry Ommanney (1793-1872)
Love, Robert
Love, William (1764-1839)
Loveday, Edward
Loveday, Francis
Loveless, Bassett Jones (1785-1863)
Loveless, James (b 1791)
Lovell, Thomas
Lovell, William Stanhope (ca 1788-1859)
Lovesy, Thomas
Lovet, John (d 1758)
Loving, John
Lovitt, William
Low, John M'Arthur
Low, Robert
Lowcay, George
Lowcay, Henry
Lowcay, Loftus
Lowcay, Robert (d 1853)
Lowcay, William (d 1852)
Lowder, John
Lowe, Abraham (1771-1854)
Lowe, Arthur (1814-1882)
Lowe, Frederick
Lowe, Gower (d 1848)
Lowe, John
Lowe, Joseph (d 1845)
Lowe, Patrick
Lowe, Thomas
Lowe, William Henry John (d 1847)
Lowen, John (d 1713)
Lower, Edward
Lowry, James (b 1773)
Lowry, William
Lowther, Marcus
Lowthian, Robert
Loyton, Henry
Luard, William Garnham (1820-1910)
Lucas, Charles (d 1773)
Lucas, James Owen
Lucas, John
Lucas, John
Lucas, Mark Robinson (d 1834)
Lucas, Richard
Lucas, Robert
Lucas, Thomas
Lucas, William
Luce, John (d 1827)
Luce, John
Luce, John Proctor
Luce, William
Luck, James (d 1736)
Luck, John
Luckraft, Alfred
Luckraft, Alfred (b 1792)
Luckraft, Charles Maxwell
Luckraft, John (d 1846)
Luckraft, William
Luddington, Joseph
Lugg, William (1774-1848)
Luke, George
Luke, George (d 1824)
Luke, William (d 1819)
Lukin, William
Lumley, Henry (d 1727)
Lumley, John Richard (d 1822)
Lumley, Thomas (d 1782)
Lumsdaine, George
Lumsdale, Alexander (d 1855)
Lundin, John
Lunn, John
Lurchen, John
Luscombe, Edward (b 1791)
Lushington, Franklin (ca 1710-1743)
Lushington, Stephen (1803-1877)
Lutman, Charles
Lutman, William
Luttrell, James (1751-1788)
Luttrell, John
Lutwidge, Henry (b 1780)
Lutwidge, Skeffington (ca 1740-1814)
Lyall, George (b 1799)
Lyall, Haseldine (d 1824)
Lyall, William
Lyde, George
Lydiard, Charles (d 1807)
Lydiard, George William Charles
Lye, Daniel
Lye, William Jones (d 1846)
Lyell, Thomas
Lyford, Henry James
Lyne, Philip (d 1823)
Lyne, Thomas (b 1768)
Lyne, William (d 1823)
Lynn, Francis
Lynn, Thomas
Lynne, Henry (d 1835)
Lynne, Thomas (d 1826)
Lyon, Boswell
Lyon, Edward
Lyon, Francis (b 1794)
Lyon, George Francis (1796-1832)
Lyon, Henry Thomas (b 1825)
Lyon, William (b 1826)
Lyons, Algernon
Lyons, Edmund [1st Baron Lyons] (1790-1858)
Lyons, Edmund Moubray (1819-1855)
Lyons, John (1787-1872)
Lyons, Maine (d 1827)
Lyons, William
Lys, James
Lys, James
Lys, James Oades (d 1830)
Lys, Matthew
Lysaght, Arthur (1782-1859)
Lysaght, Thomas Henry (d 1849)
Lyster, Henry (ca 1799-1864)
Lyster, William Durham
Lytcott, John (d 1697)



M'Adam, George
M'Arthur, Charles
M'Beath, Alexander
M'Candlish, John
M'Carthy, James (d 1795)
M'Carthy, Michael
M'Carthy, William (d 1795)
M'Causland, John
M'Clellan, Samuel Wallis
M'Cleverty, George Anson
M'Cleverty, James Johnstone (b 1810)
M'Cleverty, William
M'Clintock, Francis Leopold (1819-1907)
M'Clintock, William Bunbury
M'Clure, Robert John Le Mesurier (1807-1873)
M'Cormick, John
M'Cormick, Shepherd (b 1794)
M'Cornish, James (d 1846)
M'Coy, Alexander
M'Coy, Edward Thomas Pye
M'Coy, Robert
M'Crea, John Dobree
M'Crea, Robert Contart (1793-1875)
M'Crery, David
M'Culloch, Andrew (d 1817)
M'Culloch, Thomas (d 1830)
M'Culloch, William
M'Curdy, John
M'Daniel, Jeremiah
M'Dermeit, James
M'Donald, Alexander
M'Donald, Archibald
M'Donald, Duncan
M'Donald, James
M'Donald, John
M'Donell, John
M'Donell, John Julius
M'Donell, Thomas
M'Donnell, Randall
M'Douall, James (d 1845)
M'Douall, Robert (d 1816)
M'Dougall, John
M'Dougall, John (1790-1865)
M'Dougall, Patrick Charles Campbell
M'Dougall, William
M'Dougall, William Howard
M'Dowall, James
M'Evoy, Robert
M'Farland, James (d 1852)
M'Farlane, John Boucher (d 1795)
M'Ghie, James
M'Gie, David
M'Gie, Francis
M'Gladery, John (b 1776)
M'Gowan, Thomas
M'Gregor, Alexander
M'Gregor, Fitzjames Stuart
M'Grigor, Charles Graeme
M'Gwire, William (b 1766)
M'Hardy, John Bunch Bonnemaison (b 1801)
M'Ilwaine, William
M'Inerheny, John
M'Intyre, William
M'Iver, David
M'Kay, Charles
M'Kean, James
M'Kellar, Peter (d 1830)
M'Kellar, Peter
M'Kenzie, Charles (b 1773)
M'Kenzie, Donald M'Leod
M'Kenzie, Evan Francis Gwynn
M'Kenzie, William
M'Kerlie, John (b 1777)
M'Key, John
M'Killop, David
M'Killop, John (b 1788)
M'Killop, John Gardner M'Bride (d 1829)
M'Killop, Richard
M'Kinlay, Daniel
M'Kinley, Archibald
M'Kinley, George (1766-1852)
M'Kinley, John (d 1782)
M'Kinley, Samuel
M'Kinley, Samuel (b 1766)
M'Kinnon, Hugh
M'Kirdy, John
M'Kirdy, Robert (d 1847)
M'Konochie, Alexander
M'Laurin, John (d 1792)
M'Lean, Charles Clayton
M'Lean, Hector
M'Leod, Alexander (d 1848)
M'Leod, Alexander (d 1846)
M'Leod, Daniel
M'Leod, Donald (d 1831)
M'Leod, William
M'Meekan, Arthur
M'Millan, Allan (d 1850)
M'Millan, George
M'Murdo, Archibald (b 1812)
M'Naghten, Alexander
M'Namara, Jeremiah
M'Namara, Theophilus
M'Namara, Timothy
M'Neale, Malcolm
M'Pherson, George (d 1824)
M'Quhae, Peter (d 1853)
M'Taggart, John (d 1799)
M'Vicar, Alexander
M'Whinnie, Hugh
Mabbot, Thomas (d 1712)
Mabbot, William
Macartney, John (d 1781)
Macbean, Gillies
Macbride, John (1730-1800)
Macdonald, Archibald (b 1786)
Macdonald, Colin
Macdonald, Gordon Gallie
Macdonald, James Archibald (b 1808)
Macdonald, John (d 1845)
Macdonald, Randall
Macdonald, Reginald John James George
Macdougall, John
Macfarlane, James (d 1813)
Macfarlane, William (d 1846)
Machen, Robert
Mackay, David (d 1823)
Mackay, Donald Hugh (b 1780)
Mackay, George
Mackellan, John
Mackellar, Duncan
Mackellar, John (b 1768)
Mackenzie, Adam (d 1823)
Mackenzie, Alexander (b 1790)
Mackenzie, Alexander Richard (1770-1825)
Mackenzie, Duncan
Mackenzie, George (d 1781)
Mackenzie, George Charles
Mackenzie, James
Mackenzie, James George
Mackenzie, John
Mackenzie, John Francis Campbell
Mackenzie, Kenneth (d 1824)
Mackenzie, Murdoch (b ca 1749)
Mackenzie, Simon
Mackenzie, Thomas (d 1813)
Mackenzie, Thomas Henry (b 1782)
Mackeson, Thomas (d 1837)
Mackey, Alexander (d 1811)
Mackie, John
Mackinnon, Lauchlan Bellingham (1815-1877)
Mackrell, John (d 1815)
Mackworth, Herbert (b 1791)
Maclean, Archibald (d 1832)
Maclean, Rawdon (d 1863)
Maclean, William
Macleod, John Lyons
Macleod, Robert Bruce Aeneas
Macmurdo, George Lewis Augustus
Macnamara, Burton (b 1794)
Macnamara, James
Macnamara, James (d ca 1826)
Macnamara, Timothy
Macnevin, John
Maconochie, Alexander (1787-1860)
Macrae, George (d 1823)
Macredie, John
Madden, Charles
Madge, Robert Pepperel (d 1849)
Madryll, Charles Price
Maffin, John
Magan, Arthur
Magin, Joseph (b 1785)
Magrath, Myles Monk
Maguire, Rochfort
Magurk, Samuel
Mahany, William
Mahoney, Jeremiah
Maiden, William
Main, Dawson
Main, John (d 1712)
Maingay, Henry (1785-1846)
Maingay, James
Maingay, Peter (b 1784)
Mainwaring, Benjamin (b 1794)
Mainwaring, Edward Reeves Philip (1788-1865)
Mainwaring, Jemmett (d 1801)
Mainwaring, Rowland (1783-1862)
Mainwaring, Thomas Francis Charles (b 1780)
Mainwaring, William (d 1763)
Maitland, Anthony [10th Earl of Lauderdale] (1785-1863)
Maitland, Charles
Maitland, Frederick Lewis (1730-1786)
Maitland, Frederick Lewis (1777-1839)
Maitland, Henry Topham Harley
Maitland, James (b 1806)
Maitland, John (d 1836)
Maitland, Lewis (b 1811)
Maitland, Thomas [11th Earl of Lauderdale] (1803-1878)
Maitland, William (d 1846)
Maitland, William Heriot (b 1819)
Majendie, Henry Cholmeley
Major, Timothy
Major, William
Majoribanks, George
Malbon, Micajah
Malbon, Samuel
Malcolm, Charles (1782-1851)
Malcolm, George John
Malcolm, Pulteney (1768-1838)
Malden, Charles Robert (1797-1855)
Maling, Irwin (d 1845)
Maling, Thomas James (1778-1849)
Mallard, Charles
Mallett, John
Mallett, William (d 1838)
Mallock, John Jervis
Mallock, Thomas (b 1799)
Malone, Edmund (1786-1863)
Malone, William
Maltby, William
Maltman, Robert
Man, Robert
Man, Robert (ca 1748-1813)
Manby, Edward
Manby, Isaac George (d 1837)
Manby, Thomas (1769-1834)
MANCHESTER (Montagu, George (1799-1855))
Manderson, James (d 1837)
Manderson, John William
Manderson, Patrick
Manderson, Stephen
Mangin, Reuben Caillaud (b 1780)
Mangles, James
Manico, Peter Smith
Manley, Francis
Manley, Isaac George (1756-1837)
Manley, John (d 1816)
Manley, John (d 1834)
Manley, John Lampen (d 1817)
Mann, Adrian Thomas
Mann, James Saumarez
Mann, John
Mann, Robert
Mann, Samuel
Manners, Robert (1758-1782)
Manners, Russell Henry (1800-1870)
Manners, William (d 1814)
Manning, George
Manning, Robert
Mansel, George (d 1854)
Mansel, Robert
Mansel, Thomas (d 1869)
Mansell, Arthur Lukis
Mansell, Bonamy (1786-1868)
Mansell, Charles
Mansell, Edward
Mansell, George Hope (b 1826)
Mansell, Robert
Mansell, Thomas (b 1777)
Mansell, William
Mansfield, Barrington
Mansfield, Charles John Moore (d 1813)
Mansfield, Walter George (b ca 1818)
Mansfield, William Ramsay
Mant, Joseph Bingham (1768-1845)
Mantell, William (d 1765)
Manton, John (1782-1846)
MANVERS (Pierrepont, Charles Herbert (1778-1860))
Maples, John
Maples, John Fordyce (d 1847)
Maplesden, John
Mapleton, David (d 1842)
Mapleton, David Robert Bunbury (1810-1848)
March, Charles
March, Jeremiah
Marcuard, Charles Richard
Markett, Augustus (d 1833)
Markett, John
Markham, George
Markham, John (1761-1827)
Markham, John (b 1797)
Markland, John Duff (1780-1848)
MARLBOROUGH (Ley, James (1618-1665))
Marley, Robert Roper
Marlow, Benjamin (d 1795)
Marrett, Joseph (d 1857)
Marriott, George
Marriott, George
Marriott, John
Marriott, Thomas (d 1823)
Marryat, Frederick (d 1847)
Marryat, Frederick (1792-1848)
Marsdin, Henry Tom
Marsh, Digby
Marsh, Edward (d 1813)
Marsh, Henry
Marsh, Henry (d 1772)
Marsh, James
Marsh, John
Marsh, John Barling
Marsh, Richard John
Marsh, Stephen
Marsh, William
Marsh, William (d 1765)
Marshall, Charles
Marshall, Charles Henry
Marshall, Edward
Marshall, Francis
Marshall, George
Marshall, George Edward (d 1856)
Marshall, Henry Masterman (b 1784)
Marshall, James
Marshall, James (d 1805)
Marshall, James Nasmyth (d 1830)
Marshall, John
Marshall, John (d 1837)
Marshall, John (b 1785)
Marshall, John Houlton
Marshall, John Willoughby (d 1824)
Marshall, Joseph
Marshall, Leonard
Marshall, Sampson
Marshall, Samuel (d 1768)
Marshall, Thomas
Marshall, Thomas
Marshall, Thomas Gaberion
Marshall, William
Marshall, William (b 1796)
Marshall, Willoughby Charles
Marsham, Henry Shovell Jones (1794-1875)
Marsingall, Samuel
Martelli, Charles (d 1834)
Marten, Francis (b 1814)
Martin, Alexander
Martin, Charles
Martin, George (d 1724)
Martin, George (1764-1847)
Martin, George Bohun (1799-1854)
Martin, Henry (d 1794)
Martin, Henry Byam (1803-1865)
Martin, James (d 1801)
Martin, John
Martin, John Henry (d 1823)
Martin, Joseph Winthrop
Martin, Nathaniel (d 1847)
Martin, Richard
Martin, Robert
Martin, Robert
Martin, Roger (d 1779)
Martin, Samuel (d 1705)
Martin, Stephen (d 1736)
Martin, Thomas (1787-1868)
Martin, Thomas Byam (1773-1854)
Martin, Thomas Hutchinson Mangles
Martin, William (d 1766)
Martin, William (d 1666)
Martin, William (b 1783)
Martin, William Fanshawe "Fly" (1801-1895)
Martin, William George
Martin, William Henry
Marwood, Thomas (d 1731)
Marychurch, Isaac
Masefield, Joseph Ore
Mason, Charles
Mason, Christopher (d 1802)
Mason, Francis (1779-1853)
Mason, George
Mason, Henry Browne (b 1791)
Mason, Henry William
Mason, Holman
Mason, John
Mason, Samuel (d 1797)
Mason, Thomas Henry
Mason, Thomas Monck
Mason, William
Mason, William Bruce (1827-1853)
Massam, William (d 1798)
Massey, John
Massie, Henry George
Massie, John Bevis (1809-1851)
Massie, Thomas Leeke
Massingberd, Vincent Amcotts (1808-1889)
Massingbird, Thomas
Master, Harcourt (d 1762)
Master, Henry
Master, James (d 1839)
Master, Streynsham (d 1724)
Masterman, Charles Henry (b 1791)
Masters, James
Masters, James
Masters, Thomas James Poole
Maston, John
Mather, William
Mather, William
Mathews, Edward Morrell (d 1846)
Mathews, Harry Nuland
Mathews, Henry Bathurst Houston
Mathews, John
Mathews, John
Mathews, Robert Bates (b 1785)
Mathews, Thomas (1676-1751)
Mathias, James (d 1841)
Mathias, John
Mathias, Thomas (d 1852)
Mathison, Charles Mitchell (d 1867)
Mathison, John
Matson, George William (b 1794)
Matson, Henry (d 1827)
Matson, Henry James (b 1810)
Matson, John
Matson, Richard
Matthews, Alfred (b 1792)
Matthews, George (d 1781)
Matthews, John (d 1797)
Matthews, Michael
Matthews, Richard
Matthews, Robert Bates
Mattock, Thomas
Maude, Francis (b 1798)
Maude, James Ashley (1786-1841)
Maude, John (d 1796)
Maude, William
Maude, William George
Maude, William George
Mauger, Nicholas (b 1773)
Maugham, George (d 1702)
Maughan, John
Maule, George
Maunsell, Edward Eyre
Maunsell, Robert (1786-1845)
Maurice, Ferdinand Moore (1775-1812)
Maurice, James Wilkes (1775-1857)
Maver, John
Maw, Henry Lister
Maw, Richard Stovin
Mawbey, John (b 1781)
Mawdesley, John
Max, John George
Maxey, Edward (b 1790)
Maxey, Lewis
Maxfield, John
Maxse, Frederick Augustus (1833-1900)
Maxtone, Thomas (d 1796)
Maxwell, Arthur
Maxwell, Francis (b 1789)
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, George Berkeley
Maxwell, John (d 1826)
Maxwell, John Balfour (1799-1874)
Maxwell, John Heron (b 1808)
Maxwell, Keith (ca 1774-1823)
Maxwell, Murray (1775-1831)
Maxwell, William
May, Augustus Charles
May, Charles Henry
May, Christopher
May, James
May, John
May, Philip William
May, Richard
May, Stephen Yonge
May, William (d 1834)
Mayhew, Ralph
Maynard, Francis (d 1695)
Maynard, Joseph
Maynard, Robert (d 1750)
Maynard, Thomas
Maynard, Thomas Burton
Mayne, Colville (d 1746)
Mayne, Dawson
Mayne, Dawson (b 1799)
Mayne, Perry (d 1761)
Mayne, Robert
Mayne, Robert (d 1846)
Mayne, William Henry
Mayo, Charles
Mayo, Thomas
Mayo, Thomas
Mayor, John Hollings
Mayott, William (d 1839)
Mayris, Thomas
McCartney, John (d 1781)
McCarty, Robert [Earl Cancarty] (d 1769)
McClure, Robert John Le Mesurier (1807-1873)
McCulloch, William "Flogging Joey" (1782-1825)
McDonall, Robert
McDonnell, Mark [Kerr] [5th Earl of Antrim] (1814-1869)
McDougall, Patrick Charles Campbell
McGowen, Thomas
McKillop, Henry Frederick
McLaurin, John
Mead, Joseph (d 1799)
Mead, Samuel (d 1776)
Meade, John (b 1782)
Meade, Samuel (d 1725)
Meade, Thomas (d 1740)
Meadows, Charles
Meadows, Edward
Meadows, William
Meadway, John Allen
Meara, James
Meares, John (ca 1756-1809)
Meares, William
Mears, Roger (d 1796)
Mecham, George Frederick (1828-1858)
Medley, Edward (d 1849)
Medley, Henry (d 1747)
Medlicott, John
Mee, John
Meech, Radford Gundrey
Meers, Roger (d 1798)
Mees, George
Meggison, William Henry
Meheux, Archibald Bryan
Meheux, Thomas Charles
Meik, James Lind (d 1803)
Mein, James (d 1809)
Mein, John
Melcombe, John
Meldrum, William
Melhuish, John
Mellersh, Arthur
Melville, David Leslie [Earl of Leven and Melville] (1785-1860)
Mends, George Clarke
Mends, George Pechell
Mends, James Augustus
Mends, Robert (d 1823)
Mends, Robert Hamilton Handfield
Mends, William Bowen (1781-1863)
Mends, William Robert (b 1812)
Mennis, John (1599-1671)
Menzies, Alexander
Menzies, Duncan (1759-1846)
Mercadell, Alexander
Mercer, Charles
Mercer, John Davis
Mercer, Samuel
Mercer, William
Meredith, Richard (d 1850)
Meredith, Samuel
Meres, James (d 1836)
Merrick, William Augustus
Merriman, Charles (d 1859)
Messervy, Francis
Metcalfe, William Charles
Metherell, Richard Roe
Methven, Thomas (d 1833)
Meynell, Francis
Meynell, Henry
Meyrick, William Augustus
Miall, George Gover
Michell, Frederick Thomas (1788-1873)
Michell, Gilbert John
Michell, John Taylor
Michell, Mathew (d 1752)
Michell, Reynell
Michell, Reynell Charles
Michell, Sampson (d 1809)
Micklethwait, Henry Sharnborne Nathaniel (b 1814)
Middleton, Charles [Baron Barham] (1726-1813)
Middleton, Christopher
Middleton, George Nathaniel Broke (1812-1887)
Middleton, Henry (d 1703)
Middleton, Hugh
Middleton, James
Middleton, John
Middleton, Robert Gambier
Middleton, Thomas
MIDDLETON (Willoughby, Digby (b 1769))
Midwinter, John
Mighells, James
Mighels, John
Milbanke, Mark (1724-1805)
Milbanke, Ralph (d 1823)
Milbourne, Charles Robert
Mildmay, Francis John St. John
Mildmay, George William St. John (1792-1851)
Mildmay, Hervey George St. John
Miles, Alfred (b 1796)
Miles, Edmund (b 1788)
Miles, Jeaffreson (d 1844)
Miles, Lawford
Miles, Thomas
Millar, Archibald (d 1766)
