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Exploration - 1650 to 1850

1764-1766 John Byron's Circumnavigation of the Globe
John Byron was instructed to survey and take possession of the Falkland Islands and to search the northwest American coast for a northwest passage. Ships: Dolphin and Tamar
1766-1768 Samuel Wallis' Circumnavigation of the Globe
Ships: Dolphin, Swallow (separated during bad weather), and Prince Frederick (sent home)
1768-1771 James Cook's First Voyage
James Cook was instructed to proceed to Tahiti to observe the transit of Venus and to look for what was referred to as the "great southern continent" while exploring the Pacific. Ship: Endeavour
1772-1775 James Cook's Second Voyage
Ships: Resolution and Adventure
1773-1773 Constantine Phipps' Voyage to the Arctic
Ships: Racehorse and Carcass
1776-1780 James Cook's Third Voyage
Ships: Resolution and Discovery
1785-1788 Jean-François de Galaup de La Pérouse's Voyage
Ships: Boussole (wrecked) and Astrolabe (wrecked)
1787-1789 Voyage of the Bounty
William Bligh was instructed to proceed to the Pacific to collect breadfruit trees. The trees were to be transported to the West Indies, where the fruit would be used as food for the slaves. Ship: Bounty (taken over by mutineers)
1791-1795 George Vancouver's Voyage to the North Pacific Ocean
George Vancouver was instructed to proceed to Nootka Sound to oversee the transfer of territory from Spanish to British hands under the terms of the Nootka Convention. He was also ordered to survey the northwest coast of America north of 30° N latitude along with other areas in the Pacific. Ships: Discovery, Chatham and Daedalus (sent home).
1791-1793 William Bligh's Second Breadfruit Voyage
Once again, William Bligh was instructed to proceed to Tahiti to collect breadfruit trees for transport to the West Indies. Ships: Providence and Assistant
1815-1818 Romanzov Exploring Expedition/
Otto von Kotzebue's First Circumnavigation of the Globe

Ships: Rurik and Nadesha
1816-1816 Exploration of the Congo
James Tuckey was instructed to proceed up the Congo as far as possible and collect information about everything he encountered along the way. Ships: Congo and Dorothea (sent home).
1817-1820 Louis-Claude Desaules de Freycinet's Circumnavigation of the Globe
Ships: L'Uranie (wrecked off the Falkland Islands) and La Physicienne (purchased by Freycinet after the wreck of L'Uranie)
1818-1818 John Ross' Arctic Expedition
John Ross was instructed to explore Baffin Bay and search for the Northwest Passage. Ships: Isabella, Alexander, Dorothea, and Trent
1819-1820 William Edward Parry's First Voyage
Ships: Hecla and Griper
1819-1822 John Franklin's First Overland Expedition
1821-1823 William Edward Parry's Second Voyage
William Edward Parry was instructed to search for the Northwest Passage. Ships: Fury and Hecla
1823-1826 Otto von Kotzebue's Second Circumnavigation of the Globe
Ship: Predpriatie
1825-1827 John Franklin's Second Overland Expedition
1826-1829 Jules-Sébastien-César Dumont d'Urville's First Circumnavigation of the Globe
Ship: Astrolabe
1831-1836 Voyage of the Beagle with Charles Darwin
Ship: Beagle
1837-1840 Jules-Sébastien-César Dumont d'Urville's Second Circumnavigation of the Globe
Ships: Astrolabe and Zélée
1838-1842 United States Exploring Expedition (U.S. Ex. Ex.)
Ships: Vincennes, Peacock (wrecked and replaced by the Oregon), Porpoise, Relief (sent home), Sea Gull (disappeared), and Flying Fish (sold)
1845-1848 John Franklin's Last Expedition
John Franklin was instructed to search for the Northwest Passage. Ships: Erebus (lost) and Terror (lost)
1850-1851 First Grinnell Expedition
Edwin Jesse De Haven was instructed to search for John Franklin's lost expedition. Naval expedition financed by Henry Grinnell. Ships: Advance and Rescue.

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