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Courts Martial and Punishments

Portsmouth. This day, a duel was fought on Southsea Common, between Lieutenants JOHNSON and PROTHER, of the Marines, when, upon the fifth fire (Mr. Prother's pistol having missed fire twice), the former received a wound from the wrist to the shoulder, in the left arm.—The dispute arose on board his Majesty's ship Monarch.The Times, 23 May 1791, p. 3.

Plymouth. Lieut. BRADISH, third Lieutenant of the Belliqueaux, was yesterday tried by a Court Martial on board the Cambridge: after a full investigation of the charges, he was dismissed from the ship, and severely reprimanded.The Times, 9 Sept 1793 (Monday), p.3.

Portsmouth. Three seamen, marked out as ringleaders in the mutiny that happened on board a frigate at Spithead, are in irons, and to be tried by a Court-Martial on board the Royal William.The Times, 3 Oct 1793 (Thursday), p. 3.

On Tuesday a Court Martial sat on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, and tried Laughlin M'Gormack, a seaman belonging to the Cynthia, for desertion from that ship, entering into the Cleopatra, and deserting her; when he was sentenced to receive 300 lashes through the fleet, to forfeit all his pay, and be imprisoned in solitary confinement in the Marshalsea for six months. Afterwards the Court tried Lieutenant LIONEL HILL, commanding the Joseph cutter, for disrespect to Captain BUTT, of the Explosion, and disobedience of orders in appearing at a seaport out of uniform; and sentenced him to be dismissed the command of the Joseph, and to be put at the bottom of the list.The Times, 21 Aug 1798 (Tuesday), p. 3.

Portsmouth. Wednesday morning a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, on J. Kerr of the Teazer gun vessel, for exhibiting malicious charges against his Commander, which he could not prove, and being found guilty, he was sentenced to be flogged round the fleet, and be imprisoned six months in the Marshalsea.The Times, 13 Oct 1798, p.3.

Sheerness. This forenoon, about 11 o'clock, Garrett Andrew Faulk was executed on board the Pylades, at the Nore, in pursuance of his sentence. A number of boats were assembled around the Pylades, and he met his fate very composedly.The Times, 11 Dec 1799 (Wednesday), p. 3.

Wednesday a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, in Portsmouth Harbour, for the trial of John Hubbard and George Hynes, two seamen belonging to the St. George, for an unnatural crime. The charges being fully proved against the Prisoners, they were sentenced to be hanged on board such ship or ships, and at such times, as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty should direct.The Times, 17 Dec 1800 (Wednesday), p. 3.

Plymouth. This forenoon the Court Martial closed on board the Cambridge flag-ship in Hamoaze, on Capt. LLOYD of the Mars, and Lieuts. BURNET and DAVIS, of the Centaur, for those ships running foul of each other, off the Black Rocks, in the night of the 10th instant, when the Court honourably acquitted Capt. LLOYD and Lieut. BURNET, and sentenced Lieut. DAVIS, of the Centaur, to lose six months rank, and be dismissed from his Majesty's ship Centaur.The Times, 2 May 1801 (Saturday), p.3.

THE principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy do hereby give Notice, That on Wednesday, the 16th instant, at 1 o'clock in the Afternoon, they will be ready to contract with such Persons as may be willing to supply HAIR for Seamen's Beds of the following description, viz. Curled Horse Main [sic] and Tail Hair, and Ox and Cow Tail Hair; to be delivered in bundles of 7-1/2 pounds each, agreeably to samples and patterns, which may be seen at the Slop Office here. They will also be ready to treat for Bags made of Linen Cloth, of British Manufacture, to contain the Hair. And for Blankets, agreeably to pattern, which may be seen at the Slop Office here. All the foregoing Articles to be delivered at Deptford and Woolwich Yards. Forms of the Tenders and particulars of the Contracts may be seen on application at this Office. No Tenders will be received after 12 o'clock on the day of Treaty, nor any noticed unless the Party or an Agent for him attends.The Times, 8 Feb 1803 (Tuesday), p. 1.