Miller, Adlart
Miller, Alexander
Miller, Daniel
Miller, David
Miller, David
Miller, Edward Charles (d 1845)
Miller, George
Miller, Henry George
Miller, John (d 1843)
Miller, John Francis
Miller, John Matthew
Miller, John Paulet
Miller, Martin
Miller, Ralph Willett (1762-1799)
Miller, Richard
Miller, Robert
Miller, Robert Boyle (d 1873)
Miller, Roger (d 1677)
Miller, Simon
Miller, Thomas
Miller, William (d 1749)
Miller, William
Miller, William Duncan (d 1847)
Miller, William Stewart
Millet, Henry
Millett, John
Millett, Richard
Milligan, John
Mills, George
Mills, Henry Forster
Mills, Joseph
Mills, Warren Hastings Horatio Nelson
Mills, William (d 1838)
Miln, Robert
Milne, Alexander (1806-1896)
Milne, Colin
Milne, David (1763-1845)
Milne, George (d 1800)
Milne, James (d 1794)
Milne, Robert
Milne, William
Milner, Alexander
Milner, Edmund
Milner, Rowland
Milner, William
Milward, Anthony William
Milward, Clement
Minchin, Paul (d 1810)
Minchin, William
Mingaye, William James (1785-1865)
Mingen, John
Minors, Richard
Minster, Peter Ryder (d 1836)
Minteame, William
Mitchell, Andrew
Mitchell, Andrew (1757-1806)
Mitchell, Bowles (d 1824)
Mitchell, Charles
Mitchell, Cornelius
Mitchell, David (ca 1650-1710)
Mitchell, Duncan Forbes
Mitchell, Edward James
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Henry (d 1705)
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Lewis Dunbar (b 1796)
Mitchell, Matthew (d 1752)
Mitchell, Nathaniel (d 1842)
Mitchell, Peter
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Richard
Mitchell, Robert
Mitchell, Spalding
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, Thomas
Mitchell, William (1746-1816)
Mitchell, William (b 1799)
Mitchener, George
Mitford, Henry (1769-1803)
Mitford, Robert (b 1781)
Mitten, William (d 1832)
Moberly, John
Moberly, John
Mockler, Thomas (d 1840)
Moe, Cheeseman
Moffat, Richard
Moffat, Thomas
Moffatt, John (d 1849)
Moffett, Thomas Wiggins
Mohun, Robert
Molesworth, Bourchier
Molesworth, George Mills Frederick
Molesworth, John (b 1789)
Molesworth, Montague Treby (d 1844)
Molineux, James (d 1833)
Molloy, Anthony James Pye (d 1815)
Molloy, Charles
Molloy, Michael
Molyneux, Henry More
Molyneux, James
Molyneux, John
Molyneux, Thomas Howard (d 1847)
Molyneux, William (d 1847)
Molyneux, William Hargraves
Monck, George [Duke Albermarle] (1608-1670)
Moncur, John
Monday, Edward (b 1782)
Monday, John
Money, James
Money, Rowland (b 1782)
Moneypenny, James (d 1723)
Moneypenny, William Backhouse
Monilaws, William
Monk, George Mitford
Monk, John
Monk, William (d 1832)
Monke, George Paris (d 1828)
Monkton, John (d 1827)
Montagu, Charles
Montagu, Edward Proudfoot (b 1791)
Montagu, George (1750-1829)
Montagu, George [6th Duke of Manchester] (1799-1855)
Montagu, Horatio
Montagu, James
Montagu, James (1752-1794)
Montagu, James (1791-1868)
Montagu, John (1719-1795)
Montagu, John William
Montagu, John William (1790-1882)
Montagu, Montagu (d 1863)
Montagu, Robert
Montagu, Thomas
Montagu, William
Montagu, William Augustus (d 1852)
Montague, James
Montgomerie, Alexander (1790-1863)
Montgomerie, John Eglinton
Montgomerie, Roger (d 1799)
Montgomery, Alexander Leslie (1807-1888)
Montgomery, Augustus
Montgomery, Hugh (d 1837)
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, Thomas
Montresor, Frederick Byng (1810-1887)
Montresor, Henry
Monypenny, James (d 1721)
Monypenny, William Backhouse (b 1808)
Moodie, Donald (d 1861)
Moodie, Joseph
Moodie, Robert
Moody, James
Moody, Thomas (d 1807)
Mooney, William
Moor, Philip (b 1793)
Moore, Charles
Moore, Charles
Moore, Christopher (d 1696)
Moore, Edward
Moore, Edward
Moore, Graham (1764-1843)
Moore, Henry
Moore, Howard
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, John (1718-1799)
Moore, John (1822-1866)
Moore, John Alfred
Moore, John Arthur
Moore, John George Sarsfield Macnamara
Moore, John Hartnell
Moore, John James
Moore, Joseph (d 1705)
Moore, Joseph Henry
Moore, Lewis James
Moore, Matthew (d 1787)
Moore, Ogle
Moore, Paul Wollond (d 1846)
Moore, Richmond
Moore, Robert Seppings
Moore, Samuel Hewitt
Moore, Thomas Edward Laws (1819-1872)
Moore, Thomas Norris
Moore, William
Moore, William (d 1830)
Moore, William (b 1792)
Moore, William Henry (b 1790)
Moorhead, George
Moorman, Richard (b 1784)
Moorman, Richard (b 1810)
Moorman, Richard Malcolm
Moorsom, Constantine Richard (1792-1861)
Moorsom, Henry Robert
Moorsom, Robert (d 1835)
Moorsom, Robert (d 1826)
Moorsom, William
Mootham, Peter (d 1666)
Morce, William (d 1823)
Mordaunt, Henry (d 1710)
Mordaunt, L'Estrange
Moresby, Fairfax (1786-1877)
Moresby, Fairfax (b 1826)
Moresby, Richard
Moreton, Francis Reynolds [3rd Baron Ducie] (1739-1808)
Moreton, Herbert Augustus
Morey, George
Morey, John Doling
Morgan, Benjamin
Morgan, Charles
Morgan, Edward Edwin
Morgan, James
Morgan, James William (b 1802)
Morgan, John (b 1794)
Morgan, John Fortescue (d 1843)
Morgan, Richard
Morgan, Richard (d 1867)
Morgan, Robert (d 1854)
Morgan, Rowland
Morgan, Thomas (d 1843)
Morgan, Walter
Morgan, William (d 1835)
Morgan, William George Hepburn
Morgan, William Thomas (d 1822)
Moriarty, Edmund Joshua (d 1833)
Moriarty, James
Moriarty, Merion Marshall
Moriarty, Peter
Moriarty, Redmond (d 1851)
Moriarty, Sylverius
Moriarty, William
Morice, Richard
Moriencourt, Joseph Salvador (d 1854)
Morier, William (d 1864)
Morison, George
Morison, John
Morley, Arthur Thomas
Morley, James
Morley, Thomas
Morley, William (b 1791)
Morrel, Arthur
Morrel, John Arthur
Morres, Edward
Morres, Elliot
Morries, Andrew
Morris, Amherst (1763-1802)
Morris, Edward (d 1807)
Morris, Frederick (b 1819)
Morris, George
Morris, George (1778-1857)
Morris, Henry Gage (b 1770)
Morris, Henry Gage (b 1811)
Morris, James Nicoll (d 1830)
Morris, John
Morris, John (d 1776)
Morris, John Chafin
Morris, John Row
Morris, Peter
Morris, Richard
Morris, Robert
Morris, Walter Windyer
Morris, William
Morris, William (b 1792)
Morrish, Samuel (d 1861)
Morrison, Isaac Hawkins
Morrison, John (d 1806)
Morrison, Richard James "Zadkiel" (1795-1874)
Morriss, Edward John
Morritt, George
Morshead, John (b 1806)
Morshead, William Henry Anderson (1811-1886)
Mortimer, George (b 1792)
Mortimer, John
Mortimer, Robert
Mortlock, Lewis (d 1799)
Morton, Charles
Morton, Thomas Constant Paggett
Mosberry, David
Moses, John (d 1703)
Moses, William (d 1740)
Moss, Charles
Moss, John Ralph
Moss, Sidney
Mosse, James Robert (1746-1801)
Mostyn, Henry Meredith
Mostyn, Robert (d 1784)
Mostyn, Savage (d 1757)
Mott, Andrew
Mott, Andrew
Mott, Pierce Humphrey
Mottley, Joseph Martin
Mottley, Samuel (d 1841)
Mottley, William (d 1845)
Mouat, Alexander (1761-1793)
Mouat, John Alexander
Mouat, Patrick (1712-1790)
Mouat, Stephen Peter
Mouatt, George
Moubray, George
Moubray, George (1773-1856)
Moubray, Richard Hussey
Moubray, William Hobson
Mould, James
Mould, John Rawe
Mould, Richard Cotton
Mould, William
Moulton, Robert
Mounier, John Hallum
Mounier, William (d 1830)
Mounsey, William (1766-1830)
Mounsher, Eyles
MOUNT EDGCUMBE (Edgcumbe, George (1721-1795))
Mourilyan, Edward
Mourilyan, Joseph
Moutray, James
Moutray, John
Mowatt, Henry
Mowatt, William
Mowbray, George
Mowbray, John
Mowbray, Thomas
Moxey, Benjamin Solomon
Moxon, James
Moyes, David
Moyle, Granville Richard
Moyle, Henry
Moyses, Choyce William
Moysey, Henry George
Muckle, George
Muddle, Richard Henry (d 1833)
Mudge, George
Mudge, Robert
Mudge, William
Mudge, Zachary (1770-1852)
Mudie, David (d 1831)
Muir, Thomas
Muir, Thomas
Mulcaster, William Howe
Mules, William
MULGRAVE (Phipps, Constantine John (1744-1792))
Muller, Henry
Mulock, Joshua
Mulso, William (d 1797)
Munbee, Valentine
Mundell, John (d 1833)
Munden, John (d 1719)
Munden, Richard (d 1680)
Mundy, George (1777-1861)
Mundy, George Rodney (1805-1884)
Mundy, Meynell Horton Miller
Munro, Andrew
Munro, James
Munro, John
Munro, Matthew (b 1795)
Munton, William Anthony
Mure, James
Muriel, William (b 1794)
Murley, William
Murray, Alexander
Murray, Augustus Charles (b 1815)
Murray, Augustus George Ernest (b 1823)
Murray, Francis Aberdeen (b 1795)
Murray, George [Elibank] (d 1785)
Murray, George (1759-1819)
Murray, George Don
Murray, Guy
Murray, Henry
Murray, Henry Anthony (b 1810)
Murray, Jack Henry (b 1810)
Murray, James
Murray, James
Murray, James Arthur (b 1790)
Murray, James Copeland (b 1774)
Murray, James Hamilton
Murray, John (d 1821)
Murray, John Halliburton
Murray, John Stevens
Murray, Joseph
Murray, Richard
Murray, Robert (d 1834)
Murray, William
Murray, William Hamilton (b 1789)
Muston, Thomas Goldwire
Myngs, Ashby
Myngs, Christopher
Myngs, Christopher (1625-1666)



Nagle, Archibald
Nagle, Edmund (1757-1830)
Nairn, James
Napier, Charles
Napier, Charles (d 1743)
Napier, Charles (1731-1807)
Napier, Charles "Black Charlie/Mad Charlie" (1786-1860)
Napier, Charles Frederick
Napier, Charles George Elers (1812-1847)
Napier, Gerard John
Napier, Henry Edward (1789-1853)
Napier, Hope
Napier, Patrick (d 1801)
Napier, William
Napier, William John [Napier] (1786-1834)
Napper, Richard
Narborough, John
Nares, Edward
Nares, William Henry
Narracott, John
Narracott, William
Nash, Charles Inglis
Nash, Ezekiel
Nash, James (d 1827)
Nash, John
Nash, John William Cornelius (1802-1846)
Nash, Richard John
Nash, William
Nasmyth, John Lockhart
Nason, Arthur Hyde
Nason, Henry
Nason, Richard
Nazer, Henry (d 1846)
Nazer, John Ferrier (d 1798)
Nazer, Kelly (b 1787)
Nazer, William (d 1804)
Neale, Alfred (d 1852)
Neale, Harry Burrard (1765-1840)
Neale, John
Neale, Richard
Neame, William
Need, Henry
Need, Walter
Needham, William
Neill, Joseph
Nelson, Charles
Nelson, Coote Carroll (d 1836)
Nelson, Horatio
Nelson, Horatio [Viscount Nelson] (1758-1805)
Nepean, Edmund (d 1835)
Nepean, Evan (b 1785)
Nepean, John (b 1785)
Nesbitt, Alexander (d 1824)
Nesham, Christopher John Williams (1771-1853)
Netherwood, William
Nettleton, Peter Gordon
Neve, Frederic Brownson
Neve, Robert Jenner (d 1815)
Nevill, William
Neville, Christopher
Neville, Edward (d 1701)
Neville, James (d 1864)
Neville, John
Neville, Martin (d 1803)
Neville, Ralph [Viscount Neville] (1786-1826)
New, Thomas (d 1824)
Newall, Adam
Newbolt, Charles
Newcombe, Francis
Newcome, Henry
Newcomen, George
Newell, John (d 1816)
Newell, Julius James Farmer
Newell, Obadiah (d 1837)
Newenham, William Persse
Newenham, William Thomas
Newhouse, John
Newland, Charles Frankland
Newland, Robert
Newman, James Newman (1767-1811)
Newman, Robert Amyett
Newnham, Nathaniel
Newnham, Thomas
Newport, John Wallis
Newson, William
Newton, Charles James Franklin (b 1799)
Newton, Henry
Newton, James (d 1845)
Newton, John
Newton, Joseph
Newton, Robert
Newton, Roger
Newton, Thomas
Newton, Vincent (d 1833)
Nias, Joseph (d 1879)
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, John
Nicholas, John Harris (1758-1844)
Nicholas, Robert (d 1809)
Nicholas, Robert Boyle (d 1780)
Nicholas, Thomas (d 1810)
Nicholl, Iltid Thomas Mansel
Nicholl, Joseph Axtell
Nicholls, Henry
Nicholls, James
Nicholls, James Thomas
Nicholls, Thomas Willcock
Nichols, George (d 1709)
Nichols, Thomas George
Nichols, William Henry
Nicholson, Charles
Nicholson, Frederick Falkiner (d 1851)
Nicholson, James
Nicholson, John
Nicholson, Richard Adams
Nicholson, Robert
Nicholson, William
Nickoll, Edward
Nickoll, James Harvey
Nicolas, Beville Granville Wyndham
Nicolas, John Toup (1788-1851)
Nicolas, Nicholas Harris (1799-1848)
Nicolas, Paul
Nicolas, William Keigwin (b 1792)
Nicolls, James
Nicolls, Jonathan
Nicolls, Robert Trafford
Nicolson, Frederick William Erskine (1815-1899)
Nightingale, David Thomas (d 1844)
Nightingale, Gamaliel (d 1791)
Nightingale, George
Nind, Philip Pitt (b 1788)
Ninis, George
Nisbet, Josiah (1780-1830)
Nisbett, Samuel
Niven, Charles James
Niven, James
Nixon, Anderson
Nixon, Christopher
Nixon, Edward
Nixon, Horatio Stopford (ca 1798-1838)
Nixon, James (d 1847)
Noad, Arthur Mayne
Noble, Edward Meadows (d 1843)
Noble, Francis
Noble, George
Noble, George (1791-1847)
Noble, James (1774-1851)
Noble, Jeffery Wheelock
Noble, Mark (d 1701)
Noble, Robert
Noble, William Blackmore
Noel, Frederick (1790-1833)
Noel, Thomas
Nolloth, Charles (d 1855)
Nolloth, Henry Ovenden
Nolloth, Matthew Stainton
Nops, John George
Norbury, Coningsby (d 1734)
Norbury, Richard (d 1800)
Norcock, George Lowcay
Norcock, John Henry (b 1809)
Norcott, Edmund (d 1874)
Norford, James
Norie, Evelyn
Norman, Alfred
Norman, Charles Rice (d 1814)
Norman, Charles Spry
Norman, Henry Anne (b 1816)
Norman, James
Norman, James
Norman, John Norris
Norman, Masters (b 1784)
Norman, Samuel
Norman, William (d 1810)
Norrington, Charles Harvey (d 1839)
Norris, Harry (d 1764)
Norris, James Butler
Norris, John
Norris, John (d 1749)
Norris, Joseph (b 1789)
Norris, Matthew (d 1738)
Norris, Richard
North, Abraham
North, John
NORTHESK (Carnegie, George (1716-1792))
NORTHESK (Carnegie, William (1756-1831))
Northey, James Murray (d 1832)
NORTHUMBERLAND (Percy, Algernon (d 1865))
Norton, George
Norton, John (d 1811)
Norton, John (1771-1845)
Norton, Nathaniel (b 1787)
Norton, Richard
Norway, John Arthur
Norway, Nevil (b 1807)
Norwood, Joseph (d 1793)
Norwood, Stephen
Nott, Edward Bunbury
Nott, Francis
Nott, Francis John
Nott, John Neale Pleydell (d 1781)
Nott, John Neale (b 1800)
Nott, John Thomas
Nott, William
Notter, William
Nourse, Joseph
Nourse, Joseph (d 1824)
Novosielski, Michael
Nowell, Henry Freeman
Nowell, William (d 1828)
Nowell, William (b 1788)
Nugent, Charles
Nugent, Charles Edmund (ca 1760-1844)
Nugent, Dominick
Nugent, Frederick
Nugent, John
Nunn, Joseph
Nurse, Hugh (d 1841)
Nutt, Justinian (ca 1710-1759)
Nutton, Michael



O'Brien, Andrew
O'Brien, Charles Douglas (d 1846)
O'Brien, Christopher (d 1743)
O'Brien, Donat Henchy (1785-1857)
O'Brien, Edward
O'Brien, George
O'Brien, James
O'Brien, James [3rd Marquess of Thomond] (1769-1855)
O'Brien, John James
O'Brien, Joseph (1793-1865)
O'Brien, Lucius (d 1770)
O'Brien, Robert (d 1838)
O'Brien, Robert
O'Brien, Thomas (d 1830)
O'Bryan, Charles
O'Bryen, Edward
O'Bryen, Edward
O'Bryen, James
O'Bryen, John (d 1804)
O'Callaghan, Edward
O'Callaghan, George William Douglas (b 1811)
O'Callaghan, Henry John
O'Connell, Edward
O'Connell, Maurice Fitzgerald
O'Connor, John
O'Connor, Richard James Lawrence
O'Conor, Richard
O'Grady, Hayes (1787-1864)
O'Grady, John
O'Hara, Francis (d 1769)
O'Hara, James
O'Hara, Patrick (d 1774)
O'Hara, William Charles
O'Hea, Daniel
O'Hea, Matthew
O'Neill, Robert Gardiner
O'Neill, Terence (b ca 1773)
O'Reilly, Dowell (d 1816)
O'Reilly, John
O'Reilly, John (b 1794)
O'Reilly, Montagu Frederic (b 1822)
O'Shaughnessy, Edward
Oake, John (d 1699)
Oake, Josiah
Oakeley, Henry (d 1877)
Oakes, Edmund
Oakes, George
Oakes, Orbell (b 1800)
Oakes, Richard
Oakes, William (d 1810)
Oakley, Edward (d 1693)
Oakley, John (d 1790)
Oakley, Richard
Oakley, Thomas
Oakley, William
Oates, Christopher (d 1741)
Oates, Samuel
Ockman, William (d 1740)
Odell, John
Odger, Nicholas
Ody, William
Ogilvie, Henry
Ogilvie, John
Ogilvie, Michael
Ogilvie, Primrose
Ogilvie, Simon Taylor
Ogilvie, William
Ogilvy, George Keith
Ogilvy, William (d 1823)
Ogle, Chaloner (ca 1681-1750)
Ogle, Chaloner (1726-1816)
Ogle, Charles (1773-1858)
Ogle, Graham (b 1814)
Ogle, Henry
Ogle, Thomas (1794-1886)
Oke, William Walter
Okes, Charles
Okes, John
Oldfield, Radulphus Bryce
Oldfield, Thomas
Oldfield, William
Oldmixon, George
Oldmixon, John William (b 1788)
Oldmixon, William Henry
Oldrey, William
Oliphant, John (d 1810)
Oliphant, John (d 1743)
Oliver, Benjamin (d 1847)
Oliver, George Colin
Oliver, James (d 1857)
Oliver, Joseph
Oliver, Richard Aldworth
Oliver, Robert (d 1848)
Oliver, Robert
Oliver, Robert Dudley (b 1766)
Oliver, Thomas
Oliver, William Browne (1802-1877)
Oliver, William Sanford
Olmius, John Luttrell [3rd Earl of Carhampton] (d 1829)
Ommanney, Cornthwaite (d 1801)
Ommanney, Erasmus
Ommanney, Henry Manaton
Ommanney, John Acworth (1773-1855)
Ommanney, John Colpoys (b 1809)
Onslow, John James (d 1856)
Onslow, Richard (1741-1817)
Orchard, Joel
Orchard, Richard
Orchard, William
Orde, John
Orde, John (1751-1824)
Orde, Thomas
ORFORD (Russell, Edward (1653-1727))
Orkney, John
Orlebar, John (b 1810)
Orlebar, Orlando (b 1786)
Orme, John
Ormond, Francis
ORMONDE (Butler, James (1665-1745))
Ormsby, Charles Cutts
Ormsby, George
Orrock, James
Orrok, John
Orrok, Thomas Archibald
Orton, George Anthony
Orton, Isaac
Osborn, Edward Oliver
Osborn, Henry (1697-1771)
Osborn, James Guy
Osborn, John (d 1820)
Osborn, John (1775-1854)
Osborn, Samuel (d 1816)
Osborn, Sherard (1822-1875)
Osborn, William
Osborne, Charles
Osborne, Frederick William
Osborne, Henry
Osborne, James (d 1754)
Osborne, Peregrine [Duke of Leeds] (d 1729)
Osborne, Peter (d 1776)
Osborne, Thomas
Osgood, Henry
Osmer, Thomas Spearing
Osmond, James (d 1812)
Osmond, William
Oswald, James (d 1822)
Otter, Charles (d 1831)
Otter, Henry Charles
Ottley, Edward
Ottley, Richard
Otty, Allen
Otway, Charles Cooke (1815-1842)
Otway, George Graham (1816-1881)
Otway, Robert
Otway, Robert Jocelyn
Otway, Robert Waller (1770-1846)
Otway, Robert Waller (1813-1841)
Otway, William Albany (d 1815)
Oughton, James (d 1832)
Ourry, George
Ourry, Isaac
Ourry, Isaac Florimond (d 1773)
Overend, Henry
Owen, Bell Robert
Owen, Charles Cunliffe
Owen, Edward (d 1849)
Owen, Edward William Campbell Rich (1771-1849)
Owen, Owen
Owen, Richard (d 1863)
Owen, Thomas (d 1796)
Owen, William (d 1778)
Owen, William Fitzwilliam (1774-1857)
Oxborough, William
Oxenham, Justus
Oxford, John
Oxley, John



Pace, Edmund Howard (d 1864)
Pace, George (1767-1822)
Packer, Joseph
Packman, Robert Charles
Packwood, John
Packwood, Joseph (d 1836)
Paddon, George
Paddon, Henry
Paddon, Silas Hiscutt (b 1774)
Padeson, Edmund
Page, Benjamin William (1765-1845)
Page, Henry
Page, Henry Hotham M'Roden
Page, James
Page, John
Page, John Henry St. John
Page, Thomas
Page, Thomas Henry
Paget, Brownlow Henry (d 1843)
Paget, Charles (1778-1839)
Paget, Charles Henry (1806-1845)
Paget, Clarence Edward (1811-1895)
Paget, John (d 1857)
Paget, William (b 1769)
Paget, William (1803-1873)
Pain, Martin
Pain, Stephen
Paine, Reuben
Pakenham, Edward (d 1798)
Pakenham, Edward Michael [2nd Baron Longford] (1743-1792)
Pakenham, Henry (d 1839)
Pakenham, John
Pakenham, John (1790-1876)
Pakenham, Thomas (1757-1836)
Pakenham, Thomas Alexander (1820-1889)
Pakenham, William (d 1811)
Palk, Robert (d 1845)
Palkinghorne, John
Palliser, Hugh (d 1796)
Palliser, Wray Richard Gledstanes
Palmer, Arthur (d 1836)
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Edmund (d 1834)
Palmer, Edward (d 1807)
Palmer, Edward Gascoigne
Palmer, George
Palmer, George
Palmer, John (d 1828)
Palmer, John Jervis (d 1861)
Palmer, Nesbit (d 1811)
Palmer, Thomas
Palmer, William (d 1863)
Palmer, William (d 1801)
Palmes, John Philip
Pamp, Thomas
Panton, John Alexander
Panton, Paul Griffith
Pardoe, William
Parish, John
Park, John Steele
Parke, Henry
Parke, Thomas
Parker, Charles
Parker, Charles Christopher (1792-1869)
Parker, Christopher (d 1765)
Parker, Christopher (1761-1804)
Parker, Edward Thornborough (d 1801)
Parker, Frederick (d 1809)
Parker, Frederick Augustus Hargood
Parker, George
Parker, George (1767-1847)
Parker, Henry
Parker, Henry Dickson (1778-1855)
Parker, Henry Harding
Parker, Hyde
Parker, Hyde (d 1854)
Parker, Hyde "Old Vinegar/Vinegar Parker" (1714-1782)
Parker, Hyde (1739-1807)
Parker, John (d 1867)
Parker, John (d 1666)
Parker, Nicholas
Parker, Peter (d 1835)
Parker, Peter (1721-1811)
Parker, Peter (1785-1814)
Parker, Richard William
Parker, Robert (d 1797)
Parker, Robert Brockholes (b 1790)
Parker, Stephen
Parker, Walter Turner (b 1793)
Parker, William (1743-1802)
Parker, William (1781-1866)
Parker, William Frederick
Parker, William George (1787-1848)
Parkes, John
Parkhurst, Percy (d 1846)
Parkin, George Henry
Parkin, James Lamport (d 1866)
Parkin, John Pengelly
Parkinson, Robert Lester (d 1836)
Parkinson, William
Parkinson, William Stanway (ca 1774-1838)
Parkman, John
Parks, Abraham (d 1863)
Parkyns, Augustus
Parkyns, George
Parlby, James Edward
Parnell, Henry William
Parr, Alexander Forsyth (1786-1856)
Parr, John Seppens
Parr, Thomas (d 1799)
Parrey, Anthony
Parrey, Edward Iggulden
Parrey, Robert
Parrey, Robert (d 1832)
Parrey, Robert
Parry, Charles Spencer
Parry, Francis (d 1804)
Parry, Henry
Parry, Howard Lewis
Parry, Paul
Parry, Thomas Parry Jones
Parry, William (1705-1779)
Parry, William Edward (1790-1855)
Parry, William Henry Webley (1764-1837)
Parson, John
Parsons, Charles (d 1705)
Parsons, George Samuel (d 1854)
Parsons, John
Parsons, Robert White (d 1861)
Parsons, Thomas (d 1803)
Parsons, Timothy
Parsons, William (d 1846)
Parsons, William (b 1794)
Partridge, Frederick John
Partridge, Robert (d 1692)
Partridge, William Luke
Pascal, Michael
Pasco, Crawford Aitcheson Denham
Pasco, John (1774-1853)
Pasco, William Montagu Isaacson George
Pascoe, John Eyre
Pascoe, William Beard (d 1806)
Pasley, James
Pasley, Thomas (1734-1808)
Pasley, Thomas Malcolm Sabine
Pasley, Thomas Sabine (1804-1884)
Passingham, Augustus Robert Lloyd
Passmore, John
Passmore, Robert
Paston, Robert (d 1711)
Pater, Charles Dudley
Paterson, Charles William (1756-1841)
Paterson, George Yates
Paterson, William (d 1838)
Paterson, William Charles
Paterson, William Love (1781-1856)
Pateshall, Nicholas Lechmere (b 1782)
Patey, Benjamin
Patey, Charles (b 1770)
Patey, Charles George Edward (d 1881)
Patey, George Edward (b 1789)
Patey, George Edwin
Patey, John
Patey, Joseph (b 1780)
Patey, Russell
Patey, William (d 1810)
Patfull, William
Patriarche, Charles
Patridge, Richard
Patridge, Robert (b 1692)
Patten, Frederick
Patten, William (d 1815)
Patterson, Benjamin
Patterson, James
Patterson, William
Pattison, George
Pattison, Henry
Pattison, Mark (d 1796)
Patton, Charles (1741-1837)
Patton, Hugh (1790-1864)
Patton, Philip (1739-1815)
Patton, Robert (b ca 1747)
Patton, Robert (1791-1883)
Patton, Thomas
Patty, Robert
Paul, Alfred John (1811-1845)
Paul, Christmas
Paul, Edward
Paul, George
Paul, Richard (d 1701)
Paul, Robert
Paul, William
Paulet, George (1803-1879)
Paulet, Henry (d 1832)
Paulson, John Thomas
Pawle, Christopher
Pawle, Richard
Paxton, Wentworth (d 1736)
Payne, Charles Bradney
Payne, Charles Frederick (1779-1850)
Payne, Christopher Wyvell
Payne, John
Payne, John Willett (1752-1803)
Payne, Joseph
Payne, Richard
Payne, Robert (d 1805)
Payne, William (1773-1852)
Payne, William Henry
Payne, William Rousseau
Paynter, Charles (b 1791)
Paynter, James Aylmer Dorset
Paynter, John Meyrick
Paynter, John Pender (b 1788)
Peace, Richard (b 1790)
Peach, William
Peachy, Henry John [3rd Baron Selsey] (1787-1838)
Peacock, Samuel Blackshaw (d 1826)
Peacocke, Richard (d 1846)
Peake, Charles (1793-1847)
Peake, Henry Frederick
Peake, Thomas Ladd (1785-1865)
Peake, William (d 1813)
Pearce, Edward (d 1673)
Pearce, Edward Stokes
Pearce, Frederick William Bolton (d 1832)
Pearce, Jeffery (d 1672)
Pearce, John
Pearce, John
Pearce, John Jones
Pearce, Joseph (d 1832)
Pearce, Mark
Pearce, Robert
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, Vincent (d 1759)
Pearce, Vincent (d 1666)
Pearce, William
Pearce, William Isaac
Peard, George
Peard, George (1793-1837)
Peard, Shuldham (1761-1833)
Pearl, James (d 1839)
Pearne, William George (b 1795)
Pears, Charles Wethered
Pearse, Henry Whitmarsh (d 1832)
Pearse, John (b 1780)
Pearse, Joseph (b 1794)
Pearse, Philip
Pearse, Thomas
Pearse, Thomas (d 1846)
Pearse, William
Pearse, William Alfred Rumbulow
Pearson, Alexander
Pearson, Alexander Stevenson
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, Charles
Pearson, George
Pearson, George (d 1816)
Pearson, Hugh
Pearson, Richard (1731-1806)
Pearson, Richard Harrison (d 1838)
Pearson, Robert (d 1827)
Pearson, Robert (d 1723)
Pearson, Thomas (b 1792)
Peat, David (1795-1880)
Peat, John Green (b 1789)
Pechell, Charles
Pechell, George Richard (1789-1860)
Pechell, Samuel George (d 1840)
Pechell, Samuel John Brooke (1785-1849)
Peck, George
Pedder, Andrew (d 1702)
Pedder, George Murray M'Kinley (d 1847)
Pedder, William
Pedlar, George
Peek, George
Peel, Edmund
Peel, Francis
Peel, Jonathan Haworth (d 1844)
Peel, William (1824-1858)
Peers, James (d 1746)
Peers, John Consett
Peevor, Richard Tattersall (d 1811)
Peighin, John (d 1787)
Peirse, Edward
Peirson, George
Pelham, Dudley Worsley Anderson (b 1812)
Pelham, Frederick Thomas (1808-1861)
Pell, Watkin Owen (1788-1869)
Pellew, Edward [1st Viscount Exmouth] (1757-1833)
Pellew, Fleetwood Broughton Reynolds (1789-1861)
Pellew, Israel (1758-1832)
Pellew, Pownoll Bastard [2nd Viscount Exmouth] (1786-1833)
Pellew, Pownoll Fleetwood (b 1823)
Pellowe, Richard
Pelly, Augustus
Pelly, Charles
Pelly, Richard Wilson (b 1814)
Pemberton, Henry
Pemberton, Henry Charles (d 1843)
Pemberton, William
Pemble, Thomas
PEMBROKE (Herbert, Thomas (1656-1733))
Penberthy, Thomas
Pender, Francis
Penfold, George (b 1798)
Pengelley, Charles
Pengelley, Henry
Pengelley, John
Pengelley, John
Pengelley, Robert Lamport
Pengelly, James
Pengelly, John
Pennefather, William Westby (d 1849)
Pennell, Follett Walrond (b 1804)
Pennie, John Cobham
Pennington, Joseph (d 1776)
Pennington, Thomas
Penny, Edward Benson
Penny, Taylor (d 1786)
Penrose, Charles Vinicombe (1759-1830)
Penrose, Charles Vinicombe (b 1781)
Penrose, Matthias
Penruddocke, George (1784-1867)
Pentland, James Murray
Peppen, William Barker
Peppin, Matthew
Perceval, George James [6th Earl of Egmont]
Perceval, Michael Henry
Perceval, Philip Tufton
Perceval, Richard
Percival, Thomas
Percival, Westley (d 1835)
Percy, Algernon [4th Duke of Northumberland] (d 1865)
Percy, Francis (d 1741)
Percy, Josceline (1784-1856)
Percy, Philip
Percy, Robert
Percy, William Henry (1788-1855)
Perder, John
Perkins, Henry Augustus
Perkins, John (d 1812)
Perkins, Robert
Perkins, William
Perrier, William
Perry, James Clewlow (b 1798)
Perry, John (1670-1733)
Perry, Swift
Perry, Walter (d 1672)
Perryman, John
Peshall, Thomas John
Pestill, William
Petch, Charles Adolphus (b ca 1797)
Petch, William Tatton (b 1790)
Peter, Robert
Peter, William Franklen
Peters, Lewis Charles
Peterson, Charles (d 1798)
Peterson, Matthew
Petley, Horace
Petley, John
Petrie, Peter (b 1789)
Pett, Phineas (d 1666)
Pett, Robert
Pettet, John (b 1796)
Pettet, Mark
Pettet, Robert
Pettigrew, William (d 1756)
Pettit, Samuel
Pettman, Richard (d 1848)
Pettman, Thomas (d 1828)
Pettman, William Robert Ashley
Pew, George
Pewell, Walter
Peyton, Edward (d 1749)
Peyton, Edward Joseph (1725-1804)
Peyton, John Goodwin Gregory (1752-1809)
Peyton, John Ritson (1787-1825)
Peyton, John Strutt (1786-1838)
Peyton, Joseph (d ca 1804)
Peyton, Joseph (1750-1816)
Peyton, Lumley Woodyear (1818-1885)
Peyton, Thomas (1757-1801)
Peyton, Yelverton (d 1749)
Phayre, George Annesley
Phelp, Cecil Tufton (d 1835)
Phelps, Henry (d 1905)
Phenny, John
Phepoe, John (b 1786)
Phibbs, Matthew (d 1832)
Philipps, Baker (ca 1718-1745)
Philipps, Griffith Grismond
Philipps, John George (b 1783)
Philipps, John Henry
Philipps, John Philipps
Philipps, Richard Mansell
Philipps, Rowland
Philips, Alexander
Philips, Erasmus (d 1719)
Philips, George
Philips, James Robert (d 1852)
Philips, John
Phillimore, Augustus
Phillimore, John (1781-1840)
Phillip, Arthur (1738-1814)
Phillipps, Robert
Phillips, Barker (d 1745)
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Edward (b 1790)
Phillips, Frederick (d 1856)
Phillips, Henry Cranmer March
Phillips, John William
Phillips, Morgan
Phillips, Nathaniel
Phillips, Richard Charles
Phillips, William
Phillipson, John (d 1745)
Phillott, Charles George Rodney (1782-1863)
Philpot, Robert
Philpot, Stephen Dawson
Philpot, Thomas (d 1742)
Phipps, Charles (d 1788)
Phipps, Constantine John [2nd Baron Mulgrave] (1744-1792)
Phipps, James
Phipps, Thomas
Phipps, Weston
Phipps, William
Phipps, William Hugh
Phips, David
Phips, Spencer
Pickard, Benjamin Spencer
Pickard, James (1781-1849)
Pickard, Peter (d 1701)
Pickard, Spencer Hicks
Pickering, Thomas Woolley (d 1792)
Pickernell, Peter Giles
Pickersgill, Richard
Pickey, Valentine
Pickford, Charles
Picking, William
Pickmore, Francis (ca 1756-1818)
Pickmore, Francis John
Pickthorn, John
Pidcock, George Adolphus (d 1853)
Pidgley, Andrew Bowden
Pierce, George
Pierce, Thomas
Piercy, Richard
Piercy, Thomas (d 1795)
Pierie, John
Pierrepont, Charles Herbert [2nd Earl Manvers] (1778-1860)
Pierrepont, William (d 1813)
Pierson, Shute Barrington
Pierson, William Henry
Pigot, George (d 1807)
Pigot, Hugh (1722-1792)
Pigot, Hugh (1769-1797)
Pigot, Hugh (1775-1857)
Pigot, Richard Henry Hollis
Pigot, Robert
Pigot, Walter (d 1754)
Pigott, James
Pigott, John
Pigott, Leighton Price
Pike, Abraham
Pike, Edward
Pike, John
Pike, John William
Pike, Richard
Pike, Thomas
Pike, Walter Wiltshire (d 1849)
Pilch, Robert
Pilch, William
Piles, Thomas
Pilfold, John (ca 1776-1834)
Pilkington, Edward William
Pilus, John
Pim, Bedford Clapperton Tryvellion
Pinder, Thomas (d 1699)
Pine, Horace (d 1798)
Pinfold, Richard
Pinhorn, William (d 1845)
Pinn, Edward
Pinto, Thomas
Piper, Edmund John
Pipon, Philip (d 1829)
Pitchford, Samuel
Pitfield, Jacob
Pitfield, Joseph Edward Chilcott
Pitman, John (d 1752)
Pitman, John Charles
Pitman, Samuel
Pitman, William
Pitt, Edward William
Pitt, James Charles (1761-1781)
Pitt, Thomas [2nd Baron Camelford] (1775-1804)
Pitt, William
Pitts, Edward (d 1848)
Place, Lionel Read
Plaggenborg, Edward (d 1828)
Plaine, John
Plampin, Robert (d 1834)
Platt, John
Plowman, George
Plucknett, Thomas Adolphus
Plumridge, James Hanway (1787-1863)
Plunket, John
Plunkett, Edward [16th Baron Dunsany] (1808-1889)
Plymsell, Amos
Poad, James
Poate, James (d 1852)
Pochin, Ralph George
Pocklington, Christopher (d 1766)
Pocock, George (1706-1792)
Pocock, William Innes (1783-1836)
Pococke, Richard
Podden, George (d 1717)
Podmore, John George King
Pogson, Henry Freeman Young
Pointon, Samuel
Pointz, John
Pole, Charles Morice (1757-1830)
Pole, John
Polkinghorne, Charles James
Polkinghorne, James
Pollard, Charles
Pollard, George
Pollard, John (1787-1868)
Pollard, Walter James
Pollen, John
Pollexfen, John (d 1798)
Polwhele, Edward Collins (d 1810)
Pomeroy, George (b 1696)
Pomeroy, George Francis
Ponsonby, Anthony
Ponsonby, John
Ponsonby, Miles
Ponsonby, Milham
Ponsonby, Thomas Carrique
Pook, Henry
Pook, John
Poole, Charles (d 1738)
Poole, James
Poole, Jonas
Poole, Richard
Poole, Robert (d 1864)
Poole, William
Pooley, George
Pooley, William
Poore, John
Poore, William (d 1853)
Pope, Daniel
Pope, Edmund
Popham, Brunswick (1805-1878)
Popham, Home Riggs "Duke of York's Admiral" (1762-1820)
Popham, Joseph Lamb (1771-1833)
Popham, Stephen (d 1842)
Popham, William (1791-1864)
Popplewell, George Otway
Popplewell, Matthew James
Porcher, Edwin Augustus
Porteous, Francis Pender
Porteous, John
Porter, George Davis
Porter, Jervis Henry (d 1763)
Porter, Thomas
Porter, William
Portington, Henry (d 1737)
Portlock, Nathaniel (1748-1817)
Portman, Windham Berkeley
Postle, Charles James
Postlethwaite, Edward
Potbury, John Moon (d 1848)
Potinger, Edward (d 1691)
Potter, Donald (d 1831)
Potter, Richard
Potts, John (d 1847)
Potts, Robert
Poulden, Richard (d 1845)
Poulett, George (1786-1854)
Pound, Thomas
Powell, Caesar Cottrell
Powell, Edmund (d 1811)
Powell, George Eyre (d 1855)
Powell, Herbert Brace
Powell, John (d 1789)
Powell, Richard Ashmore (1816-1892)
Powell, Samuel
Power, Edward Roche
Power, Henry
Power, Henry
Power, Richard
Powlett, Francis Lascoe
Powlett, Harry [6th Duke of Bolton] "Captain Sternpost" (1720-1794)
Powney, John (d 1855)
Pownoll, Philemon (d 1780)
Powys, Charles (d 1804)
Powys, Charles Edward
Poynter, Charles Willet
Poyntz, Newdigate (b 1785)
Poyntz, Stephen (1769-1847)
Praed, Bulkley Mackworth
Prampton, Thomas Richard
Prangnall, Frederick (d 1842)
Prater, Richard
Pratt, James
Pratten, Edward (d 1763)
Prattent, John (d 1834)
Preedy, George William
Prescott, Henry (1783-1874)
Prescott, Isaac (d 1830)
Prescott, Thomas (d 1808)
Prescott, Thomas Lennox
Prescott, Thomas Leveson (d 1849)
Presland, Thomas
Preston, D'Arcy (ca 1765-1847)
Preston, D'Arcy Spence (b 1827)
Preston, Edward (d 1830)