THE Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty's Navy do hereby give notice, That on Wednesday, the 16th instant, at one o'clock in the Afternoon, they will be ready to receive Tenders (agreeably to a Form to be seen at this Office) and contract with such Persons as may be willing to supply, for the use of the Navy, the undermentioned CLOTHING, viz. Seamen's lined Kersey Jackets, Blue Cloth Trowsers, Duck ditto. The Clothing is to be delivered at the Slop Office here, where Patterns of the Articles may be seen. No Tenders will be received after 12 o'clock, on the day of treaty, nor any noticed, unless the Party or an Agent for him attends.The Times, 8 Feb 1803 (Tuesday), p. 1.

On Wednesday a Court Martial was held at Portsmouth, on Lieut. FROAD, of his Majesty's ship Favourite, for permitting the men to cheer Lieut. PERKINS, who had been dismissed the service by sentence of a Court Martial, on leaving the Favourite; and for having received money into his charge belonging to G. BANCO, and C. MINIFIE, seamen, belonging to the Favourite, and for not having returned the same. Sentence—dismissed his Majesty's service.The Times, 10 Apr 1805 (Wednesday), p. 2.

Last Saturday a Court-martial was held on board the Salvador del Mundo flag-ship, in Hamoaze, on Thomas Smith, a royal marine, for attempting to desert in a boat to the enemy, with two other marines (who turned King's evidence), from the Venerable, of 74 guns, Sir H. POPHAM; when, after a long trial, he was found guilty, and sentenced to be hanged at the foreyard-arm of such ship as the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty shall appoint.The Times, 26 Jan 1811 (Saturday), p.3.

A shocking accident happened on Monday night last in Gillingham-reach. The Eliza tender, having conveyed a party of French prisoners from Sheerness, under an escort of marines, who, after lodging their prisoners in safety, went on shore at Chatham to take some refreshment; but, on returning, a shore time after, the wind blowing fresh, the boat, containing eight of them, upset, and three out of the number were unfortunately drowned.The Times, 14 Feb 1811 (Thursday), p. 3.

On Monday last, a marine, of the name of John Horne, was executed on board the Namur, at the Nore, for a detestable offence: at a quarter-past eleven the signal-gun was fired, and he was immediately run up to the yard-arm. He was a remarkably good-looking young man, about 24 years of age. A few minutes previous to his being launched into eternity, he delivered in a written paper, asserting his innocence. A marine, upwards of 50 years of age, was the same day punished for desertion and mutinous expressions. The Court-martial sentenced him to 300 hundred lashes, 200 of which were only inflicted, he being unable to sustain the whole of the sentence.The Times, 14 Feb 1811 (Thursday), p. 3.

On Friday a Court-Martial was held on Captain WILLIAM HANWELL, of his Majesty's ship Grampus, upon a charge of repeated drunkenness and unofficer-like conduct, preferred against him by Lieut. CHESHIRE. The Court agreed, that the charge was not proved; and acquitted Captain HANWELL; observing, that the prosecution appeared to be malicious and vexatious.The Times, 5 Nov 1811 (Tuesday), p. 3.

Tuesday morning a Court-martial assembled on board the Monmouth (flag-ship) in the Downs, for the trial of Lieut. Richard Stewart Gamage, belonging to the Griffon sloop of war, for stabbing a serjeant of marines belonging to that ship, which caused his death, (as mentioned a few days ago); Admiral FOLEY, President. During the afternoon a gale of wind came on, which caused the President and Members of the Court to remain on board the Monmouth; and so violent was the hurricane, that all communication with the shore was for a time suspended. The Court assembled again yesterday.The Times, 29 Oct 1812 (Thursday), p. 3.

The Court-martial held on Capt. R. W. SIMMONS, after three days sitting on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, at Portsmouth, on Thursday gave in their verdict, of dismissal from the navy, but in consequence of his gallant conduct in the Baltic, recommended him to the Lords of the Admiralty. The charges brought against Captain Simmons were, for appropriating to his own use, whilst First Lieutenant of the Medway, rum and other stores, the property of Government.The Times, 1 Jan 1814 (Saturday), p.3.

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