Preston, Henry
Preston, James
Preston, Robert (d 1817)
Preston, Thomas
Preston, William (d 1756)
Preston, William
Prestrick, Edward
Pretyman, George
Pretyman, William
Prevost, James
Prevost, James Charles
Prevost, Lewis De Teissier (b 1814)
Price, Charles Dutton (b 1800)
Price, Charles Henry
Price, Charles Papps (d 1813)
Price, David (1790-1854)
Price, Francis Swaine
Price, Frederick
Price, George (d 1840)
Price, Hugh
Price, James Hervey
Price, John (d 1828)
Price, John (b 1802)
Price, John Adolphus Pope
Price, Joseph
Price, Samuel (b 1793)
Price, Thomas (d 1807)
Price, William (d 1835)
Prichard, John
Prickett, John (d 1823)
Prickett, John David (d 1807)
Prickett, Thomas (b 1789)
Prideaux, Bayntun
Prideaux, John
Pridham, Richard (1779-1864)
Pridham, William Downman
Pridham, William White
Priest, Benjamin Portland (d 1866)
Priest, Joseph Hemsley
Priestman, Henry (d 1712)
Prieur, Peter Stephen
Prince, Charles
Prince, John
Pring, Daniel (ca 1788-1846)
Pringle, George
Pringle, James
Pringle, Robert
Pringle, Thomas
Pringle, William
Prior, Henry
Prior, Joseph
Prior, Richard Samuel
Prior, Thomas Henry
Pritchard, John (d ca 1779)
Pritchard, John Appleby (d 1862)
Pritchard, John White
Pritchard, Richard Davidson (b 1788)
Pritchard, Robert
Pritchard, Samuel
Pritchard, Samuel Perkins
Probert, John Wale (d 1847)
Proby, Charles
Proby, Granville Leveson [3rd Earl of Carysfort] (1781-1868)
Proby, Henry Joshua Philadelphia (b 1785)
Proby, William Allen (1779-1804)
Proby, William Henry Baptist (b 1794)
Probyn, Francis Gordon
Probyn, Henry
Probyn, Henry (d 1845)
Procter, Peter
Proctor, Edward Halked Beauchamp
Proctor, George (d 1736)
Proctor, Joseph
Proctor, William Beauchamp (1781-1861)
Protheroe, Frederick Jones
Protheroe, Samuel Rosser
Prowse, Thomas (d 1806)
Prowse, William
Prowse, William (d 1826)
Prowse, William Jones (d 1860)
Prowther, William (d 1703)
Prust, Bartholomew
Pryce, Henry (b 1786)
Prynn, Parkins (d 1838)
Puckford, James
Puddicombe, Stephen
Pudner, Humphry
Puget, Henry Joseph (d 1839)
Puget, Peter (d 1822)
Puget, William David
Pugh, John Davies
Pugh, Richard (d 1693)
Puleston, John
Pulham, Thomas
Pullen, Henry
Pullen, Samuel George (d 1854)
Pullen, William
Pullen, William John Samuel (1813-1887)
Pulliblank, Abraham (d 1793)
Pulling, Arthur
Pulling, George Christopher
Pulling, James (d 1863)
Pulling, John King (d 1797)
Pullman, John
Pulton, Richard
Purcell, Edward (d 1869)
Purcell, John
Purchas, Francis
Purchas, Thomas
Purchas, William (d 1849)
Purchas, William Jardine (1788-1848)
Purches, James Uzuld (b 1783)
Purdo, William
Purkis, Robert
Purver, Thomas White
Purvis, Barrington (d 1822)
Purvis, Charles Wager (d 1772)
Purvis, George (d 1740)
Purvis, George Thomas Maitland (b 1802)
Purvis, John Brett (1787-1857)
Purvis, John Child (1747-1825)
Purvis, Richard
Purvis, Richard (d 1802)
Purvis, Richard Oaldham (d 1805)
Purvis, William
Pye, Thomas "Goose Pye" (d 1785)
Pye, William
Pyend, Stephen
Pyend, Valentine
Pyke, John
Pyke, Joseph (b 1797)
Pym, Richard Elsworthy
Pym, Samuel (1778-1855)
Pym, William Henry
Pyne, George
Pyne, Henry (d 1838)
Pyne, John (d 1837)
Pyne, William
Pynsent, Christopher Alexander Martin
Pywell, Elmer (d 1802)



Quarme, William
Quarry, Michael
Quelch, John
Quill, Richard
Quilliam, John (1771-1829)
Quin, Francis Beaufort (d 1848)
Quin, Henry
Quin, Michael (1791-1870)
Quin, Richard Robert
Quin, William Henry
Quinlan, William St. Louis
Quinton, Cornelius



Raban, Robert Bruce
Rabett, George William
Raby, Henry James
Radcliff, John
Radcliffe, Charles
Radcliffe, Stephen
Radcliffe, William (b 1796)
Radford, Samuel (d 1861)
Radford, William (b 1780)
RADSTOCK (Waldegrave, Granville George (1786-1857))
RADSTOCK (Waldegrave, William (1753-1825))
Raffington, Samuel Burrows
Raggett, Richard (d 1829)
Raigersfeld, Jeffery (d 1844)
Rainier, Charles
Rainier, John
Rainier, John Sprat (d 1822)
Rainier, Peter
Rainier, Peter (1741-1808)
Rainier, Peter (1784-1836)
Rains, James (b 1769)
Rains, John (d 1832)
Rains, Stephen
Rains, Stephen (d 1824)
Rains, Thomas (d 1702)
Rainstone, John
Ralph, Robert
Ram, James George
Ram, William (d 1805)
Ramage, Edward
Ramage, William
Ramsay, David (d 1815)
Ramsay, David (d 1818)
Ramsay, Edward
Ramsay, George [12th Earl Dalhousie] (1806-1880)
Ramsay, Henry Douglas
Ramsay, John (d 1807)
Ramsay, John Douglas (b 1805)
Ramsay, Joseph
Ramsay, Robert
Ramsay, Robert (1773-1854)
Ramsay, Samuel Smith (d 1821)
Ramsay, William (d 1871)
Ramsden, Frank
Ramsden, William (b 1789)
Ramsey, Edward (b 1790)
Ramsey, Frederick
Ramsey, George (d 1717)
Ramsey, Samuel
Ramsey, Thomas (b 1786)
Ramshay, George Rodney (b 1782)
Randall, Daniel White (b 1784)
Randall, Henry
Randall, James (d 1765)
Randle, Charles
Randolph, Charles Grenville
Randolph, George Grenville
RANELAGH (Jones, Charles (1761-1800))
Ranes, Edward (d 1703)
Ranwell, William (b 1784)
Raper, George (1769-1797)
Raper, Henry
Raper, Henry (d 1845)
Ratford, Richard
Rathborne, Wilson (1748-1831)
Ratsey, Edward
Ratsey, Nathaniel
Ratsey, Restell
Ratsey, Robert
Ratsey, Robert
Ratsey, Thomas
Rattray, James
Raven, Michael
Ravenshaw, George
Rawdon, Charles Wyndam (d 1865)
Rawe, Thomas
Rawle, Richard (b 1782)
Rawlence, Roger Randall (d 1794)
Rawlings, John (d 1757)
Rawlings, Peter
Rawlins, Robert Dicklegg
Rawlins, Thomas
Rawlinson, Charles James
Rawlinson, Roger A. (d 1794)
Rawlinson, William Henry (d 1833)
Rawstorne, James
Ray, Edward Hood Lingard
Ray, Joseph
Rayden, Charles
Raye, Henry
Rayley, Charles
Raymond, Beaumont (d 1718)
Raymond, George
Raymond, James Grant
Rayner, Edmund (d 1846)
Rayner, John (d 1784)
Raynor, John (d 1800)
Raynsford, Robert (d 1806)
Rayson, James
Read, Charles Rudston (b 1818)
Read, Francis
Read, George
Read, George (1794-1856)
Read, John
Read, John
Read, Offley Malcolm Crewe
Read, Roddam Augustus (d 1805)
Read, Thomas
Read, Thomas
Read, William
Read, William Viner
Readgrove, Thomas
Ready, Henry
Rebotier, Anthony Richard
Reddall, Ambrose
Reddie, Andrew
Reddie, Peter
Reddy, James
Rede, Thomas William
Reding, Edward
Redman, John (d 1727)
Redman, William
Redmill, Robert
Reed, Anthony
Reed, Archibald
Reed, George
Reed, Nehemiah John
Reed, Richard Bowen
Rees, Arthur
Rees, James
Rees, Thomas Gwynne
Rees, William Lee
Rees, William Sherring
Reeve, John
Reeve, John Milward
Reeve, Samuel
Reeve, Samuel (d 1803)
Reeve, William (d 1673)
Reeves, Daniel (d 1702)
Reeves, John Andrews
Reeves, William (d 1695)
Regon, Thomas (d 1782)
Reid, Andrew (b 1788)
Reid, Charles
Reid, Charles Hope
Reid, Curtis (1789-1855)
Reid, David
Reid, Douglas (b 1806)
Reid, Henry
Reid, James (d 1824)
Reid, James (d 1836)
Reid, John
Reid, John
Reid, Robert
Reid, Samuel
Reid, Thomas Livingston
Reid, Walter
Reike, William
Reilly, Hugh Arthur
Reitz, John James
Relph, Thomas
Rend, Thomas
Rendell, John (b 1797)
Reneau, Henry
Rennie, George
Rennie, George Lucas (d 1834)
Rennie, James
Rennie, John (d 1801)
Rennie, William (1796-1818)
Renny, Alexander
Renou, Adrian (d 1805)
Renou, Timothy (b 1789)
Renton, William
Rentone, James (d 1748)
Renwick, Henry
Renwick, Thomas
Renwick, William (d 1839)
Repington, Edward Henry A'Court (1783-1855)
Retalick, James
Retalick, Richard (d 1803)
Revans, Thomas (b 1781)
Reynolds, Barrington (d 1861)
Reynolds, Francis
Reynolds, George (1766-1851)
Reynolds, George Stewart
Reynolds, Henry (d 1782)
Reynolds, Jacob
Reynolds, James
Reynolds, John (1713-1788)
Reynolds, John (1783-1848)
Reynolds, Lewis
Reynolds, Louis Rivett (d 1863)
Reynolds, Robert
Reynolds, Robert Carthew (d 1811)
Reynolds, Thomas (d 1719)
Reynolds, Vessey John
Reynolds, William
Reynolds, William
Rhind, William Graeme
Rhodes, John Henry (b 1788)
Riall, William Henry (b 1805)
Ribouleau, Peter (d 1847)
Rice, David
Rice, Edward Bridges
Rice, George
Rice, George William (d 1853)
Rice, Henry
Rice, Henry (b 1787)
Rice, James Macpherson
Rice, John (d 1673)
Rice, William Macpherson (d 1800)
Rich, Charles (d 1706)
Rich, Charles
Rich, Edward (d 1753)
Rich, Edwin Ludlow
Rich, Frederic Dampier (b 1818)
Rich, George Frederick (d 1863)
Rich, Henry (b 1787)
Rich, Thomas (d 1804)
Richan, William (d 1829)
Richards, Charles
Richards, Edward
Richards, Edwin
Richards, George Henry (1819-1896)
Richards, George Spencer
Richards, Harry Brown
Richards, Henry Lord
Richards, Isaac
Richards, James
Richards, John (d 1830)
Richards, John (d 1832)
Richards, Peter (1787-1869)
Richards, Thomas Salmon
Richards, William (d 1848)
Richards, William
Richardson, Caesar William
Richardson, Charles (1767-1850)
Richardson, Clement
Richardson, David
Richardson, Francis
Richardson, George
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, Henry James
Richardson, John
Richardson, John (d 1806)
Richardson, John Charles (d 1821)
Richardson, Richard M'Kinley (d 1848)
Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, William
Richardson, William
Richbell, Thomas (d 1833)
Riches, Thomas
Riches, Watson Thomas
Richie, James
Richie, William
Richmond, Henry (d 1848)
Richmond, Thomas
Richmond, Thomas Foord
Rickards, John
Ricketts, Charles Spencer
Ricketts, Cornwallis (b 1803)
Ricketts, George
Ricketts, James William Otto
Ricketts, Simpson Hicks (1816-1858)
Ricketts, Tristram Robert (1772-1842)
Ricketts, William
Ricketts, William
Ricketts, William Henry (1764-1805)
Rickman, John
Riddell, Robert
Riddle, Walter
Rideout, Samuel
Rider, John
Rider, William Barnham
Ridge, George Agar Ellis
Ridge, Thomas Roger
Ridgway, Daniel
Ridley, Hugh
Rigby, Christopher
Rigby, Peter
Rigge, Charles Gray
Rigmaiden, James (d 1863)
Riley, Charles
Riley, Charles Wilson
Riou, Edward (d 1801)
Ripley, Horatio
Ripley, Lionel (d 1725)
Ripley, William (d 1697)
Risk, John Erskine Field
Risk, Richard Hawkins
Ritchie, Patrick
Ritchie, Thomas
Rivers, William (d 1856)
Rivers, William Thomas (b 1814)
Rix, George Albert
Roach, Jeremiah (d 1690)
Roach, John
Robb, Charles (d 1813)
Robb, John
Robb, Joseph
Roberton, John Sherbrooke (d 1847)
Roberts, Bartholomew
Roberts, Benjamin
Roberts, Bryan
Roberts, Charles Fowler
Roberts, Christopher
Roberts, Daniel
Roberts, Duncan
Roberts, Edward
Roberts, Edward Forward
Roberts, Eldred
Roberts, Francis
Roberts, Francis (b 1789)
Roberts, George
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, James Wolfe
Roberts, John
Roberts, John (1720-1815)
Roberts, John Charles Gawen (1787-1874)
Roberts, John Walter (1792-1845)
Roberts, Lazarus
Roberts, Mitchell
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Samuel (b 1787)
Roberts, Thomas (b 1779)
Roberts, Thomas Lorey
Roberts, William
Roberts, William
Roberts, William (b 1782)
Roberts, William Gilbert (d 1843)
Roberts, William Pender (d 1854)
Robertson, Adam
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, Bowen Robert (b 1791)
Robertson, David
Robertson, George
Robertson, James (d 1830)
Robertson, James Balfour
Robertson, James Hector M'Kenzie
Robertson, John
Robertson, John
Robertson, Lewis (d 1794)
Robertson, Richard Murdoch
Robertson, Robert
Robertson, William
Robertson, William
Robertson, William (d 1861)
Robilliard, John (b 1800)
Robilliard, Nicholas
Robilliard, William
Robinett, Roger
Robins, Henry Jenkins (d 1846)
Robins, John Gunn
Robins, Thomas Lowton (d 1852)
Robins, William Stocker (b 1791)
Robinson, Abraham
Robinson, Alfred Samuel
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Charles (d 1853)
Robinson, Charles Aylmer Pembroke Vallancey
Robinson, Charles Cowling (b 1790)
Robinson, Charles Francis
Robinson, Charles Gepp (b 1805)
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Frederick
Robinson, George (d 1838)
Robinson, George (b 1792)
Robinson, Henry (d 1701)
Robinson, Hercules (b 1789)
Robinson, Hugh
Robinson, James
Robinson, James Charles
Robinson, John
Robinson, John (d 1807)
Robinson, John Delancey
Robinson, John James
Robinson, John Parker
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Loftus Christopher Hawker
Robinson, Louis Augustus
Robinson, Mark (d 1799)
Robinson, Mark (d 1834)
Robinson, Nicholas (d 1753)
Robinson, Parker (d 1800)
Robinson, Richard (1804-1848)
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Robert (d 1785)
Robinson, Robert Spencer (1809-1889)
Robinson, Tancred (d 1754)
Robinson, Thomas (d 1838)
Robinson, Thomas (d 1703)
Robinson, Thomas Pitt (1792-1861)
Robinson, Walter Francis
Robinson, William
Robinson, William (d 1817)
Robinson, William
Robinson, William M'Dowal
Robson, John (d ca 1807)
Robson, William (b 1796)
Roby, Fasham
Roche, Hugh (d 1840)
Roche, John
Roche, Joseph
Rochfort, John Prime Iron
Rochfort, Robert (b 1789)
Rochfort, William (d 1847)
Rodd, John Rashleigh
Rodd, John Tremayne (d 1838)
Rodd, Thomas
Roddam, Robert (1720-1808)
Roddam, William (b 1793)
Roderick, George
Rodger, William
Rodney, Edward (1783-1828)
Rodney, George (d 1776)
Rodney, George Brydges [Baron Rodney] (d 1792)
Rodney, James
Rodney, John (d 1775)
Rodney, John (1765-1847)
Rodney, Mortimer Harley (b 1817)
Rodney, Robert (d 1826)
Rodney, Thomas Maitland (b 1810)
Roe, Edward
Roe, John Septimus
Roe, Robert Bradley
Roe, Simon
Roebuck, Henry
Roepel, Juste Peter (1793-1847)
Rogers, Benjamin
Rogers, Edward
Rogers, Frederick (d 1772)
Rogers, Frederick (b 1794)
Rogers, George (d 1729)
Rogers, Henry Downing
Rogers, James
Rogers, James
Rogers, John
Rogers, Josias
Rogers, Nathaniel
Rogers, Philip
Rogers, Richard Eales
Rogers, Robert Henley (1783-1857)
Rogers, Thomas
Rogers, Thomas (d 1868)
Rogers, Timothy
Rogers, William (d 1848)
Rogers, William (d 1866)
Rogier, Edward (d 1864)
Rokeby, Henry Ralph
Rolfe, William
Rolland, William Rue
Rolles, Robert (d 1839)
Rolleston, James
Rollo, James
Romney, Francis Darby (b 1786)
Rooke, Charles Thomas (d 1857)
Rooke, Francis (d 1852)
Rooke, Frederick William (d 1855)
Rooke, George (ca 1650-1709)
Rooke, Leonard Charles (b 1797)
Rooke, Nicholas
Rootes, John (b 1780)
Rooth, Richard
Roper, William
Rorie, George (d 1847)
Rorie, John James
Roscow, Samuel
Roscow, Samuel
Rose, Abraham
Rose, Alexander (d 1826)
Rose, Charles
Rose, George
Rose, George Frederick
Rose, James
Rose, John (d 1857)
Rose, Jonas (d 1820)
Rose, Thomas Barton
Rosenberg, George Percy (d 1838)
Rosenhagen, Philip Lewis (d 1813)
Rosewell, Henry
Rosher, Henry
Roskruge, Francis (d 1805)
Ross, Alexander
Ross, Arlan (d 1816)
Ross, Charles Alexander
Ross, Charles Bayne Hodgson (d 1849)
Ross, Charles Henry
Ross, Charles William De Courcy (d 1848)
Ross, Charles Wilsone
Ross, Daniel (d 1827)
Ross, David
Ross, David (1758-1836)
Ross, Edward Cockburn (d 1819)
Ross, Francis (d 1794)
Ross, George
Ross, George Adam
Ross, George David
Ross, James
Ross, James Clark (1800-1862)
Ross, John (1777-1856)
Ross, John Francis
Ross, John Lockhart (1721-1790)
Ross, Melville George Hope Warrender
Ross, Richard Colmer
Ross, Robert
Ross, Thomas (b 1797)
Ross, Thomas Courtis
Ross, Walter (d 1744)
Ross, William
Ross, William
Rosson, William
Rothe, Peter
Rotheram, Edward (1753-1830)
Rothery, John
Rothery, John Carpenter
Rothery, Thomas
Rothery, Thomas Henry
Rotton, Edward
Rouett, John Smollett
Rous, Henry John (1795-1877)
Rous, John (d 1760)
Rouse, Augustus (d 1714)
Rouse, John Wood
Rouse, Richard
Rouse, Robert James
Routh, Robert (d 1760)
Routledge, William Henry (d 1849)
Rowan, Edward
Rowe, Henry Nathaniel
Rowe, Hugh Thomas
Rowe, James
Rowe, John (d 1799)
Rowe, Joshua Latimer
Rowe, Thomas
Rowed, Henry (d 1831)
Rowland, James
Rowlands, John Samuel (b 1789)
Rowlandson, Francis
Rowlatt, William (1808-1856)
Rowles, Byron George
Rowley, Bartholomew Samuel (1764-1811)
Rowley, Burton (d 1822)
Rowley, Charles (1770-1845)
Rowley, Charles Evelyn (b 1824)
Rowley, Edward (1792-1817)
Rowley, Joshua (1734-1790)
Rowley, Joshua Ricketts (b 1785)
Rowley, Josias
Rowley, Josias (1765-1842)
Rowley, Richard Freeman (1806-1854)
Rowley, Robert (d 1834)
Rowley, Robert Hibbert Bartholomew (b 1817)
Rowley, Samuel Campbell (1774-1846)
Rowley, William (1690-1768)
Rowlinson, William Henry
Rowzier, John (d 1752)
Rowzier, Richard
Roy, James
Roy, St. Albans
Roydhouse, Josiah (d 1709)
Royer, Alfred
Royer, Charles
Royse, William (b 1804)
Rubidge, Charles (1787-1873)
Rubidge, Robert Henry
Rudall, William
Ruddle, Francis
Ruddoch, Alexander
Rude, John
Rudsdell, Richard
Rule, William (b 1787)
Rumford, William
Rumley, James
Rumsey, Edward (d 1710)
Rundell, Benjamin
Rundle, Joseph Sparkhill (1815-1880)
Runwa, Benjamin
Rusden, James
Rushbrooke, William Henry (1815-1883)
Rushworth, Edward (d 1812)
Rushworth, Henry (d 1819)
Rushworth, John (d 1779)
Russel, Robert
Russell, Charles Whitworth (d 1863)
Russell, Edward [Earl of Orford] (1653-1727)
Russell, Edward (1805-1887)
Russell, Francis
Russell, Francis John (b 1808)
Russell, George
Russell, Henry
Russell, James
Russell, John
Russell, John (1811-1843)
Russell, Robert (d 1848)
Russell, Thomas
Russell, Thomas Macnamara (ca 1740-1824)
Russell, William (d 1828)
Russell, William
Russell, William (d 1703)
Russell, William Nathaniel
Rust, Robert (d 1845)
Rutherford, George
Rutherford, Gilbert Brydone
Rutherford, William Gordon (1764-1818)
Ruthven, John (d 1771)
Rycaut, James
Ryder, Alfred Phillips (1820-1888)
Ryder, Charles
Ryder, Granville Dudley (1799-1879)
Ryder, James
Ryder, William
Rye, George Hubert
Rye, Peter (ca 1760-1851)
Rymer, David (d 1846)
Rymer, Henry (d 1824)
Ryves, George Frederick (1758-1826)
Ryves, George Frederick (b 1792)
Ryves, Herbert Thomas



Sabben, James (b 1787)
Sacklar, Tobias
Saddington, Richard (d 1673)
Sadleir, Richard
Sadler, Benjamin Peyton
Sadler, Frederick William Richard
Sainthill, Alfred
Sainthill, George Augustus
Sainthill, Richard (1739-1829)
Sainthill, Richard Tillidge (b 1788)
Salisbury, John (d 1793)
Salkeld, Thomas (d 1867)
Sall, Joseph
Salmon, John
Salmon, Nowell
Salmon, Robert
Salmon, William
Salmond, Peter
Salt, George Burgoyne
Salt, Sampson
Salter, Daniel
Salter, Elliot (d 1791)
Salter, John
Salwey, Theophilus
Samber, James
Sampson, Robert (d 1665)
Samwell, Peter (b 1775)
Samwell, William (d 1846)
Samwell, William (b 1798)
Sanday, Samuel
Sanders, Edwin William
Sanders, Francis
Sanders, Gabriel
Sanders, George (d 1834)
Sanders, James
Sanders, John
Sanders, John Harry (1784-1876)
Sanders, Joseph
Sanders, Robert (d 1667)
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, William
Sanders, William Schollar
Sanderson, Charles William
Sanderson, John
Sanderson, John (b 1796)
Sanderson, John Proctor
Sanderson, William
Sandey, William
Sandford, Jacob
Sandilands, Alexander Albert
Sandilands, James
Sandom, Robert Maccure (b 1814)
Sandom, Williams (d 1858)
Sandsbury, Thomas
Sandsbury, Thomas Browne
Sandys, Charles
Sandys, Jordan (d 1734)
Sandys, Richard Edwin (d 1801)
Sandys, Samuel Edwin
Sandys, William
Sanford, George (d 1848)
Sanford, John Ayshford
Sangster, Robert (b 1771)
Sankey, Henry
Sankey, Jacob Hiram (b 1807)
Sansum, Arthur
Santell, Thomas
Sargent, Francis
Sargent, Robert Orme
Sargent, Stephen
Sargent, William (d 1835)
Sarmon, George Woods
Sarradine, George
Sarratt, George Henry
Sarsfield, Dominick (b 1790)
Sartain, Stephen
Sartorius, George Rose (1790-1885)
Sauce, Robert
Saulez, Isaac Newton Thomas
Saumarez, James [1st Baron De Saumarez] (1757-1836)
Saumarez, Philip
Saumarez, Philip (1710-1747)
Saumarez, Richard
Saumarez, Thomas (d 1823)
Saumarez, Thomas
Saumarez, Thomas (d 1766)
Saunders, Andrew
Saunders, Charles (ca 1713-1775)
Saunders, Francis
Saunders, George (ca 1671-1734)
Saunders, George Douglas (d 1839)
Saunders, George Lawrence
Saunders, Humphrey (d 1725)
Saunders, Richard
Saunders, Thomas
Saunders, William Clewes
Saunderson, James
Saunderson, Ralph
Saurin, Edward
Sause, Robert (d 1827)
Savage, Henry (d 1823)
Savage, James
Savage, William
Savage, William Henry (d 1847)
Saville, George Augustus (b 1773)
Saville, John Griffin (d 1804)
Sawbridge, Samuel (b 1805)
Sawyer, Charles
Sawyer, Herbert (d 1833)
Sawyer, Herbert (d 1798)
Sawyer, John Jervis
Sawyer, Samuel
Sax, Robert
Saxton, Charles (1732-1808)
Sayer, George (d 1846)
Sayer, George
Sayer, George (d 1831)
Sayer, James (b 1721)
Sayer, Robert Richard
Sayer, Saffery
Sayer, William Frederick
Sayes, Robert
Sbirrel, John
Scaife, John (d 1773)
Scallon, Robert (1771-1848)
Scally, William (d 1703)
Scanlan, Richard
Scanlan, Thomas
Scantlebury, Jehu Caudle Bend
Schank, John "Old Purchase" (1740-1823)
Schaw, Frederick David (b 1781)
Schole, Robert Horatio (d 1828)
Schomberg, Alexander (1720-1804)
Schomberg, Alexander Wilmot (1775-1850)
Schomberg, Charles Frederick (d 1874)
Schomberg, Charles Marsh (1779-1835)
Schomberg, Henry Charles (b 1804)
Schomberg, Herbert (1803-1867)
Schomberg, Isaac (1753-1813)
Schultz, George Augustus (1785-1854)
Schuyler, Adoniah
Scobell, Edward (d 1825)
Scobell, George Treweeke (b 1785)
Scoffin, John
Scott, Alexander
Scott, Alexander
Scott, Arthur (1718-1756)
Scott, Charles Kittoe
Scott, David
Scott, Edmund (d 1877)
Scott, Edward
Scott, Edward Forlow
Scott, Edward Hinton (d 1861)
Scott, Edward William
Scott, Francis
Scott, Francis
Scott, George (b 1770)
Scott, George (b 1783)
Scott, Henry (d 1740)
Scott, Henry (d 1762)
Scott, Henry William
Scott, James
Scott, James
Scott, James (1790-1872)
Scott, James Woodward
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, John
Scott, John (b 1784)
Scott, John Binney
Scott, John Philip
Scott, Matthew Henry (d 1836)
Scott, Peter Astle
Scott, Robert (d 1807)
Scott, Robert Anthony Edwards
Scott, Samuel
Scott, Theophilus
Scott, Thomas (d 1725)
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Walter
Scott, William (d 1805)
Scott, William Isaac
Scovell, William George
Screech, James
Scriven, John Barclay
Scriven, Thomas Swain
Scriven, Timothy (d 1824)
Scroder, Christopher Boulton (d 1839)
Scroggs, Edward
Scrope, Carr (d 1762)
Scrymgour, William
Scudamore, William James (b 1788)
Seager, John (d 1846)
Seagram, Henry Frowd (d 1843)
Seagrove, James
Seale, Charles Henry (b 1790)
Seale, Thomas
Sealy, John Ludlow Nelson
Seaman, Edward
Searle, Henry (d 1698)
Searle, Henry Holland
Searle, John Clarke (d 1824)
Searle, Thomas (1777-1849)
Seater, John (d 1806)
Seaton, George
Seaton, John
Seaver, Charles
Seavers, Jeremiah
Seaward, William
Seccombe, Ambrose
Seccombe, Charles Julius
Seccombe, John
Seccombe, Thomas
Sedd, Simon
Selbie, John (d 1846)
Selby, George (d 1779)
Selby, George (b 1789)
Selby, Henry Donaldson (b 1825)
Selby, Samuel (b 1787)
Selby, William
Selden, John
Sellon, William Richard Baker
SELSEY (Peachy, Henry John (1787-1838))
Selwyn, Charles William
Selwyn, Frederick Leopold Augustus
Selwyn, Jasper Henry
Senhouse, Edward Hooper (d 1863)
Senhouse, George Septimus (d 1808)
Senhouse, Humphrey Dyke Ballantyne Le Fleming (1781-1841)
Senhouse, William (d 1800)
Senhouse, William Wood
Senior, James
Seppings, John Milligen
Serocold, George Edward Pearce (1828-1912)
Serocold, Walter (d 1794)
Serrell, John
Serres, John Edward Dominick
Servante, Charles
Servante, Frederick
Servante, John
Servante, John Henry (d 1837)
Setford, James
Seton, David
Seton, James Grant (b 1795)
Seton, Peter
Seward, Charles (b ca 1781)
Seward, James
Seward, John
Sewell, Francis Theodore Dudley (d 1846)
Sewell, Henry Frederick (b 1790)
Seymors, John
Seymour, Bowles
Seymour, Edward William (b 1791)
Seymour, Francis Edward (b 1788)
Seymour, Frederick Beauchamp Paget (b 1821)
Seymour, George Alexander
Seymour, George Francis (1787-1870)
Seymour, George Henry (1818-1869)
Seymour, Hugh (d 1666)
Seymour, Hugh (1759-1801)
Seymour, John Crossly
Seymour, Matthew Cassan
Seymour, Michael (1768-1834)
Seymour, Michael (1802-1887)
Seymour, Richard (d 1806)
Seymour, Stephen (d 1796)
Seymour, Thomas
Shackleton, Charles
Shacklock, Edward
Shadwell, Charles Frederick Alexander (1814-1886)
Shairp, Alexander
Shairp, Alexander Mordaunt
Shairp, John
Shairp, John Hamilton
Shairp, Stephen
Shairp, Thomas (d 1797)
Shakespear, Arthur (1788-1847)
Shales, John (d 1720)
Shallard, William
Shambler, James
Shammon, William
Shannon, Rodney
Shapcote, John (d 1790)
Shapcote, Thomas (d 1861)
Shapland, Henry (b 1793)
Share, James
Sharland, James
Sharp, Thomas
Sharp, William (d 1844)
Sharpe, Alexander Renton
Sharpe, Benjamin
Sharpe, Robert
Sharvell, Benden
Shaw, Charles
Shaw, Charles
Shaw, Charles (1785-1829)
Shaw, George
Shaw, Harding
Shaw, Isaac
Shaw, Thomas Gibbon
Shaw, William
Shaw, William Eade
Shaw, William John
Shea, James
Shearman, William Marcus
Shears, John Abelard
Shebbeare, Robert
Shed, Robert
Sheerman, Richard (d 1699)
Sheerman, Thomas (d 1699)
Sheffield, John
Sheills, Ludlow (d 1793)
Sheils, James Waldegrave Ludlow
Shekel, John
Shelley, Frederick
Shelly, Giles
Shelly, John (d 1690)
Shennan, George
Shepard, James Keith (d 1843)
Shephard, William (b 1783)
Shepheard, Lewis (d 1838)
Shepheard, William
Shepheard, William (b 1769)
Shepherd, Benjamin
Shepherd, Edward
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, John
Shepherd, Keith
Sheppard, Ponsonby
Sheppard, William Domett
Shepton, Henry Bamfylde (d 1841)
Sherer, Joseph
Sheridan, Henry
Sheridan, John
Sheringham, William Louis
Shermer, William
Sherriff, John
Sherwin, Thomas Cowper
Sherwin, William
Sherwood, William
Shewell, Percy Bateman
Shewen, Daniel (d 1845)
Shewen, Henry Thomas
Shewen, Richard Phillips
Shield, William
Shield, William (d 1842)
Shiells, Ludlow (d 1793)
Shiels, Daniel
Shiffner, Henry (1789-1859)
Shillingford, Alexander
Shipley, Conway (1782-1808)
Shipley, Conway Mordaunt (b 1824)
Shipley, James
Shippard, Alexander
Shippard, William (b 1764)
Shipton, James Maurice (d 1886)
Shirley, George James (d 1845)
Shirley, James (d 1774)
Shirley, James (d 1777)
Shirley, Thomas (1733-1814)
Shirley, Washington [5th Earl Ferrers] (1722-1778)
Shirley, William Warden
Shirreff, Patrick
Shirreff, William Henry (1785-1847)
Shivers, Thomas Revell (d 1827)
Shore, Samuel Sparshott
Short, Arthur (d 1833)
Short, Henry Middleton (d 1844)
Short, John Ides
Short, Joseph
Short, Richard (d 1702)
Short, Samuel
Short, Samuel Frederick
Shorten, Robert
Shorting, Robert
Shortland, John (1736-1803)
Shortland, John (1769-1810)
Shortland, Peter Frederick (1815-1888)
Shortland, Thomas George (1771-1827)
Shortland, Willoughby (1804-1869)
Shortt, Charles (b 1791)
Shortt, Francis Henry
Shovel, John (d 1697)
Shovell, Cloudesley (1650-1707)
Shrapnell, James
Shuckburgh, Thomas Stewkley
Shuckforth, David
Shuldham, John George Evelyn
Shuldham, Molyneux
Shuldham, Molyneux [1st Baron Shuldham] (ca 1717-1798)
Shulver, John
Shute, Henry George (1808-1849)
Shuttleworth, Peter
Sibbald, James
Sibbald, John
Sibbald, Thomas
Sibly, Edward Reynolds (d 1842)
Sibly, John (1797-1868)
Sibrell, John
Sicklemore, John Cony (1804-1867)
Sidebottom, Charles Edward
Sidney, Frederick William
Silly, John Samuel
Silver, Jacob
Silver, John
Silver, William
Silvester, Philip Carteret (1777-1828)
Simcock, Perrott (d 1816)
Simcock, Robert (d 1702)
Simcoe, John
Simcoe, John Kennaway
Simens, Thomas
Simeon, Charles
Simkin, John (b 1792)
Simkin, Thomas Allen
Simkin, William
Simmonds, George
Simmonds, Joseph (d 1838)
Simmonds, Nelson Collingwood (d 1831)
Simmonds, Richard
Simmonds, Richard William
Simmonds, Thomas
Simmons, Chestney
Simmons, Edward (b 1790)
Simmons, George Valentine
Simmons, William Cress (d 1867)
Simms, Benjamin Symes
Simonds, Richard Smith (b 1788)
Simonton, Robert
Simpkinson, Francis Guillemard
Simpson, Cortland Herbert
Simpson, Henry George
Simpson, James
Simpson, John
Simpson, John (d 1849)
Simpson, Robert (d 1808)
Simpson, Samuel Ash
Simpson, Thomas (d 1822)
Simpson, Thomas
Simpson, William
Simpson, Ćmilius
Sims, Andrew
Sinclair, Alexander (d 1811)
Sinclair, Archibald (b 1801)
Sinclair, John Gordon (1790-1863)
Sinclair, Patrick (d 1797)
Sison, Samuel
Sisson, John Marmaduke
Skardon, George Briscoe
Skead, Thomas (d 1841)
Skekel, John (b 1779)
Skelden, Edward
Skelton, Charles
Skelton, Jeremiah
Skelton, John
Skene, Alexander
Skene, Alexander (d 1823)
Skene, Andrew Motz (1797-1849)
Skene, James (d 1850)
Skene, Thomas
Skene, William (b 1757)
Skinley, John
Skinner, Andrew Johnstone
Skinner, George Augustus Elliott
Skinner, John
Skinner, John Macgregor (d 1832)
Skinner, John Watson
Skinner, Stephen
Skipsey, Robert (d 1830)
Skipsey, William (d 1846)
Skipwith, Grey
Skipwith, Sidmouth Stowell (b 1825)
Skottowe, George (d 1817)
Skrymsher, Richard
Skynner, John (1762-1846)
Skynner, Lancelot (1766-1799)
Skyring, William George (d 1833)
Skyrme, Charles
Skyrme, Francis
Slade, Adolphus
Slade, Edgar (b 1806)
Slade, Frederick
Slade, Henry
Slade, James
Slater, George (d 1750)
Slater, Michael Atwell
Slaughter, John
Slaughter, William
Sleigh, Francis
Sleigh, John
Sleorgin, John
Slessor, Henry Thomas
Slight, Julian Stafford Foulston
Slingsby, Joseph
Sloan, George
Sloane, David
Sloly, James
Slyman, Daniel (1792-1867)
Smail, James
Smail, John (d 1804)
Smail, William Archibald
Smart, Alexander
Smart, Benjamin
Smart, John Norval (d 1846)
Smart, Robert (1796-1874)
Smart, Thomas
Smart, William
Smelt, Cornelius
Smith, Abel (d 1756)
Smith, Alexander John
Smith, Andrew
Smith, Andrew (1763-1831)
Smith, Andrew (b 1793)
Smith, Anthony
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles (d 1750)
Smith, Charles Thurlow (d 1826)
Smith, Christopher (d 1845)
Smith, Cornelius
Smith, David
Smith, Edward
Smith, Edward (d 1743)
Smith, Edward Garrow
Smith, Edward Tyrell
Smith, Elliot (d 1769)
Smith, Francis (d 1809)
Smith, Frederick Abraham (1797-1880)
Smith, Frederick Harrison
Smith, Frederick Wetherall
Smith, George (d 1850)
Smith, George
Smith, George (d 1704)
Smith, George Barlow
Smith, George Hamilton (d 1845)
Smith, George Martyr
Smith, George Sidney
Smith, George Thomas Cleather (b 1815)
Smith, George Woodberry
Smith, Harris
Smith, Harry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry (d 1801)
Smith, Henry (1804-1887)
Smith, Henry Thomas (b 1810)
Smith, Horatio Sharp
Smith, Isaac (d 1831)
Smith, James (d 1848)
Smith, James (d 1781)
Smith, James Edward (d 1804)
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, John (d 1854)
Smith, John
Smith, John (d 1797)
Smith, John (d 1722)
Smith, John
Smith, John Bernhard (d 1844)
Smith, John Langdale (1767-1827)
Smith, John Samuel (d 1840)
Smith, John Samuel
Smith, John Sparhawke
Smith, John Spencer
Smith, John William
Smith, John Wynter
Smith, Lawrence
Smith, Marmaduke
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Matthew (d 1844)
Smith, Michael
Smith, Nicholas (d 1721)
Smith, Peter
Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard (d 1811)
Smith, Richard
Smith, Richard Sidney
Smith, Robert
Smith, Thomas (d 1722)
Smith, Thomas (d 1718)
Smith, Thomas (d 1849)
Smith, Thomas (d 1847)
Smith, Thomas (d 1846)
Smith, Thomas "Tom of Ten Thousand" (1707-1762)
Smith, William
Smith, William (d 1756)
Smith, William (d 1695)
Smith, William
Smith, William Forsyth
Smith, William Harris
Smith, William Henry (d 1825)
Smith, William Murray
Smith, William Richard Baker
Smith, William Richard (d 1851)
Smith, William Robert
Smith, William Sidney
Smith, William Sidney "The Swedish Knight" (1764-1840)
Smithers, George
Smithies, Thomas
Smithwick, Henry
Smollett, John Rouett (d 1842)
Smyth, Francis (b 1803)
Smyth, George Thomas
Smyth, John
Smyth, Spencer
Smyth, Thomas (d 1846)
Smyth, Thomas (d 1810)
Smyth, Thomas William Anthony
Smyth, William (1800-1877)
Smyth, William Henry (1788-1865)
Smythe, George
Snell, Francis Jackson (d 1818)
Snell, George
Snell, John Cooke
Snell, John Coxetter
Snell, Robert
Snell, William (d 1860)
Snellgrove, Henry (1782-1848)
Sneyd, Clement (b 1773)
Sneyd, Edward
Sneyd, Ralph (d 1805)
Snow, Robert (d 1848)
Snow, Thomas Rolls
Snow, William
Snow, William John (1788-1827)
Snowey, William
Soady, Joseph (1788-1851)
Sobriel, John
Somers, Thomas
Somerset, John Stukeley (d 1805)
Somervell, James
Somerville, George Field
Somerville, James Bowen
Somerville, John
Somerville, John
Somerville, Kenelm [17th Baron Somerville] (b 1787)
Somerville, Philip
Somerville, Philip (1763-1817)
Somerville, Philip Hodge
Somerville, William
Soper, Richard
Sotheby, Charles (d 1854)
Sotheby, Edward Southwell
Sotheby, Thomas (d 1831)
Sotheron, Frank (1765-1839)
South, William Wilson
Southcott, Edward (d 1841)
Southey, Thomas (d 1838)
Southey, William
Southwell, Daniel
Southwood, Henry
Spain, David
Spann, Jonathan (d 1712)
Spark, Thomas
Sparke, Thomas
Sparkes, John Hindes (d 1835)
Sparks, Israel
Sparling, Thomas
Sparrow, Francis
Sparrow, Francis
Sparrow, Meyrick Bodychan (b 1791)
Sparshott, Edward
Sparshott, Samuel (d 1851)
Spear, Joseph (d 1837)
Spear, Richard
Spearing, George (d 1825)
Spearing, George Augustus (d 1808)
Speck, William
Speke, Henry (d 1760)
Spence, Charles
Spence, David
Spence, George
Spence, Henry Francis (d 1856)
Spence, Henry Hume
Spence, Thomas
Spencer, Christian
Spencer, Christopher
Spencer, Frederick [4th Earl of Spencer] (1798-1857)
Spencer, George Allen
Spencer, John Welbore Sunderland (b 1816)
Spencer, Nelson Grantley
Spencer, Richard (1779-1839)
Spencer, Robert Cavendish (1791-1830)
Spencer, Samuel (d 1795)
Spencer, Samuel (d 1850)
Spendlove, Samuel
Spettigue, Coryndon (d 1847)
Spicer, Peter (d 1830)
Spiers, William (d 1857)
Spiller, James
Spilsbury, Francis Brockell (1784-1830)
Spilsby, George
Spink, James
Spong, George (b 1796)
Spragge, Edward (d 1757)
Spragge, Edward (d 1673)
Spranger, John William
Spratt, James (1771-1853)
Spratt, Thomas Abel Brimage (1811-1888)
Spread, John Matthias (1765-1847)
Sprent, George (d 1817)
Sprigg, George
Spriggs, John
Sproule, Andrew
Sproule, Benjamin
Sproule, Thomas
Spry, Richard (d 1775)
Spry, Thomas (d 1828)
Spry, Thomas
Spurin, John
Spurling, Thomas
Spurway, John (b 1791)
Squire, Charles Frederick
Squire, Henry
Squire, Matthew
Squire, William
St. Aubyn, Robert John
St. Barbe, John
St. Clair, Charles (1811-1863)
St. Clair, David Latimer (1786-1861)
St. Clair, Matthew (d 1800)
St. John, Charles Orlando Henry Perkins
St. John, Henry (d 1780)
St. John, Henry (d 1834)
St. John, James (d 1853)
St. John, John Schuyler
St. John, William Oliver
St. John, William St. Andrew (d 1822)
St. Leger, James Aldworth (b 1814)
St. Loe, Edward (d 1729)
St. Loe, George
St. Loo, John (d 1759)
St. Quintin, James (b 1791)
ST. VINCENT (Jervis, John (1735-1823))
Stacey, Gabriel
Stackpoole, Hassard (d 1814)
Stacpoole, Michael (d 1847)
Stagg, William
Staggins, Charles
Staines, Thomas (1774-1830)
Staines, William (d 1797)
Stainforth, George
Stainsley, John
Stamp, Thomas (d 1839)
Stanbury, Philip
Stanbury, William
Stancombe, George
Standbridge, William Tomlinson
Stanes, James
Stanfell, Francis (d 1831)
Stanfell, Francis Henry
Stanhope, Chandos Scudamore (b 1823)
Stanhope, Edwyn Francis Scudamore (b 1793)
Stanhope, Edwyn Francis
Stanhope, Henry (d 1865)
Stanhope, Henry Edwyn (1754-1814)
Stanhope, John (1744-1800)
Stanhope, Philip (d 1708)
Staniforth, William Lowley
Stanley, Edward
Stanley, Edward (1798-1878)
Stanley, Frederick (d 1822)
Stanley, Henry
Stanley, Owen (1811-1850)
Stanley, William Pearce
Stannus, James (d 1835)
Stansbury, Thomas
Stanton, Anthony Collins (d 1831)
Stanton, James
Stanyer, Richard (d 1662)
Stapledon, Arthur
Staples, William Conoll
Stapleton, John (b 1695)
Stapleton, Miles
Stapleton, Robert (d 1702)
Stapleton, William (d 1754)
Stapp, William
Starck, Mauritius Adolphus Newton
Stark, Peter (1793-1852)
Starmer, Charles
Starr, John
Stead, Thomas Fisher
Steane, John
Steddy, John
Steel, David
Steele, Elmes
Steele, George (d 1806)
Steele, Henry Perin
Steele, John
Steele, Joseph (d 1848)
Steenbergen, James (d 1833)
Steevens, Charles
Steevins, John Harris
Stent, Thomas Payne
Stephen, John
Stephens, Daniel
Stephens, Edward (d 1838)
Stephens, George Hopewell (d 1820)
Stephens, John (d 1854)
Stephens, Nathaniel (d 1747)
Stephens, Philip (d 1846)
Stephens, Robert Lee
Stephens, Stephen
Stephens, Thomas (d 1844)
Stephens, William
Stephens, William James
Stephens, William Knighton
Stephens, William Lukis
Stephenson, John
Stephenson, Thomas (1741-1809)
Stephenson, William
Stepney, George (d 1753)
Stepney, Thomas (d 1740)
Sterling, Spencer
Sterne, William
Steuart, Hew
Steuart, James (d 1820)
Steven, John
Stevens, Charles (d 1761)
Stevens, Frederick Hildebrand
Stevens, James Agnew
Stevens, John (d 1814)
Stevens, John
Stevens, Richard
Stevens, Robert (d 1704)
Stevens, Thomas
Stevens, William (d 1782)
Stevenson, Charles Goude
Stevenson, Edward
Stevenson, James
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Joseph
Stevenson, Neal
Stevenson, William
Steventon, Thomas
Steward, Francis
Steward, John
Stewart, Alexander Gardner
Stewart, Allan
Stewart, Charles (1681-1740)
Stewart, Edward (d 1823)
Stewart, Edward Brenton (b 1795)
Stewart, Frederick Augustus Bowes
Stewart, George
Stewart, George [8th Earl Galloway] (1768-1834)
Stewart, George Graham
Stewart, Henry
Stewart, Henry (d 1746)
Stewart, Hew
Stewart, Houston (1791-1875)
Stewart, James
Stewart, James (d 1705)
Stewart, James (d 1757)
Stewart, James Pattison
Stewart, John
Stewart, Keith (1739-1795)
Stewart, Keith (1814-1859)
Stewart, Peter Benson (1808-1864)
Stewart, Robert Arthur
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, Thomas Bedford
Stewart, Thomas Dilnot
Stewart, William
Stewart, William Houston (b 1821)
Stiles, John (d 1830)
Stiles, Samuel Cornish (d 1831)
Still, James (d 1821)
Still, William
Stillingfleet, Samuel
Stirling, Alexander Garthshore
Stirling, Charles (1760-1833)
Stirling, Frederick Henry
Stirling, James (b 1789)
Stirling, James (1791-1865)
Stirling, Joseph Francis (d 1860)
Stirling, Spencer
Stirling, Thomas
Stirling, Walter (1718-1786)
Stoakes, John
Stock, William
Stockdale, Charles Boddam (d 1864)
Stocker, Charles Maurice (d 1795)
Stocker, Stephen
Stocker, Walter Broad (b 1795)
Stockham, John
Stoddart, James
Stoddart, James Douglas
Stoddart, John
Stoddart, John
Stoddart, Pringle (1768-1848)
Stokes, Henry
Stokes, Humphrey
Stokes, James
Stokes, John (d 1837)
Stokes, John Lort (1812-1885)
Stokes, Pringle (d 1828)
Stokes, Shovel Brenton
Stokes, William Smith (d 1826)
Stokoe, Thomas
Stoll, John Luke Richard
Stollard, Thomas
Stone, James (b 1775)
Stone, John (b 1799)
Stone, Thomas
Stone, Valentine (d 1835)
Stone, Webb Elphinstone
Stone, William (d 1689)
Stone, William (b 1799)
Stoney, George (d 1786)
Stopford, Edward (d 1837)
Stopford, Edward (b 1809)
Stopford, James John (b 1817)
Stopford, Montagu (1798-1864)
Stopford, Richard Henry (b 1803)
Stopford, Robert (1768-1847)
Stopford, Robert Fanshawe (1811-1891)
Stopford, Thomas (d 1824)
Stopford, William
Storey, Edward (d 1727)
Storey, James
Storey, James
Storr, John (1709-1783)
Story, Henry Alexander (b 1813)
Stother, John Meyricke (b 1785)
Stott, John (d 1778)
Stout, Robert
Stovin, George Charles
Stovin, George Samuel (d 1800)
Stow, Arthur
Stow, Daniel George
Stow, David
Stow, George Fuller (d 1837)
Stoyle, Henry
Stoyle, John
Strachan, John (d 1777)
Strachan, Patrick
Strachan, Richard John "Mad Dick" (1760-1828)
Strachey, Christopher (1778-1855)
Strange, Edmund
Strange, James Newburgh (b 1812)
Strange, Thomas
Strangways, Charles
Strangways, Edmund Ludlow
Strangways, George (d 1835)
Stratford, William Samuel (1791-1853)
Straton, Francis Richard
Stratton, George
Stratton, Thomas (d 1754)
Straughan, George
Streane, John
Streate, Richard
Streatfeild, Richard (b 1789)
Streatfeild, Robert (d 1853)
Street, Benjamin
Street, John
Street, Joseph
Strettell, John (d 1857)
Strettell, William Thomas (d 1857)
Strickland, Charles
Strickland, Roger (1640-1717)
Strickland, Walter
Stringer, John
Strode, Augustus Chetham (d 1874)
Strode, Edward Chetham (1775-1862)
Strode, Frederick Thomas Chetham
Strong, Charles Burrough
Strong, Charles Burrough (1781-1846)
Strong, James (d 1835)
Strong, Joseph Thompson
Strong, Samuel
Strong, Thomas (d 1831)
Strong, William
Stronge, Charles
Stroud, Henry
Strover, Samuel (b 1789)
Strover, Thomas (d 1863)
Strugnell, William Baker (b 1788)
Strutt, Isaac
Strutt, John
Stuart, Archibald (d 1795)
Stuart, Charles
Stuart, Charles
Stuart, Charles Francis
Stuart, George [Stuart] (b 1780)
Stuart, Henry (d 1840)
Stuart, James (d 1847)
Stuart, James (b 1788)
Stuart, James Grant
Stuart, John (d 1811)
Stuart, Nathaniel
Stuart, Patrick
Stuart, Peter
Stuart, Richard
Stuart, Robert (1792-1856)
Stuart, Thomas
Stuart, William (1778-1814)
Stubbin, John
Studdert, John Fitzgerald (b 1790)
Studdert, Richard (b 1811)
Studdy, Henry (d 1834)
Studely, Robert (d 1717)
Studley, James (d 1697)
Stukely, Charles (d 1720)
Stupart, Gustavus (d 1850)
Stupart, Robert
Stupart, Robert Douglas
Sturgess, William
Sturt, Henry Evelyn Pitfield
Sturt, Henry Richard (d 1860)
Stuteville, Charles
Style, Thomas
Style, William (b 1786)
Styles, John
Styles, William
Suckling, Maurice (1725-1778)
Suckling, Maurice William
Suckling, Robert William
Suckling, William Benjamin (d 1865)
Sudbury, John
Sulivan, Bartholomew James (1810-1890)
Sulivan, Daniel Hunt
Sulivan, James Inglefield
Sulivan, James Reading
Sulivan, Norton Shaw
Sulivan, Samuel Hood
Sulivan, Thomas Ball (1781-1857)
Sulivan, Thomas Digby
Sulivan, Thomas Ross
Sullivan, Charles
Sullivan, Charles (1789-1862)
Sullivan, Edward Leighton
Sullivan, Richard Joseph
Sullock, George
Summers, John (b 1796)
Sumpter, Nicholas
Sumpter, Robert
Sunderland, George Henry Carleton (b 1814)
Surridge, Thomas (d 1820)
Surtees, George
Sutherland, Andrew
Sutherland, Evan Baillie
Sutherland, James
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, Robert (b 1779)
Sutton, Charles Thomas
Sutton, Evelyn
Sutton, George Manners (d 1836)
Sutton, John (d 1825)
Sutton, Robert Blackborne Thoroton (d 1830)
Sutton, Robert Manners (1754-1794)
Sutton, Samuel (d 1832)
Sutton, William (d 1848)
Swaffield, William (d 1796)
Swain, Thomas (b 1780)
Swaine, Spelman (1769-1848)
Swainson, William
Swan, Oliver (b 1792)
Swanley, John
Swanley, Richard
Swanton, Robert
Swanton, Thomas (d 1728)
Swanton, Thomas (d 1742)
Swayne, John
Swayne, Thomas
Swaysland, Henry (d 1757)
Sweeting, William (b 1793)
Sweetland, Henry
Sweney, Mark Halpen (b 1785)
Swift, Thomas
Swinburn, William
Swinburne, Charles Henry (b 1797)
Swinburne, Thomas Anthony (1820-1893)
Swiney, Noel
Swiney, William (d 1841)
Swiney, William (d 1829)
Swinfen, William Clement
Syer, Dey Richard (1788-1867)
Syer, Frederick Chevallier (1799-1874)
Syfrett, William (d 1832)
Sykes, Edmund
Sykes, John
Sykes, John (b 1774)
Sykes, Joseph
Sykes, Thomas
Syme, George
Syme, William
Symes, Aaron Stark (b 1792)
Symes, Benjamin
Symes, Joseph (1787-1856)
Symes, Samuel
Symmes, Henry Alfred Sydney (d 1839)
Symonds, Benjamin
Symonds, George
Symonds, Jermyn John (d 1796)
Symonds, John (d 1706)
Symonds, John
Symonds, John Charles (d 1840)
Symonds, Thomas (1731-1793)
Symonds, Thomas Edward
Symonds, Thomas Edward (b 1781)
Symonds, Thomas Matthew Charles (1813-1894)
Symonds, William (1782-1856)
Symonds, William Ley
Symons, James (d ca 1829)
Symons, James
Symons, Richard
Symons, William Henry
Symons, William Henry (b 1782)
Symons, William Joseph (d 1845)
Sympson, William
Synge, Robert



Tahourdin, William
Tailour, John
Tait, Alexander
Tait, Dalhousie (d 1809)
Tait, James
Tait, James Haldane (d 1845)
Tait, Peter
Tait, Robert (d 1850)
Talbot, Charles
Talbot, Charles (1801-1876)
Talbot, Francis
Talbot, George (d 1787)
Talbot, Henry John Chetwynd [3rd Earl Talbot] (1803-1868)
Talbot, James Hugh (d 1817)
Talbot, John (d 1851)
Talbot, John Thomas (b 1805)
Tambs, Thomas
Tamm, Charles
Tamplin, William
Tancock, John (1769-1852)
Tancock, Samuel
Tandy, Daniel
Tandy, James
Tanes, Charles (d 1808)
Tanner, John
Taplen, Thomas
Tapley, John (d 1694)
Taplin, John
Tapp, William
Tappen, Samuel (d 1811)
Tapson, Richard
Tardrew, George
Tarleton, John Walter
Tarrant, John
Tatham, Edward
Tatham, Sanford
Tatham, William
Tatlock, James Thomas
Tatnel, Valentine
Tattersall, Edmund
Tattersall, Nicholas
Tattnall, James Barnwell (b 1790)
Tattnall, Robert Cooper
Tause, Hector (d 1864)
Tayler, George Robert
Tayler, George Skene
Tayler, Joseph Needham (1785-1864)
Tayleure, John (d 1832)
Taylor, Andrew Bracey (d 1800)
Taylor, Bridges Watkinson (d 1814)
Taylor, Charles (d 1832)
Taylor, Edward Samuel (d 1865)
Taylor, Godfrey
Taylor, Henry
Taylor, James Claude William Neufville
Taylor, James Thomas
Taylor, John (d 1842)
Taylor, Joseph (d 1843)
Taylor, Joseph (d 1801)
Taylor, Joseph (d 1733)
Taylor, Nathaniel
Taylor, Polycarpus
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, Samuel
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, Walker
Taylor, William (d 1842)
Taylor, William (d 1833)
Taylor, William Norton (b 1798)
Taylor, Wittewronge
Taynton, Robert
Teague, William
Teale, Richard
Teate, Matthew (d 1718)
Tedman, Henry
Teed, Richard Manston
Teed, Roger Bidgood
Teek, Francis
Teer, George
Temple, Charles Henry Verelett (d 1849)
Temple, Francis (d 1863)
Temple, Henry
Temple, Henry Edward (b 1792)
Temple, John (d 1808)
Temple, John
Temple, William (d 1805)
Templeman, John
Templeman, John Weare
Templer, Richard
Tennant, Charles Edmund
Ternan, Austin
Terne, Henry
Tetley, Joseph Swabey (d 1828)
Tewart, William
Thackeray, Frederick
Thales, John (d 1720)
Thane, John
Thatcher, Thomas (d 1697)
Theed, John
Thelwall, Bevis
Therry, Bryan Keating
Thesiger, Frederick
Thew, George
Thicknesse, John (d 1846)
Thom, John
Thomas, Abel Wantner (d 1851)
Thomas, Edmund Fanning (1778-1842)
Thomas, Frederick Jennings (1787-1855)
Thomas, George
Thomas, George Hurd
Thomas, James
Thomas, John
Thomas, Joseph Rawlins
Thomas, Montagu
Thomas, Richard (d 1844)
Thomas, Richard
Thomas, Richard (1777-1857)
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Robert (d 1848)
Thomas, Robinson
Thomas, Samuel
Thomas, Thomas
Thomas, William
Thomas, William Edwin
Thomas, William George
Thomas, William Sidney
THOMOND (O'Brien, James (1769-1855))
Thompson, Andrew Hermon
Thompson, Anthony
Thompson, Bradshaw (d 1756)
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Charles (d ca 1799)
Thompson, Edward "Poet Thompson" (1730-1786)
Thompson, Frederick
Thompson, Henry Clements (d 1824)
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, John (d 1817)
Thompson, John (1776-1864)
Thompson, John (b 1793)
Thompson, John Last (b 1779)
Thompson, John Rowley (b 1813)
Thompson, John Tharp
Thompson, Joseph
Thompson, Joseph Frank
Thompson, Joseph George
Thompson, Josiah
Thompson, Lenox (d 1835)
Thompson, Norborne (d 1844)
Thompson, Richard
Thompson, Robert (d 1729)
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Thomas Boulden (1766-1828)
Thompson, Thomas Brown
Thompson, Thomas Pickering
Thompson, Thomas Raikes Trigge (1804-1865)
Thompson, Thomas Sparke (1798-1873)
Thomson, Andrew (d 1828)
Thomson, Andrew James
Thomson, Charles
Thomson, Francis
Thomson, Henry (d 1827)
Thomson, John
Thomson, John
Thomson, Ormond (d 1753)
Thomson, Robert Kennedy
Thomson, William Augustus
Thorley, Robert
Thorley, Robert John
Thornborough, Edward (1754-1834)
Thornborough, Edward Le Cras (b 1795)
Thorndike, Charles Alexander (d 1845)
Thorne, Christopher
Thorne, James
Thornton, Henry Alexander Daniel
Thornton, Samuel (b 1797)
Thorold, Richard (d 1864)
Thorp, Henry
Thorp, James
Thorp, William
Thorpe, George (d 1797)
Thrackston, Edwin
Thrackston, Henry
Thresher, Henry
Thrush, Thomas (1761-1843)
Thurburn, James Ptolemey
Thurgood, Charles
Thursby, Frederick Spencer
Thurston, Charles Thomas
Thurston, Seth (d 1689)
Thurtell, Charles (1796-1856)
Thurtell, Edward
Thwaits, Richard
Thynne, Henry Frederick [3rd Marquess Bath] (1797-1837)
Tichborn, William (d 1692)
Tickell, Richard
Tickell, Thomas
Tickle, William
Tiddeman, Mark
Tiddeman, Richard (d 1762)
Tiddeman, Thomas
Tidy, Thomas Holmes
Tillard, James
Tiller, John
Tiller, Jonah
Tilley, James (d 1864)
Tills, William
Tilly, Charles (d 1845)
Tilson, George
Timins, Charles Sheldon (d 1838)
Timins, George (1770-1848)
Tincombe, George (b 1784)
Tindal, Charles
Tindal, Louis Symonds
Tindale, Joseph
Tindall, George (d 1777)
Tindall, William
Tinker, John
Tinker, John Bladen
Tinkler, Robert (d 1820)
Tinling, Charles (d 1840)
Tinling, Edward Burnaby
Tinmouth, Nicholas (d 1856)
Tinsley, Francis
Tippet, James (d 1805)
Tisdall, Archibald
Titcher, William
Titsell, Samuel (d 1663)
Tobin, George (1768-1838)
Toby, Henry Collet
Toby, Richard James Walter
Toby, Walter
Tod, Alexander (d 1815)
Tod, John (b 1789)
Todd, Andrew (d 1800)
Todd, Joshua D.
Todman, William (d 1838)
Tokely, Joseph
Toker, John Buck
Toker, Thomas Richard (d 1846)
Tolcher, Edward
Toll, Edmund (d 1767)
Tollemache, John Richard Delap (1772-1837)
Tollemache, Wilbraham Francis Manners
Toller, John
Tollervey, John Sydney (d 1845)
Tom, John
Tom, Robert Brown (d 1828)
Tomkins, Henry Weston
Tomkins, Richard Stevens
Tomkinson, James
Tomlin, George William
Tomlinson, George
Tomlinson, James Ward
Tomlinson, Nicholas (1765-1847)
Tomlinson, Nicholas Robinson
Tomlinson, Philip (d 1832)
Tomlinson, Robert (d 1844)
Tomlinson, Robert
Tomlinson, Robert Cosby
Toms, Peter (d 1763)
Tonge, Lewis Charles Henry
Tonge, William Norris (d 1844)
Tonken, Thomas (d 1790)
Tonyn, George Anthony (d 1770)
Tonyn, Patrick
Tookey, Ranceford (d 1837)
Toon, Edward
Topper, George Alfred
Toppet, James (d 1805)
Topping, Charles
Torlesse, Henry Boden
Torrane, George Bruton
TORRINGTON (Byng, George (1768-1831))
TORRINGTON (Herbert, Arthur (1648-1716))
TORRINGTON (Byng, George (1663-1733))
Tosyer, John
Tothill, John
Tottenham, John Francis
Tottenham, William
Totty, John
Totty, Thomas (1746-1802)
Touzeau, Charles
Touzeau, James Charles Mann
Tovey, Nicholas
Tower, Arthur
Tower, John (d 1837)
Towers, Robert
Towne, John (b 1786)
Townley, Charles Haswell
Townley, Thomas
Townsend, Bryant (d 1690)
Townsend, Henry
Townsend, Horatio (d 1698)
Townsend, Isaac (d 1731)
Townsend, Isaac (d 1765)
Townsend, James
Townsend, Joseph Cuthbert
Townsend, Thomas (d 1848)
Townshend, George (1716-1769)
Townshend, James Nugent Boyle Bernardo (1785-1842)
Townshend, John [4th Marquis Townshend] (1798-1863)
Townshend, Thomas
Townshend, William James
Towry, George Henry (1767-1809)
Towry, Henry John Philipps (d 1762)
Towry, John (d 1757)
Towsey, George William
Tozer, Aaron (1788-1854)
Tozer, Caleb Evans (d 1847)
Tracey, Augustus Frederick
Tracey, Benjamin Wheatley (b 1805)
Tracy, Francis McMahon
Tracy, John (1774-1854)
Tracy, John Joseph Clapp Harding
Traherne, Griffith Price
Trail, Thomas
Traill, Gilbert
Traill, William
Train, John (d 1832)
Trant, Philip Henry
Travers, Eaton Stannard (1782-1858)
Travers, James (b 1796)
Travers, John
Treacy, Joshua (d 1845)
Treby, George
Tredwin, Hugh
Treeve, John (b 1785)
Trefusis, George Rolle Walpole (1793-1849)
Trefusis, Thomas
Tregent, Richard Jenkins (d 1812)
Tregurtha, Edward Primrose (d 1839)
Treherne, John
Treherne, William
Trelawney, William (d 1772)
Tremlett, Francisco Saugro
Tremlett, George Neat (1769-1865)
Tremlett, Richard Stiles
Tremlett, William Henry Brown (b 1777)
Trench, Robert Le Poer (b 1809)
Trench, William Le Poer (1771-1846)
Trenchard, George (d 1696)
Trenchard, Joseph
Trent, George Norris
Tresahar, John (d 1844)
Trevanion, George Bettesworth
Trevanion, Nicholas (d 1737)
Trevanion, Richard
Trevathick, William (d 1817)
Trevenen, James
Trevenen, James (1760-1790)
Trevor, John (d 1735)
Trevor, Robert (d 1740)
Trevor, Thomas
Trevor, Tudor (d 1740)
Trewren, William (b 1812)
Tribe, Thomas
Trigge, John
Trinder, John
Tringham, William
Tripp, George
Tripp, John Upton
Triscott, Richard Shepheard
Triscott, William Elworthy
Trist, Robert (d 1847)
Tritton, Ewell (d 1819)
Trollope, George Barne (1779-1850)
Trollope, Henry
Trollope, Henry (1756-1839)
Trollope, William
Troth, William
Trotten, Richard
Trotter, David
Trotter, Henry Dundas
Trotter, John (d 1747)
Trotter, Robert
Troubridge, Edward Norwich (d 1850)
Troubridge, Edward Thomas (d 1852)
Troubridge, Thomas (ca 1758-1807)
Troughton, Joseph (b 1791)
Troughton, Nicholas
Trounsell, George Patey
Truppo, James (d 1845)
Truppo, Peter
Truscott, Francis (d 1827)
Truscott, George (d 1851)
Truscott, William
Truscott, William (1734-1798)
Truscott, William Henderson (d 1859)
Truss, William
Trussell, George
Tryon, George (1832-1893)
Tryon, Henry
Tryon, Robert (d 1811)
Tryon, Robert
Tucker, Charles Thorndike
Tucker, Edward (1777-1864)
Tucker, Henry (d 1836)
Tucker, John
Tucker, John Coate
Tucker, John Jervis (b 1802)
Tucker, Nicholas
Tucker, Robert (1769-1846)
Tucker, Thomas
Tucker, Thomas Tudor (1775-1852)
Tucker, Tudor
Tucker, William
Tucker, William Ley (d 1839)
Tuckey, James Hingston (1776-1816)
Tuckey, John (d 1696)
Tudor, Abraham (d 1708)
Tudor, John
Tudor, John Kelly (d 1845)
Tudway, Robert
Tufnell, Robert George
Tuite, Henry
Tull, Henry
Tullidge, Joseph Crew
Tullis, William (d 1848)
Tulloh, Charles
Tulloh, John
Tulloh, John
Tulloh, William Izod
Tully, John
Tully, Keevy
Tupman, George
Tupper, Carré (1765-1794)
Tupper, Charles
Turberville, Edmund
Turnbull, George (d 1826)
Turnbull, Robert
Turner, Barnard
Turner, Charles (b 1795)
Turner, Charles Fox
Turner, Charles Pye
Turner, Ethelbert
Turner, Francis
Turner, Francis John
Turner, James
Turner, James Howard (d 1853)
Turner, Jellicoe
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, John
Turner, John (d 1672)
Turner, Joseph (d 1816)
Turner, Michael
Turner, Richard John
Turner, Robert
Turner, Robert
Turner, Thomas
Turner, William
Turner, William Thackery (d ca 1847)
Turnour, Arthur Richard (b 1787)
Turnour, Edmund Edward (b 1813)
Turnour, Edward Winterton (b 1821)
Turnour, Gerard
Turnour, Henry (1769-1805)
Turnour, Nicholas Edward Brook
Turquand, William James (d 1800)
Turrell, Charles (d 1846)
Turton, Francis William
Turville, Henry (d 1719)
Tuson, Augustine
Tuson, James
Tuthill, Christopher
Tweed, John Powell (1794-1848)
Tweed, Robert
Twigg, Richard Elliot
Twight, Henry Manning
Twisden, John (d 1853)
Twiss, Robert Walpole
Twycross, Robert
Twyford, Samuel
Twysden, Henry Duncan
Twysden, Thomas (d 1801)
Tylden, Charles Montresor
Tylden, Henry Manby
Tyler, Charles (1760-1835)
Tyler, Charles (1784-1846)
Tyler, George (1792-1862)
Tyler, Gwinnett
Tyler, Samuel (d 1898)
Tyndall, Edward (d 1849)
Tyre, Theophilus
Tyrrel, Edward
Tyrrel, John
Tyrrell, George (d 1872)
Tyrrell, Richard (1716-1766)
Tyrwhitt, John
Tyrwhitt, John
Tyssen, John
Tyte, Robert William



Umfreville, John Brand (d 1820)
Umfreville, Samuel Charles (b 1794)
Underdown, John (d 1728)
Underwood, John (d 1728)
Undrell, John (d 1826)
Upjohn, John
Uppleby, Samuel (d 1780)
Upton, Charles (d 1749)
Upton, Clotworthy
Upton, Francis
Urmston, William Brabazon (b 1828)
Urry, David
Urry, John (d 1800)
Urry, Thomas (d 1699)
Urry, William
Usher, Arthur (d 1763)
Usher, William Armstrong (d 1849)
Usherwood, William (d 1844)
Ussher, Sidney Henry (d 1863)
Ussher, Thomas (1779-1848)
Utber, John (d 1665)
Utber, Richard
Utlay, John Taylor
Utting, Ashby (d 1742)
Uvedale, Samuel
Uzuld, Azariah (d 1799)



Vachell, George
Vaillant, Isaac (d 1804)
Vaillant, Paul Henry
Vale, William
Valentine, David
Vallack, Benjamin
Vallack, George
Vallack, Joseph (d 1847)
Vallack, Richard Glinn
Valobra, James (d 1861)
Valpy, Anthony Blagrave
Van Court, Peter (d 1807)
Vanburgh, Charles (d 1740)
Vanburgh, Giles Richard (d 1746)
Vanburgh, Philip (d 1753)
Vancouver, George (1757-1798)
Vandeput, George (d 1799)
Vans, Randell (d 1849)
Vans, Samuel Barrington
Vansittart, Charles Augustus (d 1849)
Vansittart, Edward Westby
Vansittart, Henry (1777-1843)
Vansittart, Nicholas (d 1859)
Vanthysen, Thomas
Varlo, Western
Vashon, James (1742-1827)
Vashon, James Giles
Vassall, Nathaniel (d 1832)
Vassall, Spencer Lambert Hunter (1799-1846)
Vaughan, Francis (d 1707)
Vaughan, George
Vaughan, Henry (b 1757)
Vaughan, James
Vaughan, James William
Vaughan, John (d 1789)
Vaughan, Roger (d 1692)
Vautier, Daniel
Veitch, Harry Thomas (b 1813)
Veitch, Henry Gordon (d 1863)
Veitch, James
Veitch, James Richard
Venour, William (d 1803)
Venus, William (d 1846)
VERE (Beauclerk, Vere (1699-1781))
Vernon, Charles Egerton Harcourt
Vernon, Edward "Old Grogam" (1684-1757)
Vernon, Edward (1723-1794)
Vernon, Francis Venables
Vernon, Frederick Edward Venables
Vernon, Henry Townley
Vernon, Octavius Henry
Vesey, Charles
Vesey, Francis
Vesey, John
Vevers, George
Viat, John (d 1702)
Vibart, James (d 1864)
Vicary, William (b 1792)
Vickars, William (d 1694)
Vickery, Robert Caryer
Victor, John George
Vidal, Alexander Thomas Emeric (d 1863)
Vidal, Richard Emeric (d 1854)
Vignoles, John
Vincent, Andrew Atkins
Vincent, George (d ca 1845)
Vincent, Nicholas (d 1809)
Vincent, Philip
Vincent, Richard Budd (ca 1770-1831)
Vincent, Samuel (d 1729)
Vine, George Ballard
Vine, William
Violett, James
Vivion, Thomas
Voller, Frederick
Von Donop, Edward Pelham Brenton (1811-1890)
Vose, James
Vosper, William
Votiere, John
Voules, Edward Jervis
Vyner, Arthur (d 1864)
Vyse, Frederick Howard (b 1815)



Waddell, William
Waddilove, Charles Lodowick
Waddilove, Robert James Darley (d 1844)
Waddon, Richard
Waddy, Bellingham
Wade, Caleb (d 1738)
Wade, Charles Francis (d 1844)
Wade, Cooper (d 1703)
Wade, George
Wade, Walter Peter
Wade, William John
Wadeson, Charles (d 1856)
Wadham, Robert Adams (d 1840)
Wadman, John
Wager, Charles (b ca 1630)
Wager, Charles (1666-1743)
Waghorn, Martin (d 1787)
Waghorn, Thomas (1800-1850)
Waid, Andrew
Wainwright, George Montague
Wainwright, James Francis Ballard
Wainwright, John
Wainwright, John
Wainwright, John (d 1810)
Wake, Baldwin Arden (b 1813)
Wake, Charles
Wakefield, Arthur (1799-1843)
Wakefield, John Watson
Wakelin, William (d 1705)
Wakem, Nicholas (b 1795)
Walbeoff, Thomas
Walcott, Charles
Walcott, John Edward
Waldegrave, Granville George [2nd Baron Radstock] (1786-1857)
Waldegrave, William [1st Baron Radstock] (1753-1825)
Waldegrave, William [8th Earl Waldegrave] (1788-1859)
Waldegrave, William (1796-1838)
Waldron, Beaumont
Waldron, John (d 1722)
Wale, George
Wale, George Henry
Wales, Richard Walter
Walford, William
Walker, Baldwin Wake (1802-1876)
Walker, Benjamin
Walker, Benjamin
Walker, Bethune James
Walker, Charles Montague (d 1833)
Walker, Douglas
Walker, Edward John Barnaby
Walker, Frederick
Walker, George
Walker, Henry
Walker, Henry
Walker, Hovenden (d 1726)
Walker, James (1764-1831)
Walker, James Robertson (1783-1858)
Walker, John
Walker, John
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Robert
Walker, Samuel Hood (d 1780)
Walker, Thomas (d 1829)
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William
Walker, William Hovendon
Walkie, John (1781-ca 1848)
Wall, Allen (b 1790)
Wall, Henry
Wall, James
Wall, John Holwell
Wall, Robert
Wall, William
Wallace, Hill
Wallace, James (d 1852)
Wallace, James (ca 1731-1803)
Wallace, John (d 1781)
Wallace, Thomas (d 1847)
Wallace, William Richard
Waller, Edmund (d 1845)
Waller, George
Waller, Jacob
Waller, Jocelyn
Waller, John (d 1806)
Waller, John
Waller, John (d 1854)
Waller, Richard
Waller, Thomas
Waller, Thomas Moutray
Waller, William
Waller, William (d 1823)
Wallington, Charles
Wallis, Gilbert (d 1740)
Wallis, James
Wallis, James (d 1808)
Wallis, Patrick
Wallis, Provo William Parry (1791-1892)
Wallis, Samuel (ca 1728-1795)
Wallis, William
Walmsley, James
Walpole, Frederick
Walpole, William
Walsh, Archibald
Walsh, James (d 1809)
Walsh, John
Walsh, John
Walsh, John
Walsh, Lucas
Walsh, Philip
Walsh, Stephen Russel (d 1845)
Walsingham, Robert Boyle (d 1780)
Walter, Arthur
Walters, George Robertson
Walters, Samuel
Walters, William Henry (d ca 1846)
Walton, Charles John
Walton, George (b 1665)
Walton, Jacob (d 1844)
Walton, John Bentley
Walton, Pierpont
Walton, Samuel
Warburton, Benjamin (d 1829)
Warburton, Robert
Ward, Edward Southwell
Ward, Edward Willis (d 1855)
Ward, Henry (d 1766)
Ward, James (d 1693)
Ward, James (ca 1759-1806)
Ward, James Hamilton (b 1802)
Ward, John (d 1703)
Ward, John (d 1717)
Ward, John (1825-1896)
Ward, John Ross
Ward, Richard
Ward, Thomas (d 1773)
Ward, William
Ward, William
Ward, William (b 1782)
Ward, William John
Ward, William Robert
Ward, William Robert
Warde, Charles (b 1786)
Warde, Henry
Warden, Frederick (b 1807)
Warden, George (d 1693)
Warden, James (d 1792)
Warden, Robert
Warden, William
Warden, William (d 1807)
Wardle, John
Wardrobe, Robert
Ware, Charles (d 1778)
Ware, Charles Beamish
Warham, Ambrose (d 1798)
Waring, Henry (d 1837)
Waring, James
Waring, Rupert (d 1753)
Warner, Arthur Lee (d 1848)
Warner, Patrick
Warner, Samuel George
Warr, William Archibald
Warrand, Thomas (1775-1848)
Warre, Arthur Brathwaite
Warre, Henry (d 1826)
Warre, John Frederick (d 1847)
Warrell, John (d 1706)
Warren, Charles Bamber
Warren, Charles Duncan
Warren, Charles Gayton (d 1855)
Warren, Frederick (1775-1848)
Warren, Frederick Pelham
Warren, George Baker
Warren, Henry
Warren, James Ferris (1789-1855)
Warren, John Borlase (1753-1822)
Warren, John Talbott (d 1861)
Warren, Peter (1703-1752)
Warren, Richard Laird (1806-1875)
Warren, Samuel
Warren, Samuel (1769-1839)
Warren, Thomas (d 1699)
Warren, Thomas Hills
Warren, William
Warren, William Frederick
Warrin, William Smith
Warton, Joseph
Warwick, Thomas (d 1775)
Washbourn, Robert
Washington, John (1800-1863)
Waterfall, Matthew
Waterhouse, Bartholomew George
Waterhouse, Henry (1770-1812)
Waterhouse, John Wilmot
Waterhouse, Thomas
Waterman, John (d 1859)
Waters, Dominick Creagh
Waters, Francis
Waters, John Lawes
Waterworth, John (d 1672)
Watham, Jonathan
Watherston, John
Wathing, John
Watkins, Benjamin
Watkins, Frederick (d 1856)
Watkins, John (d 1707)
Watkins, John (d 1757)
Watkins, Richard
Watkins, Robert (d 1732)
Watkins, Thomas Vernon
Watkins, Walter (d 1876)
Watling, John Wyatt (b 1787)
Watly, John
Watson, Anthony
Watson, Charles (1714-1757)
Watson, Charles Hope (d 1836)
Watson, Christopher
Watson, Christopher Robert
Watson, David Henry
Watson, Edward (d 1807)
Watson, Edward Barnes
Watson, George (d 1774)
Watson, George
Watson, George Willes
Watson, James
Watson, James
Watson, James
Watson, James Stuart M'Kenzie
Watson, John
Watson, Joshua Rowley
Watson, Nathaniel (d 1766)
Watson, Robert
Watson, Robert (d 1812)
Watson, Rundle Burges (d 1860)
Watson, Thomas (d 1781)
Watson, Thomas (d 1744)
Watson, William (d 1846)
Watt, George Thomas L. (d 1813)
Watt, John
Watt, John Ellis
Watt, Thomas Alexander (d 1834)
Watt, William
Watts, George Edward (d 1860)
Watts, James (d 1782)
Watts, John
Watts, Jonathan (d 1698)
Watts, Robert
Watts, Stephen Ross
Watts, Walter
Watts, William Barber
Watts, William Stephen
Wauchope, Robert (1788-1862)
Waugh, John Middleton
Wavell, David (d 1704)
Wavell, Edward
Wayman, William
Wayne, Gabriel William
Weale, Edward Taylor (b 1785)
Weatherhead, John (ca 1777-1797)
Weatherley, Richard
Weaver, Robert
Weaver, William
Weaver, William
Webb, Alexander
Webb, Charles
Webb, Charles
Webb, Edward
Webb, James (d 1761)
Webb, John Whitmarsh
Webb, Joseph Richard Raggett (1788-1865)
Webb, Nicholas
Webb, William
Webb, William (d 1866)
Webb, William Henry
Webbe, Charles
Webber, Charles (d 1783)
Webber, Edmund
Webber, Edward
Webber, George Wood
Webber, John Whitmarsh
Webber, Philip
Webber, William Charles
Webley, William Henry
Webster, Augustus Frederick (b 1819)
Webster, Godfrey Vassall (1815-1853)
Webster, John
Webster, Robert (d 1797)
Webster, William
Webster, William
Weddell, Samuel Robert
Weekes, William Burt (b 1790)
Weeks, John (1774-1824)
Weighman, Frederick (d 1697)
Weir, Benjamin
Weir, Henry (d 1841)
Weir, John
Weiss, William
Welby, Joseph (d 1696)
Welby, Richard
Welch, Charles
Welch, David
Welch, Pierce (d 1709)
Welch, Richard
Welch, Robert
Welch, Robert Gregory
Weld, Daniel
Weld, Richard
Welland, Richard
Wellard, Robert (d 1776)
Weller, Jacob
Weller, John (d 1772)
Weller, John Hotham
Wellesley, George Greville
Wellesley, William
Wellington, Henry James
Wells, Andrew (b 1774)
Wells, Edward Francis
Wells, James (d 1704)
Wells, John
Wells, John
Wells, John Palmer
Wells, Thomas (d 1811)
Wells, Thomas (ca 1775-1825)
Wells, Thomas Bury
Wells, William
Wells, William (1788-1826)
Welsford, John
Welsh, George
Welsh, James
Welsh, Thomas
Welsh, William (d 1861)
Welstead, Frederick (d 1848)
Wemyss, Alexander George
Wemyss, Charles (d 1802)
Wemyss, Charles Henry
Wemyss, Francis
Wemyss, James Erskine (1789-1854)
Wemyss, Robert (d 1846)
Wentworth, Thomas
Wentworth, William Fitzwilliam
Werden, Reed
Werge, Thomas
Wesley, George Nepean
West, Alexander George (b 1821)
West, Balchen Folkes (1806-1845)
West, Christopher
West, George
West, Henry
West, Henry (d 1861)
West, Henry
West, Humphry
West, James Banks
West, John (1774-1862)
West, Joseph
West, Matthew Thomas
West, Temple (d 1757)
West, Thomas
West, William Wade (d 1856)
Westbeach, Joseph
Westbrook, Edmund Barford (d 1855)
Westbrook, George Frederick
Westcomb, James
Westcott, George Blagden (ca 1754-1798)
Western, George
Western, George Edward (d 1825)
Western, John (d 1793)
Western, Richard Roger
Western, Thomas
Westlake, William Hole
Westphal, George Augustus Alexander (1785-1875)
Westphal, Philip (1782-1880)
Westropp, Amos Freeman (1782-1844)
Westropp, Berkley
Wetenhall, Robert
Wetenhall, Thomas
Wetherall, Frederick Augustus (1788-1856)
Wetwang, John (d 1684)
Weymouth, Richard (d 1832)
Wharam, James
Wharton, John
Wharton, John Anthony Lawrence
Wharton, John Francis (d 1848)
Wharton, Joseph
Wharton, Richard Hill
Wharton, Thomas
Wharton, William Waterman
Whatling, Henry
Wheadon, Henry
Wheate, Jacob (d 1783)
Wheatley, Francis
Wheatley, John
Wheatley, John Hood
Wheatley, William Owen
Wheeler, Edward (d 1761)
Wheeler, Francis (d 1694)
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, Samuel
Wheeler, Thomas Pryor
Wheelock, John
Wheigham, William
Whetstone, William (d 1711)
Whichelo, George
Whimper, Logie Augustus
Whimper, William
Whinfield, Henry Widdrington (d 1833)
Whinfield, Horatio Brabayon (d 1820)
Whinfield, Philipps Baggott (d 1820)
Whinyates, George Barrington (1783-1808)
Whinyates, Thomas (1778-1857)
Whipple, John
Whipple, Thomas Connell O'Donnell (b 1813)
Whish, William George Hyndham
Whiston, John
Whitaker, Edward (1660-1735)
Whitaker, George Edward
Whitaker, John
Whitaker, Samuel (d 1707)
Whitaker, Thomas
Whitaker, Thomas Wallis
Whitby, Henry
Whitby, John (d 1806)
Whitcomb, Robert
Whitcombe, Samuel Richard
White, Charles
White, Charles Samuel (d 1823)
White, Frederick
White, George
White, George Henry Parlby
White, George Robert
White, George William (d 1848)
White, Gerrard
White, Henry Towry
White, Hugh Brice (d 1847)
White, Isaac
White, James Kearney
White, John
White, John
White, John Chambers (d 1845)
White, Joseph (d 1832)
White, Mark
White, Martin (d 1865)
White, Peter (b 1785)
White, Richard
White, Richard (d 1700)
White, Richard (d 1673)
White, Richard Dunning
White, Richard Hamond
White, Thomas (d 1833)
White, William
White, William
White, William
White, William (d 1846)
White, William Grove
Whitehead, Abraham
Whitehead, Richard (d 1837)
Whitehead, Robert Ellis
Whitehead, William
Whitehurst, Frederick John
Whitelocke, James Bulstrode
Whiteway, Samuel
Whitfield, William
Whiting, Richard
Whitly, John
Whitmore, Nathaniel Courteney
Whitney, Thomas
Whitshed, James Hawkins (1762-1849)
Whitter, Hender
Whitter, Tristram
Whittle, Henry
Whitty, Thomas (d 1666)
Whitwell, Matthew (d 1789)
Whitworth, Edward (d 1721)
Whorwood, William Henry (d 1835)
Whyte, Adam
Whyte, Edward (d 1837)
Whyte, John
Whyte, John William
Whyte, Nicholas Charles
Whyte, Robert Charles
Whyte, William Henry
Wickey, John (d 1833)
Wickham, Francis
Wickham, Henry
Wickham, John (d 1763)
Wickham, John Clements (1798-1864)
Wickham, Power
Wickham, Samuel
Widdrington, Samuel Edward (d 1856)
Wight, John (b ca 1776)
Wigley, John Gwyn (b 1786)
Wigoner, John
Wigston, James
Wilbraham, Richard (d 1848)
Wilbraham, William
Wilby, John
Wild, Henry
Wilde, Sydenham
Wildey, Henry
Wildey, John
Wilgress, John
Wilkes, Thomas
Wilkie, James
Wilkie, John
Wilkins, John
Wilkins, Michael (d 1695)
Wilkins, Thomas
Wilkinson, Andrew (d 1785)
Wilkinson, Benjamin
Wilkinson, Frederick Augustus
Wilkinson, George (d 1782)
Wilkinson, George William
Wilkinson, James
Wilkinson, John
Wilkinson, John James
Wilkinson, Philip
Wilkinson, Robert
Wilkinson, Stephen
Wilkinson, Thomas
Wilkinson, Thomas Lancelot
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William
Wilks, Thomas
Willcox, James
Willcox, Robert
Willcox, Robert
Willding, Alexander
Willes, Cornelius (d 1810)
Willes, George Ommanney
Willes, George Wickens (1785-1846)
Willes, John (d 1804)
Willes, John (1753-1797)
Willes, Thomas
Willet, Saltern William (d 1769)
William, James (1721-1783)
Williams, Augustus Aldborough Lloyd
Williams, Charles David (d 1844)
Williams, Charles Hamlyn
Williams, David
Williams, Edmund (d 1752)
Williams, Edward
Williams, Edward
Williams, Edward (d 1843)
Williams, Edward Richard
Williams, George
Williams, George Bell
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry
Williams, Henry More (d 1827)
Williams, Hugh Lloyd
Williams, James (d 1792)
Williams, James
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John (1772-1824)
Williams, John Sutton (d 1850)
Williams, Joseph (d 1848)
Williams, Lawrence Blount
Williams, Owen
Williams, Peter
Williams, Poulton (d 1810)
Williams, Richard
Williams, Richard (d 1835)
Williams, Richard Nicholls
Williams, Robert
Williams, Robert (1764-1831)
Williams, Robert (1765-1827)
Williams, Samuel
Williams, Thomas (d 1754)
Williams, Thomas (d 1752)
Williams, Thomas (d 1826)
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thomas (ca 1762-1841)
Williams, Thomas Drinkwater
Williams, Thomas Mark
Williams, Vincent
Williams, William (d 1778)
Williams, William John
Williams, William Peere
Williams, Woodford (d 1807)
Williams, Woodford John
Williamson, Allan Martin
Williamson, George
Williamson, Innocent
Williamson, John (d 1799)
Williamson, Neilson
Williamson, William
Williamson, William (d 1771)
Willis, Francis (d 1729)
Willis, Harry Bulkeley
Willis, James Wyndham (d 1859)
Willis, Richard (d 1829)
Willis, Thomas
Willis, Thomas (d 1766)
Willis, William Alexander (d 1862)
Willison, John
Willison, John (1789-1847)
Willock, Frank Gore (d 1834)
Willoughby, Digby [7th Baron Middleton] (b 1769)
Willoughby, Francis (b 1816)
Willoughby, James Beautine
Willoughby, Nesbit Josiah "The Immortal/Fighting Willoughby" (1777-1849)
Willoughby, Thomas (d 1667)
Wills, Abraham
Wills, John
Wills, Methuselah
Wills, Roger
Wills, Thomas George (d 1847)
Wills, William Burrows
Willson, John (b 1782)
Willyams, John Vyner
Wilmot, Arthur Parry Eardley (b 1815)
Wilmot, Charles Edward
Wilmot, Henry Sacheverel (b 1801)
Wilmot, Robert (d 1696)
Wilmott, David
Wilmshurst, Arthur
Wilshaw, Francis
Wilshaw, Thomas (d 1702)
Wilson, Albany Howard (d 1832)
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Alexander (1760-1834)
Wilson, Andrew
Wilson, Bosville John
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, David
Wilson, Edmund
Wilson, Edward Hughes
Wilson, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, George
Wilson, George Knyvett (d 1866)
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, Henry Smith
Wilson, James
Wilson, James
Wilson, James Henry Richard
Wilson, John (d 1749)
Wilson, John (d 1796)
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John
Wilson, John Smith
Wilson, Lestock
Wilson, Orlando Hart
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Robert
Wilson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas (d 1827)
Wilson, Thomas Henry
Wilson, William
Wilson, William Watts
Windeyer, Walter (d 1837)
Windham, Charles
Windham, John Henry (b 1809)
Windham, William (1768-1833)
Windsor, Edward
Windsor, George
Windsor, Thomas
Wing, Thomas
Wingate, George Thomas
Wingate, John
Wingfield, David
Wingrove, Henry Edward
Winkworth, Grosvenor (d 1802)
Winlack, William
Winlo, George William
Winne, John (d 1838)
Winnel, John (d 1759)
Winniett, William Robert Wolseley (1793-1850)
Winterbottom, John
Winthrop, George Teal Sebor
Winthrop, Hay Erskine Shipley
Winthrop, Robert
Wintle, Frederick Boughton
Winton, Henry
Wintour, Charles Forth (d 1817)
Wintour, George Stephenson (d 1839)
Wise, Abraham (b 1690)
Wise, Chapman
Wise, Charles
Wise, Charles Arthur
Wise, Edwin (d 1840)
Wise, John
Wise, William Furlong (1784-1844)
Wiseman, Robert
Wiseman, William Saltonstall
Wiseman, William Saltonstall (b 1814)
Wishart, James (d 1729)
Witham, Charles
Witham, Francis
Withers, George
Withers, John
Withers, Joseph
Withers, Thomas (1769-1843)
Witherston, John
Wittman, Josiah
Wodehouse, Armine
Wodehouse, Edward Thornton (b 1802)
Wodehouse, Francis
Wodehouse, George (b 1810)
Wodehouse, Philip (1773-1838)
Wolfe, George
Wolfe, James
Wollams, Francis
Wollaston, Charles (d 1845)
Wollaston, Robert (d 1774)
Wolley, Godfrey Lamplugh
Wolley, Isaac (d 1837)
Wolley, Thomas
Wolrige, Charles
Wolrige, George Rhodes
Wolrige, Sydney
Wolrige, Thomas (1782-1845)
Wolrige, William
Wolseley, Charles
Wolseley, John Hood
Wolseley, William (1756-1842)
Wood, Andrew (d 1787)
Wood, Arthur Wellington
Wood, Basil
Wood, Charles (d 1782)
Wood, Charles Octavius
Wood, Frederick (d 1847)
Wood, George (d 1846)
Wood, George Francis
Wood, George Herbert
Wood, Granville Hamilton (d 1856)
Wood, Jacob (1775-1805)
Wood, James
Wood, James
Wood, James
Wood, James (b 1792)
Wood, James Athol (1760-1829)
Wood, James Frederick Lewis
Wood, James Monypenny
Wood, John (d 1725)
Wood, John (d 1682)
Wood, John
Wood, John
Wood, John (1766-1820)
Wood, Joseph
Wood, Lambert
Wood, Robert
Wood, Walter (d 1666)
Wood, William
Wood, William
Wood, William
Wood, William (1770-1849)
Wood, William Cotterell (b 1810)
Woodcock, Francis Henry
Woodcock, William
Woodd, John
Woodd, Robert (1780-1847)
Wooden, John (d 1704)
Woodford, John (d 1807)
Woodgate, John
Woodgate, Thomas
Woodger, Charles (d 1830)
Woodham, William Henry
Woodhouse, George
Woodin, John (d 1805)
Woodin, William Henry (d 1864)
Woodley, Augustus John
Woodley, John (d 1795)
Woodley, William (d 1838)
Woodman, Henry Frederick
Woodman, Thomas Copeland (d 1849)
Woodman, William Ingle
Woodnoth, Edward
Woodriff, Daniel (1756-1842)
Woodriff, Daniel James (b 1787)
Woodriff, John Robert (d 1868)
Woodriff, Robert Matthews (d 1822)
Woodruff, Henry
Woodruffe, Daniel (d 1845)
Woods, Thomas
Woodthorpe, John Bolton (1796-1846)
Woodward, Augustine
Woodward, Jacob
Woodward, John
Woodyatt, Thomas
Woolcock, William
Woolcock, William
Woolcombe, Edward (d 1824)
Woolcombe, Frederick
Woolcombe, George
Woolcombe, John Charles
Wooldridge, Francis
Wooldridge, James
Wooldridge, Samuel Otway (b 1814)
Wooldridge, William
Wooldridge, William (d 1820)
Woollams, Francis (1793-ca 1847)
Woollcombe, Belfield
Woollcombe, George
Woollett, Thomas Spencer
Woollnough, Joseph Chappell (d 1839)
Woolridge, Francis
Woolridge, James
Woolsey, William (d 1806)
Woolver, Richard James
Woolward, John
Woolward, John Horatio
Wormeley, Ralph Randolph (1785-1852)
Worrall, John
Worsfold, William (b 1798)
Worsley, Marcus (1794-1878)
Worsley, Miller (1791-1835)
Worsley, Richard (d 1838)
Worth, Charles Olliver
Worth, Henry John (1803-1852)
Worth, James
Worth, James Andrew (d 1841)
Worth, John
Worth, Joseph
Worthington, Benjamin (d 1852)
Worthington, Samuel (d 1697)
Worthy, John Dewdney
Wray, Charles (d 1773)
Wray, Henry (d 1825)
Wray, Luke Henry (d 1861)
Wray, Nicholas
Wrayford, Michael
Wren, John
Wren, Ralph
Wrench, Matthew (d 1831)
Wrey, Charles Joseph
Wriford, Samuel
Wright, Alexander Schank (d 1844)
Wright, Charles Mayson Moncrieffe
Wright, David
Wright, Ezekiel (d 1736)
Wright, Frederic Augustus
Wright, George Keith Elphinstone (d 1846)
Wright, Henry (b 1812)
Wright, Henry Wilson
Wright, John (b 1794)
Wright, John Allan
Wright, John Elworthy Fortunatus
Wright, John Rogerson Tomkyns
Wright, John Wesley (1769-1805)
Wright, Joseph (d 1844)
Wright, Lawrence
Wright, Mayson
Wright, Patrick
Wright, Peter Watson (d 1807)
Wright, Philip
Wright, Robert
Wright, Thomas
Wright, Thomas
Wright, William
Wright, William
Wright, William
Wright, William (1656-1735)
Wright, William Elliot
Wroot, Michael Milson
Wrottesley, Edward (d 1814)
Wyard, Robert
Wyatt, Henry Benjamin (d 1863)
Wyatt, Richard (d 1703)
Wybergh, Peter (1794-1848)
Wyborn, John
Wyburn, Hercules
Wydown, James Lewis
Wye, Edward
Wye, Richard
Wyke, William Byam
Wyld, Charles
Wylde, Baron
Wylde, Edward
Wylde, Sydenham (d 1845)
Wylly, William Cunningham
Wynch, Robert
Wyndham, George [4th Earl Egremont] (1786-1845)
Wynell, John Salt
Wynn, John Land
Wynn, Philip Puleston (d 1838)
Wynn, Robert
Wynter, Delamore
Wynyard, William Rowley
Wyvill, Christopher "Bully Wyvill" (1792-1863)
Wyvill, Francis



Yarker, Robert
Yates, Edward Vernon
Yates, James Thomas
Yates, Richard Augustus
Yates, Robert Ballard
Yates, Robert Winthrop
Yates, Thomas (d 1796)
Yates, Vernon Gambier (d 1802)
Yeates, John Samuel
Yelland, Edward
Yelland, John
Yelverton, Hastings Reginald (1808-1878)
Yennis, Ezekiel
Yeo, George Cosby (d 1819)
Yeo, James Lucas (1782-1818)
Yeo, William
Yeoman, Bernard (b 1792)
Yetts, John
Yetts, Robert
Yolland, Charles Augustus
Yonge, Charles Brown
Yonge, Edmund
Yonge, Frederick Duke
Yonge, William
Yorke, Charles Philip [4th Earl of Hardwicke] (1799-1873)
Yorke, Joseph Sydney (1768-1831)
Yorke, Reginald (b 1803)
Youel, Edward
Young, Alexander
Young, Alfred
Young, Andrew
Young, Anthony
Young, Archibald
Young, Archibald
Young, Benjamin (d 1669)
Young, Brook
Young, Charles
Young, Charles Henry
Young, Daniel
Young, Edward (d 1842)
Young, George
Young, George
Young, George
Young, George (1732-1810)
Young, George (1797-1848)
Young, George Forbes Freeman
Young, Gilbert
Young, Henry
Young, Horatio Beaumont
Young, Jacob Ley (1791-1851)
Young, James (d 1833)
Young, James (d 1789)
Young, John
Young, John James (d 1796)
Young, John Thomas
Young, John Willmot
Young, Matthew
Young, Michael
Young, Robert
Young, Robert
Young, Robert Benjamin (1773-1846)
Young, Robert Parry
Young, Thomas (1784-1831)
Young, Thomas (b 1794)
Young, Thomas Bristowe (1767-1846)
Young, Tobias
Young, Walter (d 1780)
Young, William
Young, William (1751-1821)
Young, William (1761-1847)
Young, William Francis (b 1804)
Younger, Thomas (d 1819)
Younger, William
Younghusband, George
Younghusband, George
Yule, Charles Bampfield
Yule, James
Yule, John (ca 1780-1840)
Yule, Robert
Yule, Robert (d 1849)


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